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Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Not your tradiaitonal blog post, and unlike the rest I have previously posted. Thats the new vibe. Thats the new energy that is coming through me. This was one that had to be shared, heard, read, understood. I welcome you to indulge in the unpacking of how treatment has evolved to Treat•ment.

With one shift usually comes another…

When something truly blows your mind… you know it and you feel it. Everything shifts from here. The mundane becomes charged with a spark - and it’s sometimes spicy. With shifting comes sifting.

This was part of it for me.

As I shift and grow, I have become more aware and intentional with my words.

I now have more awareness with what I’m choosing consciously and unconsciously. I am also more aware of the stories or feelings attached to these words that I am using. I was reflecting on this from a personal perspective and how I was showing up in my business and bigger yet... who I was in the industry.

As I intentionally choose my words daily, my frequency is elevating. What doesn’t align or serve me and my business are being released. I used to be sensitive in my messaging, but now I am keeping only what is powerful and true to me - Like rocks and sand falling through a sifter.

As I shared previously about my before and after “ah - ha” moment, which was a big enough moment to have its own blog post as well … the word ’Treatment’ also felt like it was going through its own transformation to me. I was continually being called out, and I loved it. So, here I am sharing it with you.

“Treatment” was no longer another term for facial - It was no longer another term for services I offer.

“Treatment” became the solution I was selling as if something was wrong with who I was treating - It was this loaded word that I heard as a “fix” …. even a bandaid solution. It was a word that had a heavier meaning to it. It was a word that did not align with my growth, with the feelings behind my business and all in that reflection... treatment became a word that I believe needs a change in the industry as a whole.

The word, “Treatment” no longer served ME. It no longer had a place in my business either.

It is no longer a vibrational match for myself, my business and all of my evolution.

I sat with this word, and it came to me. A download - It needed a break. The word needed a break.


A simple asterisk is all it needed.

Do you feel the difference?

We are meant to treat ourselves.

To me, this word now evokes truth, confidence and strength.It's an entirely new word with an entirely new frequency. Although it had a heavier weight to it to me, ‘treatment’ is neither good nor bad as a word. I simply just desired a softening around it. The simple asterisk symbolises the difference between a quick fix of something being ‘wrong’ to a treat that you get to indulge in.

A treat•ment will provide you with results and confidence.

A treat•ment leaves you feeling delicious inside and out.

A treat•ment builds confidence, acceptance, beauty and self-worth.

A treat•ment is a treat that is meant to be.

It’s calling you in to realise that you are meant to TREAT yourself.

“Treat•ment” is the new way, and I absolutely love the vibe behind it!

With love,



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