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Updated: Jun 1, 2023

I really wanted to have a cute catchy title for this, but nothing really flowed, it all seemed forced. So the typical title was given. My why. The passion behind it all.

I have felt called to share more authentic versions of myself and my business lately. What I mean by authentic versions is not that I have not been authentic with you in the past but rather I feel its time to share the inside little facts about me or how my business came to be. I also want to take this moment to explain to you what sets me apart. I hid from this for a while, because I didn't want to make people uncomfortable. I didn't want to make it seem that businesses who don't do it the way I do it, are wrong or bad. I literally dimmed my light so that their shadows weren't as big. This alone is something I preach the opposite of. So here I am, standing in my light and sharing it with you. I am gaining more confidence day by day to share more authentic, raw, vulnerable versions of this side of me and my business. Instead of just falling back and using this platform for the classic skin facts, fav products recommendations, routine tips, secret tricks and overall, skin advice. There's always a time and place and importance for that type of content, but also conversations like this are important, its being human... its being real.... its building connection and its separating the gap.

My passion has been in skincare for many years now, and more recently (past 3 years or so) it has been growing to combining self love, self confidence, image dysmorphia, self talk and the influences all of that has on our skin. My passion has grown to hold space, to have deeper conversations and a deeper understanding of the bigger picture. It has come to a different type of skin therapy in a sense.

My passion in skincare goes far beyond being good at understanding skin conditions, and healing skin. It goes beyond creating routines for results to occur. It goes beyond the excitement I have when seeing the results get better and better each time. Although, these are all big parts of my passion with skin health... this may have been where my passion started, but it has evolved since. My passion is now understanding the cells and their environment. AKA understanding your skin, the responses, reactions and the symptoms that are surfacing based on how you live, what your stress levels are like, what traumas you have been through (or going through), any illness you may have or have had etc.etc.etc. It leads me to understanding how you view yourself, where your confidence is, what your self talk is like, how you allow people to talk to you. Its seriously a big picture in a dynamic emotional way. All this information tells me incredible things and guides me in how I can work with you to achieve the best results. Yes, we are still talking about skin.

I still work through being confident in the skin that I am in. I have many insecurities, don't we all? I don’t believe there’s ever a destination where we feel “perfect” or that we have something we wouldn't desire to be different. I think there is too much negativity around this. As if this normal, common thought, that virtually everyone has; isn't ok to admit out loud. Its this false "self love" thats pushed on us that if we truly loved ourselves we wouldn't change anything. I personally think this perspective is toxic. I think instead we should focus on feeling the best in the moment so that more moments to come we can feel great. The more we feel great in our bodies, the more we do for ourselves to propetetuate this great feeling that we have. This feeling beautiful feeling. It's about fostering that. It's about loving and accepting ourselves for the things we can and cannot change. It's about real self love and real acceptance, not just mantras we are told to say. I too am learning on ways to improve my self talk, to improve the vision I have of myself, to love myself regardless! Do not get me wrong, I am all about a mantra, but I am about it holding substance and being part of the change, not just empty words we are told to think or feel. I think this is healthy to talk about, and to be honest, it's more of a realistic conversation. I'm just your average 30 year old female who feels what we all feel, but also as a skin enthusiast trying to fostering and encourage a healthy yet realistic mindset. I think it is important to have conversations like these. We need to be more transparent in that there may be things we want to change about ourselves, but together we can learn to love those aspects of ourselves. It's also about not feeling alienated and ostracized when there is something we would want to change about ourselves, but instead we should foster a safe place to talk about these insecurities. We are just craving a space to feel heard. God forbid you be the only person to admit this out loud. Do you see what I mean? Once I gave myself the permission to not love everything about me, and that; that was okay... I felt the relief. Once I focused my attention on fostering what I do love about myself and enhancing those and giving less negative attention to the things I didn't like, it lessened the dislike I had about certain things. It's like that idea that kids want to do what their parents tell them not to only for the thrill of disobeying and testing limits not because they really want to do the thing. We can trick our minds. The less weight we give something the less it will be of issue. I am human, so I have my moments. I have my insecurities. However, I am still actively reminding myself of this and creating and setting realistic ideologies and ways I can accept and love myself. With the more I learn about this the more I share with others so that self love can be less toxic and more realistic. Or at least thats the goal, that one thing I am trying to do as a person and within my business.

