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Summer Skin Prep : best ways to treat your skin going into the summer season

Summer is always a time we look forward to; well at least us Canadians do. Some say we are lucky to experience 4 seasons, but can we even say that now.... it's more like we experience 4 seasons in a day and two seasons in a year, ya know what I mean? Regardless, summer is always an exciting time!

Just as we do a spring cleaning of the house, clean the car, get the yard furniture out, clean up the yard and plant some flowers... our skin needs some summer prep too!

In the winter months we may have attended to our skin by using heavier moisturizers, exfoliating more often, using hot towels and hot water to cleanse (even though this is not suggested; when its freezing outside... dare I say it, I get it). Now that the sun is out and the temperatures are rising our skin starts to produce a bit more of its own natural lubricant (AKA oils), which means some skins can use a change up of their moisturizer, going from something from a bit heavier to lighter. It is also a time where we should consider to tweak our exfoliation practices. In the winter this exfoliation routine can be helpful as its like our cells go into hibernation mode and just freeze like the icicles outside... our skin needs a little push and a little shove to remove those dead skin cells in the winter. In the summer, its not quite like this. Exfoliating can be beneficial to help with cleaning out pores after a few days in the sun, but no need for constant exfoliation. This is also important to put aside in the summer because we also dont want to thin out the skin even more so to trigger hyperpigmentation. We are already susceptible to pigment in the summer, being careful to not have something in our routines to make this more so of an issue is important!

Before the summer and after the summer a deep clean is so worth it and I feel that too! It's like we want to remove the weight from the winter and have this new face for the summer; and once summer is done we want the weight of sunscreen and sweat off of our skin. Although this is not actually what happens, this is what I often hear people feel about their skin. A deep clean is best by a professional so that its done effectively and most importantly safely! This can involve, microndermabraison, chemical peels, Fire & Ice and extractions for example. We will choose whichever facial is best for your skin and how deep of a clean you and your skin are desiring. The extractions are necessary for the freedom skin feel! "I feel like my skin can breathe again" we have all said that at one point in time right!?

Of course professional services bring results to the table and quickly, all this to say, this does not discredit the importance of home care, home routines, and products. So naturally thats where we are heading now!

What you can do at home to prep for the summer, in between your facials and keeping your skin summery fresh through the warm lovely seasons!

1. Relax on the exfoliation. In the winter sometimes our skin needs more support, in the summer its a healthy balance to not to disrupt your skin. Exfoliation can be done too aggressively and too often because we feel oily or we are in constant search of that deep clean. Exfoliation is a healthy practice if done correctly. When I refer to correctly I mean with proper products suitable for your skin type, once to twice a month and in areas that are of concern. None of this rub until the skin falls off or erasing motion that is common. If you want to learn more about exfoliation specifically, listen here to learn the purpose of an exfoliant and listen to this links how exfoliating can make or break your skin.

For healthy summer glow exfoliation I suggest using

PCA exfoliation two times a month


iS Clinical Peel Pads once to twice a month


Konjac Sponge (vegetable fibres) this can be done weekly (as its super gentle)

All of these exfoliant options are available for purchase in clinic and great for home use!

If you are looking for a nice safe exfoliation for the summer without casing damage or potential hyper-pigmentation issues go and book for

This being said it is still incredibly important to wear sunscreen every single day! ANY facial it is required to be applying sunscreen and keeping your skin safe, regardless of what the treatment is!

2. Make sure your sunscreen is not expired and fully stocked

Expired sunscreen does not work! Alot of the time people will ignore this best before date, this is not a suggested date this is a real expiry date! SPF is considered a "drug" in Canada so it has to go through multiple regulations and follow guidelines so take this expired date seriously. If it is expired your skin can actually have an allergic reaction (like rashes or bumps) when exposed to heat. Burning is also common. I have heard "its so weird, I burnt like a crisp and I applied sunscreen" but once I inquire further we realize its an expired product... so be super mindful of this! Remember, sunscreen is not just for FACE! Its for SKIN and skin covers your full body! For more information on sunscreen, the ones we love, use and retail; here's some info for you to learn deeper about the importance of sun protection!

I retail (and LOVE) Elta MD SPF. There are options for acne prone skin as well! There is even a tint option for those that want a bit of colour and a bit of a glow for the patio days, pool parties and cottage weekends without having to apply makeup!

