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Quarantine Life, what do I do with you?

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

We are all in a state of unknown, none of us really know what is going to happen next... COVID-19 has surprised many of us and has altered normalcy, it potentially has changed your life in a massively impactful way. Before I get into the fun and positivity of this blog, I do want to let you know that I am here for you, and if there is anything I can do from afar, please do not hesitate to ask. We are all in this together and anything I can do to try and help the process is my pleasure. I felt called to put together a blog that would help inspire you with things to do. Some suggestions are skin care related and others, well, they are not skin care related! This will be my first blog on this platform that is not specifically about skin or products. Due to the circumstances I felt that was okay to do, and hope this blog entry would be appreciated and well received. Although it is not specifically about skin, we do know that stress and mental health have direct correlations to the skin… so this still does play a role in skin care in some respects. I am hopeful that these tips and suggestions will help your mental health, mental clarity and build your self worth…. Which ironically all connects to healthy skin! Clearing the mind and helping us feel productive will ultimately help our skin! I have heard from a lot of clients (especially during this quarantine life) that your skin is not happy, and you are not liking the changes you are seeing. Please consider these potential reasons for your skin reacting differently:

1. Stress (like previously stated, stress negatively influences our skin… this time can be

very stressful on many accounts. Therefore, if your stress levels are high you may be

noticing more blemishes or even duller looking skin).

2. Wearing no makeup (as much as this is beneficial for the skin, allowing your skin to

breath and regenerate, wearing no makeup could potentially be highlighting the

wrinkles, blemishes or pigmentation that you are used to having covered up on a daily

basis by makeup.

3. You are skipping your routine (you may not be wearing makeup and not leaving your

house… however, this does not mean your skin does not need to be cleansed and cared

for (more about this in the first tip).

4. Wearing a mask (if you are a front-line worker, first and foremost thank you! Wearing a

mask could potentially trigger breakouts like pimples or breakouts in terms of rashes or

sensitivities. This could be from the warmth of your breath being trapped between you

and the mask for long periods of time).

5. Sanitizing your hands often (you might think this would help your skin, but it can

actually cause your skin to become dry and or sensitive. Sanitizer is very strong and is

not suitable for your thin and sensitive facial skin. I know you are not putting the

sanitizer directly on your face but it is transmitted to your facial skin by your hands

touching your face).

Here are some tips and tricks to clear up your skin, clear your mind, declutter your house, keep you busy and bring some fun joy!

1. Keep Your Skincare Routine: This is so important for your skin health, but it also helps

to maintain a somewhat normal routine! Your cleansers are keeping your natural oils

regulated, your serums are helping fight free radicals, your eye cream is that extra

bonus along with your sleep-ins, and the moisturizer is locking in the skins moisture and

protecting the skin all day or all night. DO NOT skip your skincare routine! Keeping this

routine is also beneficial because skincare is a self-love practice.

2. Create a Skincare Routine: If you don’t have a skin routine for morning and/or night….

now is the time! Let’s get in touch and create a routine that is easy but also highly


3. Exfoliate Once in a while: Either make your own with things in the kitchen or invest in a

beautiful gentle exfoliant that will leave your skin glowing and help improve other

imperfections. This self-love practice will have you drooling over your skin!

4. Mask Weekly: (Make sure you mask right after you exfoliate and or after you cleanse.)

Choosing a mask can be fun! There are so many options, so choose the one you want

that targets what you are looking for! Depending on what you want to improve, each

mask has different properties. Masks can help with pore size, pore visibility, brightness

in skin tone, hydration, anti-aging, acne… there is a mask for any skin condition!

5. Amp Up Your Skincare Routine: Invest in a new product to amp up your skin routine!

Let’s get an extra active serum added to your routine, or a luxurious eye cream! Why

not treat yourself a little more during these times?

6. Clean Your Makeup Brushes: Go check out my blog and or TikTok that tells you all about how and why to clean your makeup brushes! This is important for clean healthy skin! The makeup brushes will also stay clean longer since we aren’t wearing makeup as often! If you need any of the recommended products let me know, and I will help!

7. Say Bye to Expired Skincare: Go through your skincare products and throw out

whatever is expired or what you don’t use anymore.

8. Say Bye to Expired Makeup: Go through all your makeup and throw out whatever is

expired or what you don’t use anymore.

9. Research Something You Have Always Been Curious About: Botox // Injectables //

ingredients //product labels //product brands etc.

10. Laundry: Change your bedsheets and bathroom towels weekly, change your pillowcases a few times week.

11. Clean Your Pillows: Yes, the pillow itself! Clean those, as they should be cleaned at least twice a year. Put them in the laundry machine on fragile and let them air dry (if it’s nice

outside hang them outside to dry with fresh air).

