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Frequently Asked Questions

When a question gets asked enough times an answer will be provided on my Instagram either in a post or in my Q&A highlight, a blog might be written about it or even a podcast recorded and uploaded. So, don’t forget to check out those resources as your questions and curiosity begin to grow!

  • How should I prepare for my laser treatment?
    Preparing for laser hair removal is so simple! No sugaring or waxing 6 weeks prior to your laser appointment. Shave the area being treated before your laser appointment and do not apply deodorant or cream to the areastay out of the sun at least 12 hours prior. Laser Hair Removal cannot be done over a fresh/dark tan. There you are, you will be ready for your laser hair removal treatment! For a more in-depth explanation read my blog entry all you need to know about laser hair removal! That blog is full of answers to the common questions!
  • How much is a laser treatment?
    The price of a laser hair removal treatment varies. It all depends on the area you are looking to have treated and how many treatments you have had with me previously. For example, upper lip is $25 but full leg is $300. Here you can see that the prices have a wide variation depending on the area. Price will also vary if you are coming for a first time treatment or a touch up. For more information on pricing go to my services and see all pricing listed there for you. If you want to learn further about laser hair removal, I invite you to read my blog Everything you need to know about Laser Hair Removal.
  • Do you have any laser hair removal packages?
    I do not offer laser hair removal packages for a few reasons. One main reason being is that everyone responds to their laser hair removal treatment differently, which provides different results per person. I do not feel comfortable selling a package when potentially you need more or less then the package you had purchased offers. The other main reason is because my prices are already competitive to other prices in London (and even surrounding area). The value of my treatment with the incredible machine I work with already is a steal of a deal, therefore I don’t need to provide packages for laser to be affordable. Please read my blog Everything you need to know about Laser Hair Removal for more information!
  • How often should I get a facial?
    This question has so many elements to it! For starters my first question to you would be what are you trying to treat or correct? If you are treating acne for example it is best to start out biweekly. If you are treating pigmentation its best to do weekly, if you are treating your skin as a preventative measure it should be once a month. Minimally you should be treating yourself to a facial/skin treatment once a season. This answer also depends on what treatment you are looking at. The custom facial for example can be done weekly, glycolic a minimum of 2 weeks between treatments and Micro-Needling a minimum of 4 weeks between treatments… so the answer also depends on what treatment you are hoping to receive. However, depending on your skin concern my recommendation for the visit frequency could change, so its best to book a consultation with me so we can work together creating a plan to achieve your skin goals.
  • What facial should I choose?
    I guess its safest to say it depends! Again, depending on your skin concern or what you are trying to correct, I will suggest the treatments I think are best suited for your skin and your desired outcome. I offer a wide variety of treatments, so this question is hard to answer without a better understanding. You can read about my treatment options on the service page here on the website. You can even browse the blog or listen to my podcast as that may help better direct you in what your skin requires.
  • How can I get rid of my pores?
    Ahh, the million-dollar question. I know you wouldn’t like it if I just straight up said you can’t. So, let’s just say pores are not something that you can just have disappear, they are not something that just come and go. We can treat them, so they are less noticeable, not as congested and have no texture, but the actual pore itself is here to stay. Using specific products such as a retinol or an oil control serum, a clay mask or even an exfoliator can help. If you are using the wrong cleanser or moisturizer for your skin this can be directly affecting the appearance of your pores, so take your existing product into consideration. Mostly all of my facials involve extractions, so that would also be a favourable option.
  • Do you do extractions?
    The answer is, depending on your skin and the strength of your epidermis. Some super sensitive skin types I will not do extractions until I feel like their skin barrier is strong enough. So, the answer is no... but also yes. If your skin is strong enough for extractions, then with your permission I absolutely will do extractions. I find they are one of the most important and satisfying parts of the facial. Almost every single facial treatment of mine include extractions. The few treatments that don’t automatically involve extractions are the oxygenating, LED and Micro-Needling treatment.
  • Does Micro-Needling hurt?
    A numbing cream is applied and left on for 20 minutes to numb the area being treated. This allows for the treatment to be very tolerable. I would say that the areas you feel the buzzing like sensation are found most are on the forehead and the jaw line (because there is less tissue protecting the bone) however, it is still manageable. The concept sounds scary, but if I were you I wouldn’t let that stop you from getting this absolutely incredible treatment done! Refer to my blog Micro-Needling Q&A style for more information and more frequently asked questions answered. You can also slide on over to my Instagram to view my Micro-Needling highlight, there you will see some post treatment results and before and afters.
  • What is a custom facial? What does it involve?
    My custom facial is exactly how it sounds. It is completely customized to you and your skins needs. The custom facial involves a double cleanse, skin analysis, toner, exfoliation, steam, extractions, mask, massage, serum, eye cream and protective cream. All products are specifically chosen for that exact moment and treatment. I make up a personal cocktail and provide your skin with the best treatment it can receive at that time.
  • Can you tell me about retinol?
    Ohh dear. What do you want to know? There is so much! My biggest answer to this is to check out my blog called the Power of Retinol. That is an informative blog that will likely cover everything you are curious about.
  • Do you recommend Hyaluronic Acid?
    Hell to the yes! I sure do. Hyaluronic acid is beneficial and safe for ALL skin types. There are not many products that can literally be for any skin, any condition, any issue… usually I always stress that what works for your friend or mom doesn’t necessarily work for you… well Hyaluronic acid is definitely the exception.
  • Should I invest in one of those home roller things?
    Well since you are asking ME and my PERSONAL and PROFESSIONAL opinion. I say no Although this is not a popular opinion, which is okay… It’s my opinion and here are a few quick reasons as to why I suggest avoiding them. 1. You are not a professional so unfortunately you do not know how to watch your skin for specific signs 2. How do you disinfect needles and 3? How can I monitor that you are doing it correctly and not too often… Oh and of course, I have a blog you can read that will further back up my opinion on this!
  • Does Eyenvy really work?
    If you are consistent, apply it properly and are good to your lashes in all other aspects then yes, it sure does! I have had some people really impressed with it and I have some real die-hard fans!

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