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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal is a service that will simplify your beauty routine and provide long term results for being hair free!

laser hair removal at inspiration beauty clinic

Let’s get into everything you need and want to know about Laser Hair Removal!

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser Hair Removal has been around for many years and is known for its success in treating unwanted hair! Laser Hair Removal achieves hair free results by the diode laser targeting the melanin in the hair shaft. The light emitting diode from the laser targets the hair and is attracted to the melanin in the hair shaft. Once the laser diode meets the hair, it will singe that hair follicle destroying the hairs living environment; thus, making it extremely hard for hair to survive and regrow.


There are on average 2-3 hairs per follicle, this is where a number of Treat•ments for best long term results come into play. After a few laser hair removal Treat•ments the hair will be lighter, thinner and even non-existent.


The FDA defines permanent hair reduction as hair that does not regrow after 2 growth cycles. This is how and why laser hair removal is known as a permanent hair reduction option; and why our clients at Inspirations Beauty Clinic Inc. have gravitated towards this service over the last 8 years.


We love providing laser hair removal and treating that unwanted hair, so you can live for that hair free lifestyle and look and feel your best!

Better results with Less Sessions

We stand out based on the technology and device we use, our knowledge in the field, our years of experience, the technique we use and who we are as a business.

We are proud to use top of the line technology that ensures amazing results for your laser hair removal journey! This means quick hair free results and overall, less laser sessions required! InMode Aesthetics is known globally for its excellence; so naturally here at Inspirations Beauty Clinic Inc. we are known for our excellence, expertise and amazing laser results as well! We are proud of our technology, technique and knowledge in the field which gives us great confidence in our offerings and pricing to benefit you!

laser hair removal at inspiration beauty clinic


Laser would be a great option for you if:

→ You have unwanted hair and are desiring to be hair free.

→ You want to simplify your beauty routine and ditch the razor.

You have thick, dark, stubborn hair.

You experience ingrown hairs or razor burn.

You want to get rid of the hair follicle shadow (you know, those black dots that makes it look like you haven’t shaved for days, even though you just shaved an hour ago… yup, say bye to that!)

The list of why laser is the perfect option to permanently reduce your unwanted hair goes on!

We have noticed that once a client experiences the results from laser hair removal, they always continue and move forward with treating another area! The client immediately sees the results, experiences the convenience and loves being smooth and hair free! Believe it or not, Laser Hair Removal is truly convenient and addicting!

What you need to know

The Financial And Time Investment And What You Can Expect During A Laser Hair Removal Consultation:

There is quite the range in terms of pricing and time commitment with our laser hair removal services! Pricing as well as the time commitment varies depending on the area that is being treated. For example, treating the underarm with laser hair removal takes about 15-20 minutes and costs $75; whereas full leg takes approximately 60 minutes and is $300. So, as you can see, the time and the financial investment vary due to desired treatment area. However, we are very proud of our competitive pricing especially considering the technology and device we use during our laser treatments, the results we know we can achieve for our clients living a hair free future and our knowledge and expertise in regard to laser hair removal.

In addition to our competitive pricing, we also have package deal options for specific areas being treated with the laser. This makes our price points even more competitive! This is a fantastic opportunity for clients to save money and achieve the best permanent hair reduction results. Our packages were created based around the most popular and most requested Treatments areas. We have package deals for; but not limited to, our Brazilian Treatments, ½ leg Treatments and full back, for example. These package options allow the client to save an upwards of $300. Laser package deals are packages of 6 laser hair removal sessions on one treatment area, I.E. a package of 6 treating ½ leg. This package is offered and 50% deposit is required for the first session, the second payment of 50% is required the second treatment. This means for the following 4 treatments the client does not owe anything unless anything was added to their appointment visit. This package is eligible for a full calendar year.

Want more information on our pricing per area?


Want to ask us questions?


A consultation for Laser Hair Removal is 15-20 minutes and we offer this as a complimentary service. The consultation provides a full explanation of laser hair removal and how it works and why it is effective. In addition, we cover the expectations, stages of hair growth, stages of laser results and the commitment that is involved. We explain what the client may experience and how to care for their laser hair removal treatments pre and post treatment. During this consultation we also answer any questions or concerns the client may have.

Our Promise


Here at Inspirations Beauty Clinic Inc. we will always make you feel comfortable, answer your questions, get you the best results AND have you looking and feeling your best!

We totally can appreciate that trying something new can be intimidating, especially if you are treating more of an intimate area. We always make sure you feel comfortable with us before your laser appointment, during your Treat•ments and after! Whatever it is that you need during your session to be as comfortable as possible, we do! We are all human living a human experience, nothing is embarrassing, weird or even a silly question! If we haven’t answered all your questions, we are happy to assist even further. Comfort is an important part of your experience, and we know that comfort isn’t just about being in a safe, clean and cozy environment.


It is also incredibly important to us that we are achieving the results you want to look and feel your best! Here at Inspirations Beauty Clinic Inc. we are always so grateful for our clients who let us be a part of their journey to live a more happy, healthy, beautiful, confident AND hair free life! We are happy to stand out and do things differently; that is the main thing that clients love about us and what we know that sets us apart.


We go above and beyond and are genuinely excited to be on your laser hair removal journey with you.

laser hair removal before and after

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We would love to hear from you, we truly are passionate about what we do and getting you the results you are looking for! You can send us an email or connect with us through our socials. Find us on Instagram @inspirationsbeautyclinicinc


Want to hear what people are saying!?

Explore some of the testimonials that have been shared with us from our wonderful clients! All these testimonials are from those who have experienced laser hair removal with us here at Inspirations Beauty Clinic Inc!

I recently started seeing results from my laser treatment and I am so impressed!! The hairs are falling out and I'm so happy! I can’t wait for my next appointment.


- Emily

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