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Can I Invest in a Home Micro-Needle Roller?

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

“Can I invest in a home micro-needling roller?” this is a question that has slid into my DM’s frequent enough that I needed to make a blog about it. I mean, CAN you? Yes...but SHOULD you? That’s the question you should be asking. I am not in control of your spending, and therefore you have the freewill to buy this absurd thing…but, I am here to tell you why you SHOULDN’T even consider wasting energy lifting your arm to look at this “tool” or better yet, I am here to help you save your money! (You are welcome!)

It is truly disappointing that tools like the home micro-needle roller exists. What angers me even more about these types of “beauty tools” are that they are sold in regular department stores, such as superstore, winners and even the dollar store!! This means anyone can purchase this tool; yet in the professional world Micro-Needling has to be FDA approved, insurance is a must and specific training is given ONLY to certified aestheticians, nurses or doctors. Think about that for a second! Scary that these are available to the public, right!?

The other scary thing is marketing and advertisement sucked you in. I hate to tell you this, but all those commercials, all those posts and even the heading on the package…they all lied to you. This tool is NOT safe for home use, it CAN cause damage, you WILL spread bacteria, it is NOT medical grade and you should not use this as part of your nightly routine. Before I really dive in, don’t feel all guilty and cowardly in your chair while reading this… yes, it sucks you fell for it, but you are here now trying to educate yourself! That’s the first step….now, for the second step. It’s time to get off that sweet ass of yours and THROW IT OUT!

Okay, great! Now, please keep reading and I will explain why these home micro-needle rollers are to be avoided!

As a professional we are trained by other professionals; and in order to be taught, we must show our qualifications that show we are in fact a professional in the accepted fields (like noted before, must be an aesthetician, nurse or doctor). This is the first important thing. The second reason having professional training is important is because we are taught proper techniques and of course taught to keep an eye out for the client’s skins response. In addition to this training an explanation of the service as well as a demo is provided, this is so we are knowledgeable and can relay the proper information to you (the client). If you, the user have none of these qualifications, I can assume you can foresee the plausible issues. The user could go over an inflamed or active lesion (which is a no no), the user could be applying too much pressure (which in the long run, actually causes more damage) and just to add more, the user could be going over the area too many times and or doing the “home treatment” too often. All of these come with their own serious problems and at this point likely would have made your acne worse, your pigmentation more noticeable, or your irritations and sensitivities more alert. If this isn’t a good enough reason for you to boycott these home rollers, keep reading!

As for the quality of the tool you have purchased. Those needles used on the home rollers are not big needles (thank goodness), therefore cannot penetrate the skin like the ones the professionals use. Like I said thank goodness for that; although this does lessen the severity of the damage you would be inducing to your skin it does not protect you 100%(trust me on that). The needles on your home roller are not FDA approved and would not be up to professional medical grade standards. This roller also has no removable heads or ways to properly dispose of the needles, or even disinfect them in any way (even though disinfecting needles is NOT a thing). Needles are a ONE-TIME use tool. Throughout my treatments the heads and protective sleeves are of course a one-time use product. Even if you have purchased a package, your needle head is disposed of (properly in a sharps container). Each client (new or those who have previously seen me) receives this treatment getting NEW disposable pieces. Therefore, the thought of these home rollers being used time after time and not being disposed of or cleaned is terrifying! Think of all the bacteria, dead skin, potentially blood and other debris being collected on those needles and being rolled back into the skin…yuck!

Not only is the quality of your tool important throughout this procedure, but proper pre and post care using proper products is also a big factor with this treatment. While using this tool at home you would not have the professional grade cleansers and serums to ensure this treatment is done properly. Prepping the skin for this procedure is just as important as the aftercare. We are talking about your face here… do you really want something to go wrong? Because I know I don’t… So, stop now, save your money and make the investment to come see me! Otherwise, you will buy this home tool, just to intensify the issues which means you will be coming to see me for corrective work anyways. Hmm, maybe this cheap alternative doesn’t sound so good anymore.

I hope this helped answer some questions and gave you the courage to re-think those in store tools. If you have any questions or want a specific topic covered please contact me. 90% of my blogs are inspired by my clients! So, I will take your requests seriously and provide the best content possible. I am always open to feedback on previous blogs as well so that I am serving my audience to the best of my abilities!

Thank you so much for caring about your skin enough to read my blogs, if you haven’t already give me a follow on Instagram for more skincare updates and tips and tricks.

Thank you so much for your time, and go throw that roller out if you didn’t do it when I told you to. ;)

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