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Product Knowledge to the Rescue

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

These are the big and common questions I get asked, so why not create some content for you guys! I will dive into these main questions:

How do I know what products to use? I invested in good skincare products, now what?

What is the point to all these steps and products?

Don't forget I can go over specific information targeted towards your skin and customize a treatment plan. for you through a skin consultation, or even through a treatment. Do not hesitate to reach out!

In addition to this blog entry I also cover a lot of these common questions in episodes on my podcast! Please go subscribe to Inspirations Beauty Show! I upload an episode every Monday (some cases Every other Monday) !

For example, I will highlight a few episodes that might interest you if this blog has got your attention.

Episode 5 | Establishing a Routine for Beginners

Episode 8| Purpose of a CLEANSER

Episode 9| Purpose of a TONER

Episode 10| Purpose of a MOISTURIZER

CLEANSER: How to USE a CLEANSER:Use lots of water and little product *especially with the cleansers I sell and suggest the products should last you a long time*(water is the secret ingredient to many cleansers)* Water will help make the cleanser sudsy, foamy and creamier. When cleansing your skin move in upward circular motions. This is good to increase blood circulation and will get in all the grooves and ridges of your skin. Also, it is recommended to use lukewarm water. Step by step INSTRUCTIONS for using a CLEANSER:Rinse your entire face and neck with lukewarm water / Cleanse with product in upward circular motions / Add more water for product to become activated / continue washing gently in circular motions /Rinse. During these steps keep an eye on your skin, I recommend cleansing twice a day for some skin types and other skin types I say cleanse once a day. I know that doesn’t help you right? I obviously cannot provide this advice through the computer, as I cannot see your beautiful face; but make notes of how your skin feels after you cleanse twice a day or once a day and make your decision based on how your skin feels. If you find that cleansing once a day is your jam make sure you cleanse at night, the nighttime cleanse is KEY and is the most important cleanse! CHOOSING a CLEANSER:I always opt for a creamy cleanser. Although this can be a tricky and slippery slope, I personally and professionally believe skin that is stripped from its natural oils will face severe acne blemishes and dry flaky skin. I believe a creamy cleanser is imperative for healthy balanced skin, especially if you have dehydrated skin like myself. I am beyond confident in the cleansers I recommend and I know I will have something perfect for your skin type! I would avoid any cleansers that have beads / abrasive additives. I never recommend to exfoliate your skin daily, this typically leads to break outs and dry skin- no one wants that after investing in a cleanser. Plus, no one has time for that! If you find your skin feels SQUEEKY clean after you cleanse, this is an indication that your cleanser is working “to well”. YES! That is a thing. You never want to remove ALL your natural oils on your skin. Make sure when you cleanse your skin is feeling refreshed and hydrated! You always want to make sure your cleanser is focusing on protecting your skin while giving it a good cleanse, not striping the oils or making your skin feel extra dry after you cleanse. I personally don't like intense FOAMING cleansers as I find they are way to harsh and if they foam a lot and easily it usually to me indicates lots of preservatives and additives that should not be in cosmetics. BENEFITS of a CLEANSER: There can be incredible benefits to your skin if you are using the a cleanser for your skin. Cleansers remove makeup, debris, pollution, dirt, grime and dead skin cells that rest on our skin. Cleansers help prevent blemishes, lessens the appearance of blackheads, helps even out uneven skin tone, uneven texture and wrinkles. Using the proper cleanser will also provide your skin with results and a glow! Cleansers are formulated to maintain the health of your skin. A cleanser is the first step in a successful skincare plan and sets the tone for a clear canvas! CLEANSER RECOMMENDATIONS:Products that I retail and specifically suggest for the following skin conditions are as follows.

Age Well – Dehydrated, Dry, Mature or even "normal" looking for a healthy age prevention

PCA Oil Cleanser - Dry, Acne, Mature Amama Gentle Cleanser – All skin types Clear Future – Acne Blemish Control Bar – Acne Brighten Up – Hyperpigmentation PCA Pigmentation Bar – Hyperpigmentation Super Calm – Sensitive


How to USE a TONER:Pick up the bottle and spritz it on your face! It’s that easy! Or if it’s in a container that doesn’t have a spray cap then simply put it on a cotton round or cotton ball GENTLY (I repeat- gently) dab the toner into your skin, covering your full face! There you have it, that’s how you use your toner! Now, the next thing… at what point do you use the toner? Step by Step INSTRUCTIONS for using a TONER: Use your toner AFTER you cleanse and BEFORE you apply your serum or moisturizer! Your toner should be used twice a day (Morning and Night- even if you don’t cleanse in the morning…) in the morning rinse your face with water, apply your toner and apply your moisturizer and hot damn, you’ve treated your skin! CHOOSING a TONER:This one is less complex as all toners should balance your skin. However – the scary and tricky part is being educated about the ingredients added into the toners… when alcohol or other astringent ingredients are added, you can run into some issues, so stay clear of toners with alcohol. Skip this stressful step and come see me, I will recommend toners that I can assure you will do their job PROPERLY and SAFETLY.

