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How to look better than you feel

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Hey there!

Welcome to another blog entry that compliments a podcast episode! I'm assuming if you've stumbled across this entry it's because you heard that episode, but if not you can give it a listen here!

I recommend listening to the podcast episode in addition to reading this blog because here we're focused on the images, links, facts & information of the products I recommended in this episode, rather than covering and explaining the benefits and why I loved using each of the suggested products. You'll also find links for how and where you can purchase these products or get in touch with me. This blog is a supplementary resource to pair with the podcast just for YOU!

Full disclosure, I'm so thankful that this blog has interested you nonetheless. I would love to get my blog and podcast in the eyes and ears of more people, so if you feel compelled to, please share this with someone who could learn with us - it would mean the world!

Let's get to it, shall we?


We have all had some type of bug at some point in our life, and I bet you can remember how crappy it made you feel. We also remember how long it lasted and how awful we looked... This topic was inspired by a lovely bug that lived in my body just a few months ago. Of course, the bug was never wanted or invited in the first place. Getting sick is such a buzzkill to begin with, but to top it off, it overstayed its welcome. 11 full days of being in bed; eyes closed head on a pillow with very little movement. After 11 days I had to finally get my body moving and back to work, but even then I wasn't feeling (or looking) my best. During that time of rest (if you can call it that) I started making some notes on things I was going to try to have myself feeling better, and good grief, looking better! Since I know we are coming up to the time of year where cold and flu germs run rampant, I wanted to share the tips and tricks that helped me feel and look better while I was under the weather!

  1. Eucalyptus It can be oil in a diffuser or a plant. You choose! But gosh this scent was comforting and it helped me breathe! If you're in the London area, I recommend checking out By Two Fields - I love their eucalyptus stems! I suggest buying a few... you can keep one in a vase so keeps its scent (I also have this in my clinic, so luxurious)! Stocking up and getting a few also means you don't have to rush to find some when you are sick, and you'll want a few on hand because eucalyptus in the shower is absolutely SUPERB! Plus, you can't go wrong supporting another local biz! Check out their website to see what other fantastic products they have and submit your order! Follow them on Instagram for even more support! @bytwofields

2. Hot Showers & Hot Baths So this may not be a product you can purchase, but I promise you'll still enjoy the benefits! I absolutely love hot baths and showers on a good day, so when I'm not feeling the best, hot baths and showers are even more of a luxury. It provides both immediate and temporary relief! Set your mood, play some chill music, light a candle and just relax, enjoy the warm water, smell the eucalyptus, and start your journey to feeling better. If you are in the shower enjoying the steamy little space you created... I've got a secret tip for you. You'll judge me at first, but honestly, that's okay, because once you try it... you'll get it. Stand in the warm water and steam, let your nose start to run a bit, feel the sinus drain, and blow your nose. Don't sniff it back, don't rub it away... Literally, blow your nose... it will provide such a beautiful relief. Since you're in the shower you don't even have to worry about using a tissue! This is where I knew you would start to judge, but seriously... try this nasty tip because you will love it, and it can be our little secret ;)

3. Peppermint Since we've been talking about creating the vibe in the bathroom and using scents as a way to relieve congestion, another fav option of mine is peppermint oil. You can use an essential oil for a diffuser, or Arbonne has a limited edition peppermint facial oil that is truly divine (but there are VERY few left in stock)! More on that oil later, and in the podcast episode! But again, choosing a scent that helps provide relief for all that heaviness and congestion is extremely helpful, and can help your mindset and headspace by providing your senses with a little more love and stimulation! Below is Arbonne's exclusive holiday kit; a beautiful peppermint facial mask, a konjac sponge, AND the featured peppermint oil! If you're getting a head start on your holiday shopping, or want to treat yourself to some self-love during the sickness season this year, check out the products I LOVE here! If you have any questions feel free to DM me on Instagram @InspirationsBeautyClinic or email me at

4. Facial Oils Getting more into SKINCARE PRODUCTS! The fun part am I right?! As I just mentioned, facial oils are a great way to hydrate your skin, because when you're ill, your skin is more dehydrated from fighting off bugs and infection. Any facial oil will do, however, I like ones that may have some other benefits in addition to hydrating my skin! Make sure the oils you use on your skin are natural and not synthetic. My favourites are jojoba oil, grape seed oil, Arbonne intelligence oil, or Odacité Wild Carrot. For the jojoba or grapeseed oil, make sure its coldpressed, organic and pure - you can find these at health food stores. The Arbonne genus oil can be purchased through me online, and the Odacite Wild Carrot can be purchased through my clinic! Just email or DM to get your hands on one of these incredible oils! @inspirationsbeautyclinic

5. Hydrating Face Masks Continuing on with hydration, when you're feeling under the weather is the time to treat yourself to a hydrating, soothing, face mask! It can be a sheet mas, a cream-based mask, or even that peppermint face mask featured in Arbonne's holiday kit to get two benefits in one! Apply a mask to your skin to help cool and heal your face - this will feel great for the sinus and help provide some life to those cells. This will truly have you looking better than you feel. Check out these options! Surprise surprise, if you want to get any of these products in hand let's get in touch, or you can shop directly here If the Arbonne Hydration sheet mask intrigues you! Happy Shopping!

