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Hey there, Morpheus8 super fan!

Updated: Jul 8

Welcome to the first, but definitely not the last, post about Morpheus8!

You are already a super fan, I can just feel it, and I am right there beside you with my super fan pointer finger and kazoo making all kinds of noise!

I am so ready to answer all the questions that have been flying around and give you some insight into what Morpheus8 is all about.

Before we get started, I will share with you a fun (yet true) story on how Morpheus8 was brought into my clinic, because believe it or not, it was not intentional! The blog-friendly version is this. Alicia and I went to a beautiful conference in Toronto hosted by Inmode (that's the company that manufactures and created Morpheus8) to learn more about Inmode as a company, the devices they offer, and general information in the industry. To be honest, we just love learning, so we took this as an excuse to learn and geek out in the industry. I selfishly also had a bit of personal interest and a somewhat hidden agenda as I had been exploring other clinics in London that offer Morpheus8. Yes, I myself was shopping around at other clinics trying to learn about this Morpheus8 Treat•ment. I had really considered receiving Morpheus8 for my face and jawline before I get married, so I wanted to learn the ins and outs. Clearly, you can tell I fell in love and was shocked by the research, the technology, the company, and the results. I couldn't fathom going to another clinic, getting these bomb results, and sending everyone I know to them... It was a moment that was like "how do I add this to my clinic". I kept saying to myself (and Alicia) "we need to offer this"! I jumped through a ton of hoops to make this happen because I believed in this company, and let's face it (no pun intended) the results sold me. It was that simple. I felt if I could help people like these results show, and I can be a resource in this capacity I cannot turn this opportunity down. This is game-changing, and I am all about giving power and confidence back to my clients. I truly felt in that moment (and still feel it) that Morpheus8 can do exactly that. It’s a confidence booster for sure!

Here are some of the results that were shared at the conference!

OUTSTANDING right?!?! Do you see why this caught my attention!? Morpheus8 is the perfect option for those who do not want to go under the knife. This is a "surgery" type of result without the surgery. This is also a fantastic option for those who do not want to go the road of fillers and botox. In addition, it is also an option for those with acne or active lesions and severe scarring. Morpheus8 works will all skin types to provide a lovely result targeting many concerns. Stay with me, we are just getting to the good part. HOW!?! How can it do all of this!?

The magic behind Morpheus8 and why it stands out from everything else on the market is that it is combining two technologies. One being micro-needling and the other radio frequency. Making this a super effective fractional skin treat•ment that stimulates collagen production of the underlying layers of the dermis. The micro-trauma to the dermis is what targets deeper layers of the skin tissue to be remodeled and to encourage the skin to produce healthy collagen over time. We all know micro-needling is incredibly beneficial and effective, so when considering that Morpheus8 needles can penetrate deeper and the radio waves are paired with the micro-controlled trauma this combination is what causes the muscles to contract and be stimulated which is where the tightening, firming and fat coagulation are coming from. These two technologies stimulate the skin to heal rapidly and produce all the goodness that heals skin, which is why it is incredibly healing for acne, scarring, and firming up fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. Any collagen boost introduced to the skin will help rapidly heal the skin and bring forward happy healthy new cells. Morpheus8 is bringing the skin new life!

I have mentioned how Morhepus8 is great and safe for those with acne, but it is also a great option for those concerned about saggy loose skin, fine lines, and deeper wrinkles. It will also help with stretch marks and cellulite! With all this in mind, I am sure you are now wondering can this be done on my body!? The answer is YES! It is so common to be done over the body, this is not just a face Treat•ment, this is a skin Treat•ment, and remember skincare is a full-body thing! So wherever you feel your skin is saggy and loose (stomach, arms, thighs, necks), or even after pregnancy to help firm up the belly, you can now consider Morpheus8. Morpheus8 is also color blind which is big deal! Meaning it can be done on all skin tones. Often when it comes to fractional energy being penetrated to the skin, even when considering CO2 lasers, these options are not always safe for all skin colors, so this is another big win for Morpheus8! Time for a benefit recap for you!