BENEFITS of a TONER: Toner is the product that helps moisten the skin preparing it for all other products to work effectively. It helps balance out the skin, and does an extra quick finish of wiping away any residue that may be left on the skin after the cleanse. Toners are often miss understood, but this product is gold in your routine! Think of your skin as a sponge, if your skin is dry, product has to work much harder to penetrate into the skin and work effectively, where if your skin was damp just like a dish sponge would be when cleaning dishes, product would absorb much easer and quicker into the layer of the cells.

TONER RECOMMENDATIONS: Products that I retail and specifically would suggest for the following skin conditions are as follows.

Age Well– Hydration, Healthy Aging, Mature Brighten Up - Mature, Hyperpigmentation Amama Rose Toner – All skin types

Odacite Rose and Neroli - Dehydrated, Dry, Healthy aging, Mature, Scarring Odacite Mint and Green Tea - Congested, Oily, Acne, Inflamed

SERUM: How to USE a SERUM:Serums are the boost in your skincare routine. Serums are specifically used to target a “problem” area. There are hundreds of serum options; it just is a matter of what you want to treat, correct and or the results you desire. Some serums are to be used in the AM and some specifically for the PM. Apply serum to your full face and décolleté. You will only need one pump of your serum, or one to two drops if it's an oil base. The serums should be very light in texture and easily spread throughout your face. Use your serum after you have completed your cleansing and your toner steps. Gently dab the serum into your skin covering your entire face! Step by Step INSTRUCTIONS for using a SERUM:Use your serum after you have completed your cleansing and your toner steps. Gently dab the serum into your skin covering your entire face! Dab just using a few fingers (or even just the ring finger) so that you are not rubbing aggressively on your skin or that you are sloughing off the product. Dabbing it lightly into the skin can help make sure the products absorb fully. CHOOSING a SERUM:Like previously mentioned, there are hundreds of options and it truly is based on what you want to see different in your skin. Serums are made to target issues and to reverse aging control damage and to prevent any further issues. Serums are also used for maintaining oils and hydration in the skin. As you can probably tell by now, serums are the specialty that makes your skincare customizable. Give me a visit and we can start you off with some beginner serums and work our way into the wonderful world of highly effective serums! I have an episode out that is mainly targeting to healthy aging but it can be beneficial to understand a few serums. If you listen to Episode 13| The healthy Aging Cocktail that will highlight some serums for you. Stay tuned because I definitely will be having more episodes around serums. BENEFITS of a SERUM:Treating. Corrective. Preventative. Hydrating. Balancing. These are all main and straightforward reasons one would add a serum into their routine. Serums truly are the gusto in the skincare routine. Serums are high concentration of influencial ingredients that penetrate into the skin deeply. SERUM RECOMMENDATIONS: There are SO many options, here are some of my favorites. Retinol – (can be used to help with scaring, acne, healthy aging and pigmentation) Vitamin C – Brightening, Healthy Aging, Pigmentation, Glow Hyaluronic Acid – All skin types!! Incredible serum! Age Well Serum– Hyperpigmentation, Healthy aging, discolouration and texture within the skin Brighten up - Hyperpigmentation, healthy aging

Odacite has so many options that I absolutely love, but a few that I have found incredible results from are: Wild Carrot - Glow, hydration, nourishment, healthy aging Fragile Capillaries - Healthy Aging, sensitive, reactive skin

Cajuan Pimple Spot treatment- fights bacteria, inflammation and blemishes

EYE CREAM: How to USE an EYE CREAM:Gently and modestly. Those words should be on repeat while you are doing your eye cream. GENTLY and MODESTLY. Use your ring fingers and again gently dab the eye cream into and around the skin around your eyes. The KEY with eye cream and eye product in general is to use a small amount. Eye products are typically loaded with active ingredients, so if you were to use too much of the product it could in fact make your eyes puffier. This is because the active ingredients would be absorbing so quickly and vigorously into your skin and the skin around your eyes is much thinner then everywhere else. Step by Step INSTRUCTIONS for using an EYE CREAM: Apply eye cream after cleansing, toning and the serum has been applied. Use a small amount of product, using your ring finger to gently dab the product around the orbital bone. Always dab upwards and never drag or pull at the skin CHOOSING an EYE CREAM:Choosing an eye cream is simply based if you are wanting it to treat, fine lines, deep wrinkles, darkness, puffiness or all of the above. Once you have pin pointed your main concern, the next thing on the mind should be ingredients! Test out products, get samples, ask around or come for a facial! Remember the main purpose of an eye cream is to slow down the fine lines or to temporarily minimize the darknesss or puffiness. Eye creams are mainly preventive verses lasting result.