12. Go For a Walk: Get out for some fresh air! Appreciate the small things that nature

provides for us, take this as a gratitude walk, a time to reconnect with yourself, a time to

pray, or simply go for a walk just solely to get those legs moving and that heart rate up!

13. Go For a Run / Go For a Bike Ride: Getting outside is like a mini escape, these options are great if you need a little more than just a walk. This is also great because it is

physical exercise, great for your health, keeping active, building muscle, keeping you

looking and feeling young!!

14. Workout: Do a home workout, login to YouTube and find a video that makes you move!

Many businesses are offering free online support, I urge you to find these resources!

Follow Body Positive Wellness on Instagram if you want somewhere to start!

15. Stretch / Do Some Yoga: Let’s touch those toes! (This is something I have personally

been trying to make a priority so I can incorporate some different types of body

movement and stretch out my body.) Try and find ways to serve your body.

16. Journal: Oh my gosh, I love journaling! This has been a practice I have done for years…

but I know for many of you it’s not something you make time for. This can be a creative

outlet, or it can be a way to talk about your feelings or what’s going on without having

to tell someone… it’s like self-therapy! It can lead to many self-realizations! This can be

just you writing away about what’s going on in your heart or mind… or it can be writing

positive messages to yourself, or preparing goals and dreams! Journaling can be

whatever you want it to be.

17. Positive Affirmations: Start talking to yourself, tell yourself how awesome you are!

Positive affirmations can be written down or they can be spoken to yourself in the

mirror. Start them with an “I AM” statement. I am awesome, I am beautiful, I am kind, I

am worthy, I am a money magnet, I am a manifesting generator (etc.).

18. Practice Gratitude: You can easily do this in your time of journaling. The more you

practice gratitude the more you realize you have so much to be thankful for, and

ironically the more amazing things that come your way! Gratitude is an incredible


19. Read: Read whatever tickles your fancy! I personally love and read self-development

books and skincare books (surprise, surprise I know). Might as well take some time to

learn a thing or two, or entertain your brain with another source rather than just Netflix!

Books that I have already read are the ones listed below so feel free to borrow any:

1. The Secret

2. The Power

3. Big Magic

4.Write yourself Happy

5.Heaven is For Real

6.You are a badass

7. You are a Badass at Making Money

8. Girl, Wash your face

9. Stop Apologizing

10. Gratitude a way of life 11. Get over your Damn Self 12. Find your Path Carrie Underwood

13.Super Attractor 14.Judgement Detox 15. Heaven is for Real

20. Podcasts: Listen to a podcast a day! There are so many out there that each day you

could choose a different topic. Podcasts always inspire me! If you cant think of one... Inspirations Beauty Show is one that comes highly recommend ;)

21. Take a Bath: A nice warm bubble bath, a bath with Epson salts or a bath with some

flowers or citrus fruits, just to make it something luxurious and special. (TIP: if you are

going to add flowers or fruits make sure your bath is due for a clean, you don’t want to

be doing this bath in a newly clean tub.)

22. Sudoku / Crosswords: The more brain teasers the better! Let’s keep your brain sharp!

23. Spa Day: Wake up, put your cozy robe on, boil yourself a wonderful pot of tea, take a

warm bath, gently exfoliate your full body, do a hair mask, moisturize your body, give

yourself a face treatment (don’t forget to massage your skin) and paint your nails!

24. Try New Healthy Recipes: Please share them with me after!

25. Push Yourself Out of Your Comfort Zone: Do something you have always wanted to do but never “had the time for” DO IT NOW! Push yourself and do it for yourself! If you

wanted to start writing that book, start! If you wanted to learn a language, start! If you

wanted to craft, do crafts!

26. Facetime/Zoom chat/ “House Party” with your Friends and Family: Staying in contact is all we can do during this time of social distancing. It is important and super helpful not only for your health but for the health of your loved ones!

27. Organize: Organize your kitchen junk drawer, or your Tupperware drawer, the

basement or that linen closet! Become that organizing fairy!

28. Clean: Clean your house, clean your car, clean your garage! Yes, not the most fun, but

important and necessary.

29. Go Through Your Closet: Get rid of things you don’t like or wear anymore. This goes for your shoes, jackets, hats, scarves etc.

30. Write Letters/Notes: Write little notes to loved ones and or front-line workers. Now is

the best time to show our appreciation and respects for those important in our lives.

31. Clean Up Your Phone and Computer: Delete contacts you don’t speak to anymore,

delete pictures off your camera roll, get rid of apps you don’t utilize anymore, delete

documents … whatever you don’t use or need, say bye-bye and provide more space on

your phone and computer!

32. Dance Party: Move that body to your favourite song, it’s such an incredible way to move energy and boost that mood.

33. Read Blogs: Just like you are reading this one, read more! Feel free to read more of

mine to learn more about skin, products and services!! (Also, give me suggestions of

what you want to read about!) Find other blogs that you enjoy and read online!