  1. Stimulates collagen which means, healthy aging, firmer skin and rapidly healing blemishes.

  2. Tightens loose hanging skin

  3. Plumping skin and smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles

  4. Reshaping adipose tissue

  5. Healthy texture and appearance

  6. Done anywhere on the body (except for eyeballs)

  7. Done over any skin type/concern

  8. Suitable and safe for all skin tones

  9. Option for those who do not want to have surgery, fillers, or botox

  10. Option for full body

Let’s talk details of the Treat•ment! Numbing cream is applied to the area you are desiring to be treated. Depending on the area and surface area the numbing cream is left on for 20-60 minutes. Once the numbing cream has been removed the treat•ment can start! IT'S GO TIME! From start to finish (including the numbing cream) you can expect the Treat•ment to be about one to two hours. Two hours is as if we are doing bigger surface areas or treating more than one spot at a time. Although, it is not the most relaxing or comfy Treat•ment we offer, the numbing cream and specific techniques we use make it tolerable. Some areas are definitely more sensitive than others but we do our best to make the experience as good as it can be. Full disclosure, I did not love receiving the Treat•ment... there were definitely moments of discomfort. I cannot lie to you. However, that being said I LOOOOOOOVVVVEEEEEE the results, LOVE LOVE LOVE! So that is what has me going back for sure! I also would say I have a pretty standard if not lower pain tolerance, so take your pain tolerance into consideration! I always say expect the worse because then you are pleasantly surprised! Some areas will have little blood spots similar to micro-needling, redness, and flushing is also totally normal and to be expected! If we are treating around the eyes and under the eyebrow bone there is potential for bruising. I am sharing the truths with you so that there are no surprises, I love being fully transparent, but please don't have the truth of the matter take away your excitement for this Treat•ment. If you continue to hang out with me, you will see the result photos shortly! If you are nervous or hesitant at all, we can be in touch, we can do a consultation and help lessen your fears, because truly the results are magical and worth it all! I have had individuals who HATE, like talking petrified of needles do this and be completely fine! SO YOU'VE GOT THIS!

The downtime is a funny one. I say "funny" because so far it has been all over the map. Some clients were barely red hours after the Treat•ment and others took a full week for sensitivity and redness to subside. I guess the healing time is truly dependent on the treat•ment intensity and how the skin heals. In general, I would say expect 2-5 days of redness in the skin and slight irritation (like a sunburn feel). I noticed with my treat•ment that my skin was red for 3 days and it was itchy. The skin was very dry. It had some areas that peeled and the texture was rough for a few days, that's what I remember being the most noticeable, so I just was very mindful of keeping the areas super hydrated. I also noticed my neck healed slower than my face which is common (everyone has experienced this as well) this is because the neck skin is much thinner than areas on the face. I noticed more fractional spots on my neck, which you will see shortly!

Below is what my skin looked like 4 hours after my first Morpheus8 Treat•ment.

In order to care for your skin after Morpheus8 you want to make sure the skin stays exceptionally hydrated. Hyaluronic acid is a great option here, especially for the summer. iS clinical Sheald recovery and even Vaseline or aquaphor for the first day or so can also be helpful in locking moisture into the skin. Avoid any exfoliants for 2 weeks and retinol for 5-7 days (and listen to your skin the days following)! Similar to all our facial Treat•ments you want to clean your makeup brushes, change your bed sheets and pillowcases, get clean towels, and avoid touching your face as much as possible! The big one here is NO sun exposure and wearing SPF 30 MINIMALLY... ALWAYS! No additional facial services until your skin has healed and is back to what we refer to as "baseline". This means the condition of your skin prior to your appointment. In terms of your home care, you are keeping the skin super clean and hydrated for 2-3 days minimally. After that, as the skin heals you can go back to your regular routine!