BENEFITS of an EYE CREAM:Eye creams are helpful because the skin around the eyes is not only thinner but it also ages faster. The thin skin around the eyes also produces less oils which makes the skin crepyier and easily influenced. Using an eye cram can help protect and treat this sensitive and impressionable area. EYE CREAM RECOMMENDATIONS: Age Well- Treating fine lines, wrinkles, mature skin, dehydrated, dull, pigmentation Re9 Prep Work Gel Eye masks – Puffiness and Darnkess

Bio Hydria Gel - Darkness, dehydration, dull


How to USE a MOISTURIZER:Apply and cover full neck and face. Move product in upward circular motions. Your moisturizer should be your last product you apply to finish up your routine or before you apply your makeup. Think of your moisturizer as your protective barrier. It is used to lock in all the amazing products and ingredients you just treated your skin with and to protect against pollution, sun exposure and all other damaging properties.

Step by Step INSTRUCTIONS for using a MOISTURIZER: Cleanse, tone, serum, eye cream and moisturizer. Use your daytime moisturizer that has SPF in it every morning and use your nighttime moisturizer (that should be a little thicker than your day cream) every night before you crawl under those sheets.

CHOOSING a MOISTURIZER:Your day moisturizer and your night moisturizer should have a different viscosity and different active ingredients. Your day moisturizer should absolutely have SPF- no if ands or buts! If it doesn't apply something afterwards that has SPF. Moisturizers are also tailored to your skin condition. Typically those with acne choose mattifying moisturizers, and those with dry skin stick to dewy hydration moisturizers. This is a fine rule of thumb to follow. HOWEVER, for my clients who have acne or blemishes PLEASE do not avoid moisture or hydration like the plague- YOUR SKIN NEEDS THE MOISTURE! Come learn from me so I can properly educate you! You don't want ALL products to be oil free, or absorbs oil, or with main ingredients such as tea tree, salicylic acid etc. You do want a balance of treatment and hydration. BENEFITS of a MOISTURIZER:Moisturizers are the protective products, it is your shield, its your defese against pollutions and other free radicals. Moisturizers are known as the last line of defense, so make sure you have a good one you know, love and trust. Moisturizers also keep the skin balanced and hydrated. Moisturizers are important for ALL skin types, even though mainly avoided with acne or sensitive skin.... but one might even argue those two conditions are the skin types that need moisturizer the most. MOISTURIZER RECOMMENDATIONS: Amama Rosemary – All Skin Types Age Well – All Skin Types (day and night time option) Brighten Up – Healthy Aging, Pigmentation (day and night time option)

Super Calm Moisturizer- Sensitive Skin, Irritated, Rosacea Clear Future – Acne, oily, congested Olesomes time release- damaged, dehydrated, sensitive, blemishes but not acne


How to USE an EXFOLIATOR:Make sure your skin has been cleansed and is still damp/wet. NEVER exfoliate over a dry face. Apply your exfoliator to your wet skin in upward circular motions and continue to add water as the exfoliator dries or feels more gritty on your skin. Be mindful of how harsh the exfoliator grit is along your skin. Step by Step INSRUCTIONS for using a EXFOLIATOR:Cleanse, tone, exfoliate, add water, continue exfoliation and finish it by rinsing the exfoliator off with lukewarm water. After you exfoliate you should ALWAYS apply a mask and if not, use hydrating serums and moisturizer minimally. Please listen to your skin. Exfoliating a few times a week and even weekly is to much for your skin. I would stick with every other week. LISTEN to your skin. How does it FEEL? How does it LOOK? How is it RESPONDING? I personally exfoliate about twice a month... I used to be a weekly exfoliator but I found it actually caused my skin to be more sensitive, so I am very mindful of when and why I exfoliate. If your skin is dry, and flaking this is actually your skin telling you to stop moisturizing... not to moisturize more. Again, refer to my Podcast to learn more! Inspirations Beauty Show can be found on many platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and other popular resources! CHOOSING an EXFOLIATOR: Avoid exfoliation products that have blue plastic beads; they are not good for your health, your skin or our environment. Your product should never be so abrasive that your skin hurts after you have exfoliated, this type of exfoliation is usually when the "beads" or ingredients are asymmetrical and are not even shapes that have sharp edges. Keep in mind; the idea is not to get rid of all your skin so that your skin is scrubbed down to bone. The idea is to gently slough off dead skin for a healthy complexion! There are a few ways you can exfoliate; you can use enzymatic products or exfoliate mechanically. Such as using exfoliation brushes/ gloves, konjac sponges and or items like the ZOE. Again, be mindful of how often you are exfoliating and make sure you are exfoliating over a damp face. BENEFITS of an EXFOLIATOR:Exfoliating will provide your skin with so many benefits you will wonder why you never exfoliated before! Exfoliating sloughs off stagnant cells that are sitting on your skin. Stagnant cells interrupts new cells from growing and making an appearance. Stagnant skin cells creates a dull covering over your skin stopping product from effectively working and minimizes your glow it also leaves your skin texturized and uneven. Exfoliating properly will also help heal the skin, reduce pore buildup and discolouration, it helps with skin texture and healthy appearance. Exfoliating will change your skin and change how you view it! People will be complimenting you in no time! EXFOLIATOR RECOMMENDATIONS:

Re9 Prep Work Daily Cleanser- It says daily cleanser but I only recommend using it once to twice a week. – All Skin Types (especially sensitive skin)

Amama Facial Clay Mask – All Skin Types, especially sensitive yet congested skin Konjac Facial Sponge – All skin types

Odacite Jojoba Bead - All Skin Types

Synergy: Odacite Activated Charcoal Clay - All SkinTypes (especially sensitive, congested, acne skin)

Brighten Up - Healthy Aging, Dull, Pigmentation

MASKS: How to USE a MASK: Apply a mask covering your full face and neck. Apply this evenly with your hands or a brush. Apply it over a somewhat dry face and leave on topically for recommended time. Masks will dry quickly (especially if clay), so add a bit of steam or moisture (like spraying water or your toner over top of your mask, or apply it 5 to 10 minutes before your shower and allow the steam to soften the product) Step by Step INSTRUCTIONS for using a MASK:Cleanse / tone/ exfoliate / mask / rinse / dab (remove with) warm towel/ rinse / serum / eye cream / protective cream (moisturizer). Don’t let the mask stay on the skin to long that it fully hardens and dries, especially if it is a clay mask. The point of masks is to treat the skin not cause potential issues, having a clay mask hardened on your face for a long period of time can be more detrimental as it draws out too much moisture and leaves the skin super dehydrated. Always follow the instructions of what to do and what not to do and the suggested time! You can always mix masks together to make a customizable treatment or use more then one mask. For example you can use one mask for your t zone and a different mask for the rest of your face. Like always, I have many mask options and product recommendations that can be available to you!

CHOOSING a MASK:When choosing a mask keep in mind your skin type and or skin condition. Using a detoxifying mask can make your skin drier or more sensitive. Hydration masks are suitable and important for all skin types. Ingredients are so important in all products, make sure you are choosing the right ingredients and the right product for what you are specifically wanting to treat. BENEFITS of using a MASK:Masks are there to give you that spa feeling from within your home. They are also beneficial because masks are specifically formulated to help treat specific conditions or issues. This makes it totally customizable and a true treat for your skin. Pick the mask that you want or need and see the results almost instantly! The mask will have information provided on what its main function is!

MASK RECOMMENDATIONS: Re9 Cellular Renewal – Aging, Tightening and Hyperpigmentation (Preventative and Controlling) PCA Oat Therapeutic Hydration – All skin types Rescue and Renew Detox – Inflamed / Acne / Blemish prone skin

Collagen Gold Sheet Mask- Tighten, Brighten, Healthy Aging, Hydration, Glow Collagen production

Odacite Hyaluronic Acid Rose Enzyme - Brighten, Scarring, Hydration, Dull complexion,

Hopefully this was informative and you got some of the answers you were looking for. If not come in for a facial or book a consultation and I will get you suited up with products that will deliver the results you are looking for. Just remember ingredients matter, do yourself a favor and try to educate yourself on what is good vs what is unnecessary in products. Unfortunately there are a ton of ingredients in products that are fillers and can actually trigger issues rather then help your skins condition. Sodium Laureth Sulphate, Alcohol, Parabeans, Dies and Fragrance are the main ingredients to avoid. The other important take away is to use the thinnest product to the thickest product. This is because if you apply to thickest product to your skin first, it is unlikely that the products will be able to push through the large molecules. Thinnest product (smallest molecule) to thickest product (larger molecule) is a fantastic rule to follow!

One last thing, EVERY skin type needs a cleanser, a toner and a moisturizer. Many people often say, I don’t need to wash my face, or I don’t need to moisturize my skin is oily. Please stay educated. It is much easier to take care of your skin to pro long natural beauty then it is to reverse and correct severe damage.

Like always I am always here and hoping I can continue to educate you all.

Get those products lined up, book that facial and lets keep the glow on the road!

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