3. Ice Globes or Refillable Ice Roller can be great in the summer, especially if you are one that experiences more swelling or puffiness in the heat. Roll around full face to create some flushing, treat that puffy skin annnnnnddd enjoy the immediate cool down. You can gently glide across the face, use soft slow sweeps across the skin and or hold on areas that provide relief. Not going to lie to you, these are also great for those self induced mornings.... social drinking is a big thing in the summer, so use these as your friends to help the skin look less hung over. There are two options, both work incredibly well. Ice globes stay cold on their own, however once used they will absorb your skins heat so they will need to be set aside to chill again. The Refillable Ice roller is frozen water that creates an ice cube for your skin. You can shop these products and choose which one seems best suited for your budget and your routine! If you want to experience these ice globes for yourself you can treat yourself to a Fire & Ice facial or a Cool Summer Glow Facial

4. On the theme of the under eyes, puffiness, cooling and hang overs... Arbonne eye gels are also incredible for this department as well. Speaking of summer.... hello brides! These are also for your morning kit! Great to help treat the puffiness the morning of and or for any of your special events as the planning begins! There are a few ways you can use these as well so I will attach the video here so that you can make sure you are using the products to their fullest potential! Are these already calling your name?! its as easy as adding them to your shopping cart! Happy Shopping!

5. Focus on hydration, this serves multiple benefits! One being so that your natural lubrication doesn't turn to over oil consumption- this constant oily film feeling. Keeping the skin moisurirzed in the summer gives you that flirty fresh glow not that oily glow! The skin produces more oil when it feels compromised or that the skin doesn't have enough lubricant and hydration, so meeting the skin with hydration internally and externally is important here! Often we think the opposite and since we feel oily we gravitate towards skipping this step. Instead, switch over to a lighter moisturizer. My favourite is the Reparative Emulsion from iS clinical. If your skin adapts well this could potentially even be enough for the winter months. Winter moisturizers tend to me heavier than what you should use in the summer!

Internal hydration is through the foods you consume and the beverages you drink! Remember that SOME foods or drinks CAN absorb the water internally leaving less for our organs. Great options to consume and drink your fluids are through fruits and veggies! You know, the obvious high water content foods! Don't forget this is important ESPECIALLY when sweating and or consuming alcohol! One of my favourite ways to consume water is through my obsession, fizz! These powder products that are an additive to water give me energy, filled with vitamins and minerals annnnndd really do help me consume more water! Learn more with me and shop here!

External Hydration can be through proper moisturizers, hydration face masks and facial serums/oils!

My favourite moisturizer for night time is reparative emulsion, day time is Elta MD SPF, hyaluronic acid serum, Arbonne intelligence oil, Arbonne niacinamidesheet mask, iS clinical intensive hydration mask, PCA hyaluronic acid overnight mask.

If you are looking for a hydration quench facial these would one your perfect options and you can book now!

6. Its a new season, so it's always a good time to do an inventory and clean out! What do you need, what would you like to add and what is time for the trash can! Doing this seasonally can keep your skin game strong and keep you on point with your skincare budget so that you are not just buying to buy, or not understanding the products you have an why! Expired products can disrupt the skin in multiple ways. We have mentioned the damage expired SPF can cause but just know that expired makeup, exfoliants moisturizers can also lead to skin issues!

7. Be mindful of your retinol and other acids with sun exposure. In the summer as I have reiterated our skin is far more susceptible to pigmentation damage, so lets always keep in mind safe skin practices. This is a practice that not every skin professional agrees with, however, I provide this tip depending on my clients summer activities, lifestyle and behaviour. This being said, not everyone has to limit or discontinue their use of retinol. It does depend on their summer practices. What I mean by all of that is, how often are you outside? how safe are you when you are outside? Do you wear sunscreen? do you wear a hat? are you actively sun bathing for a tan? do you work outside? do you spend your weekends at a cottage? etc. These questions help understand if retinol needs a safer routine. If you are a sun worshiper and one that doesn't wear sunscreen, retinol would not be a suggested product at all. If you are mindful of sun exposures and protect yourself in all of the ways, retinol can still be safe. Use your discretion and always be smart. I personally will apply it throughout the summer but will avoid it an evening if I know ill be outside the next day for example. Regardless of retinol, sunscreen is applied!

Hopefully these 7 tips have your skin ready to glow this summer! If not and you are still desiring more, we have something else for you! A podcast episode to pair with this topic of course, but in addition... THE FIRST YEAR EVER


Our NEW Cool Glow Summer Facial! Hot girl summer is so last year! Lets soothe the skin and treat it well this summer with this newly created just for you facial. One to target soothing the skin ,removing heat and prepping it for all those warm summer days! This is a promotional facial on for the Summer Months of May - September ONLY! If you want to learn more, you know its as easy as clicking here! See you soon for your Cool Glow Facial!


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