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FIZZ up your LIFE!

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

You read that correctly, this blog entry is in fact about FIZZ! I like to share product reviews in the mix of all my blog entries…and my beloved fizz sticks were the next product I felt compelled to review and share with you! If you don’t know what I am talking about when I say ‘fizz’ you either: 1. Do not know me well enough; 2. Don’t follow me on socials; or, 3. Have never met an Arbonne consultant before (actually laughing out loud). What is fizz? Fizz is an Arbonne product that is part of the incredible nutrition line. Fizz sticks are sold as a powder that is added to water that provides flavour and energy (along with many other health benefits). Why am I writing about this you may ask? Well other than the fact that I absolutely love them and have a slight addiction to them… I wanted to highlight and share these gems with you to provide a healthy alternative to coffee and pop! My product reviews won’t just be about specific skincare products but also about other products you can add to your routine for healthy skin and a healthy lifestyle.

One thing you probably know about me, or can at least tell by my blogs and website, is that skincare is my specialty and my passion! I love sharing tid-bits of information that can increase your knowledge and enhance your skincare game. Skin is highly influenced by what we consume and feed our bodies, hence why we are here together learning about this great alternative. Too much coffee or sugar wreaks havoc on our skin. Coffee, pop and sugar can influence your skin in many ways… mainly, blemishes on the forehead, enlarged pores, dry skin, evident fine lines or deepened wrinkles, puffy and or dark under eyes, redness undertone and a dull complexion. Yes…. Unfortunately, all that can come just from coffee and pop (or an overload of sugar). You may not experience all of these symptoms at once, but there is a high chance you will experience at least ONE if not more than one at a time. Now you are probably even more appreciative of this blog and even more excited to learn about my obsession: FIZZ STICKS!

Fizz sticks can be your option to supplement your morning coffee and/or can be your 3pm pick me up! Personally, fizz sticks act as both my morning coffee AND my 3pm pick me up. I told you I am obsessed! This fresh bubbly drink has many amazing properties and benefits so let’s get learning! Fizz sticks are designed to help with alertness, relieving of fatigue, increase cognitive function, maintains and support cardiovascular health, helps form healthy red blood cells, supports healthy glucose metabolism, and even helps with healthy tissue formation… yes all in addition to help you avoid loads of coffee and pop! These refreshing healthy drinks come in three flavours that are available all year round (Citrus, strawberry and pomegranate), but Arbonne often launches promotional limited-edition flavours, so keep your eye out or follow me on socials for updates!

Since all of this sounds amazing and now that you know you can get your energy boost alongside of many other health benefits, lets discuss what is in this powerful powder package to allow all this goodness to take place.

- There are 55mg of naturally derived and botanically based caffeine sources such as green tea, guarana and ginseng! Hello healthy happy energy!

- Vitamin B12 is the main ingredient that helps with cognitive function and supports the reduction of mental fatigue.

- Panax ginseng and chromium are the ingredients used to support healthy glucose metabolism and support.

- Coenzyme Q10 is a source of antioxidants and B vitamins help to metabolize carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

- These fizz sticks are fully vegan, plant based, non GMO certified, kosher and gluten free.

I have attached the meet the product sheet provided by Arbonne for further and more in-depth information!

Fizz MTP
Download PDF • 739KB

These powerful packs are my saving grace. I personally love to enjoy them both warm and cold. I will boil water as if I am making a tea and will enjoy ½ a fizz package in a mug with the boiled water (add water or fizz in slowly… otherwise you will have a volcano erupt in your kitchen), or I simply add it to a water bottle with water and ice! Both ways are incredibly delicious! I personally like a warm drink in the morning and a refreshing drink during the day, therefore I customized my fizz sticks accordingly! It is advised to add the fizz stick to 250ml of water (minimally) and to only consume 2 per day. I must admit.... I have had up to 3 in one day and nothing happened to me, but let's play safe!

The price point for a box of fizz (which has 30 sticks per box) is

Client Price: $67.00

Preferred Client Price: $53.60

For some further feedback on this product I have included some client testimonies to provide some other perspectives. This is so you know it’s not just my own biased opinion… but so that you can hear from other fizz lovers!

“It is a nice alternative to drinking coffee all day. It gives me a good afternoon burst of energy, especially while on shift at work. The added bonus of being hydrated as opposed to dehydrated is great too!” – Joshua Van Velzer

“As an avid coffee drinker, I was hesitant to try fizz sticks because I didn’t think it would satisfy the caffeine craving... but it did more than that! Not only was I pleasantly surprised by how good It tasted, but also by how much more awake and attentive I was at work! I would definitely recommend the fizz sticks for anyone who relies on coffee to get them through their busy days!” – Lauren Straatman

“Fizz sticks are like coffee, but 100% better! It’s almost like you’re drinking juice, but with way less sugar and gives you energy!”- Frankie Mazzuca

I personally (and professionally if were being real honest) am happy that I have switched over to fizz rather than consuming the amount of coffee that I used too. SOMETIMES, I treat myself to a small coffee or sip my boyfriend’s from time to time… but my main energy source is my fizz and I am so thankful for that. If you are interested in purchasing a box or two, or if you want a sample, let me know. I am also more than happy to educate you on the client verses preferred client price. Let me know how I can assist you any further!


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