In addition to this, my business grew in another way. It grew through my thirst for knowledge! The thirst is of course so I can be the best in clinic, but it is more so about providing the tools for my clients so you too feel educated, equipped and confident. You have heard me say a million times by now, knowledge is power! After all, I am only with you during your appointment. You are with you 24/7. You have to implement the routine we set, you have to purchase the product I recommend, you have to do the internal work, you have to catch what habits you have or change your lifestyle. I am just the catalyst in helping you. So the more knowledge, skill set, suggestions, advice I have for you that I know can work, the better! This is where we work together.

This side of my passion started truthfully once I graduated Aesthetics School. I was trying to learn more about the industry, trying to learn more about products, ingredients, professional services; the whole nine yards of the industry. I was in over consumption mode. I was SO confused and I was trying really hard to grasp it all. I even got caught up in the trends, or in what celerberites were using or who had the cutest packaging. I made notes like a mad woman trying to learn it, digest it and preach it. What I learned through this, was to break it down. Focus on one thing at a time and then of course through learning how to understand and heal my own skin; that truly was that the best

place to start. This is why I KNOW the power of knowledge, this is why I am so passionate about educating and helping clients learn their skin. Let's begin through a simple suggestion is reflection. Ask yourself.

  • "What is my main concern?"

  • "What feels good for me to explore?"

  • "What has not worked for me thus far?"

  • "Who can I trust?"

  • "What is my boundary?"

  • "What is my budget?"

  • "What is my ideal time frame?"

  • "How does my skin make me feel?"

  • "How do I want my skin to make me feel?"

  • "What has worked for me in the past?"

  • "What has not worked for me in the past?"

It's okay to do some research before sourcing out help. Self reflection is super important as well, so that you also know what playing field you are already on and what field you want to be on. The more educated you are, the more boundaries and expectations you have in place the less likely you will be taken advantage of... why? Well because you can smell their BS from a mile away! Confidence Baby!

Exploring and navigating all of these currents of the industry coincidently grew my passion for skin health and skin education but simultaneously grew my distain for my industry. How diabolical?! Talk about a love hate relationship!!

I struggled a lot with this. I loved my industry, but I really hated what it stood for. I really hated (hate) the messages it often gives. Oh, gosh I hated (and still hate) many aspects about the industry... but again, all of that grew my passion to what it is today. The disappointment I had (or even have) in my industry helped create the person and aesthetician that I am today. One that is incredibly invested in YOUR result. A person who sees and feels the shifts in where this industry should go. A person (as a consumer and as a beauty therapist) to help those who the industry has mis led. This industry as I say is convoluted. It has mis guided you and redirected you to more mis direction. You have wasted your money and time. You have taken advice from 5 different people, all of which the advice has been inconsistent, contradicting what the last person shared with you. This is where the power comes back, This is where I work hard to hand YOU back the confidence and the power to work through this. I see it in my industry through different companies, different sale reps, different brands; oh gosh its all around. I QUICKLY learned EVERY company is trained to tell you theirs is the best.... its up to us to decide why its the best for us (you). PS this is all Information the beauty industry does not want me sharing and being authentic about. This is what we are told to be hush hush about. Skincare is definitely not a one size fits all, even though thats what media tells us. Skincare is more about learning your skin then it is relying on a product, which is another thing the industry doesn't want me to share (heck, half the time I wonder if the industry even knows that)

What I want you to know and feel from me.

Clear skin is maintainable and sustainable.

I stand to dissemble the belief that stubborn skin will always be "problematic".

Knowledge is power.

I stand to help those who feel lost and confused on what works or does not work with their skin and provide them knowledge and confidence in making good decisions.

Your dream skin is realistic.

I stand to help those who feel they cannot achieve their dream skin, to do just that. Achieve their dream skin.

I am fighting for you.

I stand to be a force in changing the industry... I am here to cut out the BS and help you smell it from a mile away.

Your confidence matters to me.

I stand to help build your confidence so you can see and feel how beautiful you are.

You deserve to feel beautiful. I stand to be of assistance so that you will be able to look in the mirror and love what you see.

It does not have to be scary.

I stand to provide you a comprehensive skincare path and plan so that the fear and confusion is subsided.

You are heard.

I stand to listen to your concerns and give you proper advice and realistic expectations.

Your dream skin can be achieved with long lasting results, sustainable routines and within your budget. You are part of my why. You are part of my passion. You are part of the journey.



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