You can expect to see results two weeks after the first treat•ment and at the 3-month mark, you will start to notice even bigger changes! Like all facials, the more Treat•ments the better the result. Morpheus8 is typically paired in packages of 3 or 6! If you are doing a package of 3 or more it’s 9 months after the last treat•ment that you will see the best optimal result. It is a very exciting waiting game because you can enjoy the results as they come and you can be excited to know they are just going to get better! Always something to look forward to! Even more confidence is on its way! Results are best after a few sessions especially taking into consideration the result you are desiring. In this, consider the condition of your skin when you begin the treatments, the ways in which you support the skin in between morpheus8 treatments, your lifestyle, and age... all of which have an influence on your skin and result! We also take pre and post-photos to help track our progress, you will see how beneficial this little step is!

Below is 4 days after my first treat•ment. My facial skin was healing perfectly, and as you can see my neck was healing just a tad slower than my face (again super common). Especially because I wanted a more intense treat•ment on my neck and chin line to help with the loose hanging skin under my chin and jawline. You can see the redness and fractional grid on my neck I was referring to.

How you can come prepared for the appointment?

Arrive in your comfy clothes! This is one of the first things we love to emphasize. We want you to be as cozy and comfy as possible in all the treat•ments we offer! If you can come to your appointment with a clean, fresh face, that would be lovely and most recommended. If this is not possible (like coming directly after work) we can cleanse the area. Starting with no makeup is best to absolutely ensure and confirm the skin is super clean for the treat•ment, so like I said if you can arrive with no makeup that is best! Any botox and or filler must be over a week old and please avoid any retinol for 2-4 days prior to your morpheus8 Treat•ment! A super important prep step and one that we recommend in general no matter what facial you are receiving, is to avoid the sun and to absolutely ensure you are wearing SPF 30 or higher every single morning! Please if you can, also avoid self-tanner on the areas being treated if you know you are coming for your Morpheus8 appointment!

Now, for the super duper fun part! Check out some of the results we have achieved in the clinic! This is where a photo is worth a thousand words!!

This first one is a jaw-dropping result! You bet your cute butt that my client and I were dancing after seeing these results! We can see relief in the inflammation and definite healing in the blemishes. The skin tissue looks healthier and the scarring is being treated, which were the client's main goals. We can also see more definition under the chin and side cheeks which is a bonus! This was achieved after 2 Morpheus8 Treat•ments! Don't forget, since these were taken after the second treat•ment this means this client's results are only going to get better! WOOOWZZERRS!

Say hello to these results, what you see here is from ONE morpheus8 Treat•ment! This client decided to go with Morpheus8 because she wants to help target loose skin and wrinkles and have some more support with aging skin without going down the path of botox, filler, or surgery! After just one Treat•ment we can see an immediate improvement in the fine lines, especially on the forehead and around the eyes. There was also a nice lift to her cheeks! This client saw these results and immediately said “I need more morpheus8!” We shared our excitement with these results and we are ready for more results to come.

Here are some additional resources that may be helpful to your for the time being, don’t worry I will eventually have more resources available too!

The golden question that I am hesitant and unsure how to answer is pricing. The reason I say “unsure” is because the price might be hard to digest without fully understanding the Treat•ment and not having a discussion on creating a package deal. As I had mentioned, when paired in packages Morpheus8 results are best, so this means when purchased in a package you will receive a discounted price. I have also worked with clients to create a personalized plan. This plan includes multiple Morpheus8 treatments in addition to other treatments (like oxygenation or LED Treat•ments and homeware) that can help the skin heal and to enhance the results further. The more services and products that are purchased together the greater the discount. It truly does depend on what area you are wanting to be treated. Let's be in touch for a personalized plan or package deal price!

I cannot wait to see your incredible result and have you featured on this blog!

Thanks for hanging out, and cheers to feeling and looking your best!

Much love,

Danielle & Frankie (as he's cuddled up on my lap while I write this for you)

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