34. Make Vision Boards: I am a dreamer, a visionary, a goal getter and I love doing vision

boards!! Use up those old magazines or use that printer you haven’t used in ages and

cut out what you are dreaming about and working towards! Look at it every day and

practice gratitude and manifestations! Our mind and our thoughts are so powerful!

35. Complete a Puzzle: Like crosswords or sudoku its good to keep the mind active.

36. Play Board Games: I know my go to favourites right now are RummiKub and Anomia.

37. Start Your Own Podcast /Blog/YouTube Channel: Push yourself out of your comfort

zone and provide your talents, gifts or knowledge to the community!

38. Lay on the Couch and Binge Watch Netflix: Watch your favourite show or movie! You are probably surprised with this one being on the list. Firstly, because it’s an obvious

one and secondly because it’s not self-motivating or productive… well, in some ways it

can be! It is important to have moments to recharge and relax! Shutting off the mind

here and there is necessary! Do not give yourself grief if you wake up one day and it’s a

day you can’t find the motivation. That is okay!! Fill a plate with veggies and homemade

popcorn, throw on that favorite show or create a list of the movies you want to watch

and go from there!

39. Watch a Documentary: Speaking of Netflix, if you are bored of shows or movies and you want to feel somewhat productive choose a fun documentary!

40. Organize Family Photos: You know those boxes of photos that are completely

unorganized? Well organize those!! Even load them onto an app so you can put them on

your computer and have them electronically! This could also inspire you to create photo

albums online (This is actually something I am doing for my mom!).

41. Learn Calligraphy: A super fun talent that is so popular right now!

42. Start an Online Business: Maybe your friend (or even I have) asked you to take a look at a business opportunity! There is no better time then NOW! Time isn’t your excuse… so

you might as well build yourself, build an income and build a community while you wait


43. Bake: Bake scrumptious baked goods and do curb side drop offs.

44. Knit or Crochet: Whether this is a new or old talent make some things for yourself and

your loved ones!

45. Colour: Yes, pick up that pencil crayon! This is also a nice relaxing option to do, easy to

do alone, with a roommate or partner and even kids! I have a few “adult colouring

books” that I got from Indigo.

46. Reflect: What are your goals for this year, where could you work on yourself? Where in

your life could use some tweaking, or adjusting, or even upgrading.

47. Online Shop: Supporting your favourite local places! Even buy gift certificates for the

time being if the business is service oriented and you cannot order products through

their sites. Some of my favourite local businesses that you can check out are (Evelyn by

Nicole Snobelen // Royal Blush // Style 360 //Body Positive Wellness // DASH Mobile

Massage//Eden Wine// Align Holistics // Loft House Living // Freeborn and Co.) If you have suggestions let me know!

48. Change the Plastic Protective Liner in your Shower: We all know they can get nasty

over time, simply go online and order it from your favourite home store or amazon!

Replacing that will make you feel so much happier and cleaner about your shower!

49. Interview your Grandparents and Save the Audio: How cute is this! You could ask them questions of their first memories, first kiss, favourite memory of their wedding and so


50. Work on your Financial Planning: Start making plans to save and or organize your excel spread sheets! We all know hustling trying to get our stuff organized for tax season can

be avoided if we have a good system put in place all year round.

51. Rearrange your Furniture: Rearrange or change out some decorative pieces in your

house! This can make it feel like a brand-new space.

52. Update your House: Order things to update your house online! Home depot, Lowes,

Rona and Canadian tire are offering delivery or curb side pick-up! I personally have

changed all the doorknobs in the house from gold to black and I love it!! Also changed

our kitchen cabinet knobs and our kitchen lights! Little projects that make me so happy and provides something new for a while!

53. Learn New Card Games

54. Donate money: Donate money to foodbanks or to a family you know personally that is

in need.

55. Sleep: Sleep in! Nap! Go to bed early! No shame! Take the time to rest.

56. Become Eco Friendly: Learn how to become as green as possible! I personally have been making more of an effort and during COVID-19 I am learning even more!

57. Learn a New Language: I tried learning Sign language a few years ago and I am hoping to dive back into this.

58. Paint Your House: Pick a room or pick a project, we have some time for the paint to dry!

59. In Home Paint Night: Find a picture off of google and try and recreate it with whatever

supplies you have at home! Oh, and don’t forget the wine!

60. Give yourself Compassion: Hold tight. Do not expect to be happy every day. Do not

expect to be productive every day. Take a step back, settle down and don’t push

yourself too much. You are worthy and you deserve some chill time.

I hope some of these are ones you did not think of, if you have ones you think should be added or shared please let me know!

All the best to you during this time. Try and focus on staying positive, try and focus on doing

things for you. Come out of this as a stronger, more prepared version of yourself. We are all in this together, you are not alone. Have some fun, shed some tears… every feeling is warranted, and every day is a new day.

Hang in there.

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