6. Eye Gel Pads. The name says it all. These helped with my headache and those puffballs under my eyes! Keep these babes in the fridge for some extra relief and fast action!

7. Jade Roller Really any roller will do! This is a great tool that has so many benefits and is even more beneficial when chilled in the fridge for a few minutes before use! You can roll this across your face to relieve a headache, help drain some congestion, use with your facial oils, use with your sheet masks, and enjoy in the bathtub! Seriously, the more of these tips you can combine the better you'll be looking (and feeling)! Jade roller, amethyst roller & rose quartz are available for purchase! @inspirationsbeautyclinic

8. Boiled Water / Honey / Lemon Honestly, just something about this that is just so soothing and effective when sick. Slowly sip and enjoy. Best enjoyed while in bed binge-watching Gilmore Girls.

9. Bone Broth In the podcast episode I explain why this is SO beneficial. I know it's not a traditional suggestion, but it's seriously worth a try when you're under the weather! You can purchase at any grocery store or even make your own! I'm all about simple, easy and effective tips in this episode.

10. Sleep, rest, & more SLEEP Of course, I have to suggest rest. This is a common suggestion and one you would expect to get from anyone, but is so underrated! This is one of the most important things you can do when fighting off a bug. Rest is when your skin regenerates and repairs, so let yourself sleep!

11. Water / Fizz / Super Boost If you haven't heard of these yet, this is your sign that you NEED them in your life! Arbonne's fizz... Okay if you haven't tried a fizz at this point in your life, what are you waiting for?! I've written a whole blog post just about how incredible these things are. Check it out here. When you're sick, it's super important to stay hydrated, and this is one easy way to enjoy some water with other great benefits! Super Boost is an antioxidant package loaded with powerful and helpful ingredients. This is something you can take daily to keep yourself hydrated, healthy and balanced! Fizz and super boost aren't JUST beneficial for when you don't feel well either! By including them in your daily routine you may just prevent sickness. Here's some more info if you're still not convinced: Time to raise a glass to these products!

12. Compassion This isn't a suggestion, it's more of a requirement. If you are anything like me you have a hard time resting and doing "nothing" - quite frankly, I have a hard time being sick. I always say "I don't have time to be sick," but sometimes when we are sick it's our bodies asking for some rest, and as we know rest is a requirement to getting better! Grant this rest to yourself, have compassion that you won't have the energy to clean the house even though you are off work, love yourself even when you dont have the gumption to get out of bed, take deep breaths when anxiety creeps up from not being efficient and the list of things to do is growing. Breathe, rest, relax and have compassion. You are "out of commission" at this point and your priority should be getting better... and of course doing stuff to feel better too ;)

With all these recomendations in mind, I want to also give you the permission slip that its OK if you are so sick you can't do these things! Preserve your energy for what's going to serve and heal you! The first few days when I was sick (4 days minimum) I didn't get out of bed & I sure as heck didn't focus on a facial massage. There was no chance I was grabbing a face roller when I could barely even turn over to grab a tissue. So don't judge yourself and set realistic expectations! Remember, COMPASSION, COMPASSION, COMPASSION!

These are merely suggestions that have helped me feel better by looking better. Add them into your day for a recovery spa day that will serve your skin and your overall well being. This goes to show that you can truly rest, recover and try to enjoy some of you sick time. It's not often that our sick time is an enjoyable time, so try and salvage any moment you can. Nothing is worse than going back to work after being sick when you truly don't feel well rested!

Sample Day

8 AM: Wake up (Rest and lay in bed, sleep in) 8-9 AM: Enjoy some boiled water with honey and lemon and some oatmeal and fruit as your breakfast while journaling and accepting your state and focusing on compassion and recovery.

9-10 AM: Plug in your diffuser and have a peppermint or eucalyptus oil going. Put bones in water with vinegar and seasoning to make your own bone broth. This needs 10-14 hours so it can simmer while you rest (make sure someone is home)

10-12PM: Rest, nap, sleep, lay in bed cuddled up

12-1 PM: Bath in some warm water with the vibes chill, rinse off in a steamy shower and blow that nose ;)

1-130 PM: Enjoy another warm water with honey and lemon or a fizz with some lunch!

2-3PM: Apply a hydration sheet mask, grab your roller from the fridge, lay down and roll your face while consuming an immunity boost!

3-5 PM: Rest, nap, sleep, lay in bed cuddled up

5-6 PM: Check on your bone broth & make some dinner

6-8 PM: Massage your face using a hydrating and soothing facial oil while watching a movie or a show. Once you are done your face massage apply eye gel pads, finish movie and hit the sheets


*Of course this is an ideal sick day if you have no kids or pets or things to take care of. There are likely other responsibilities you may have to take care of, but do as much for YOU as you can! Maybe send the kiddos or the pup to a friends or family place for the day, you really deserve at least one day of full recovery mode!

I hope you enjoyed this little blog entry and loved listening to the episode as well! Remember, get in touch with me or use the links provided to do some shopping to prepare for those times when you don't feel so stunning.

Thank you for your time & I hope you start to feel better xo

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