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Lumecca IPL Skin Rejuvenation

You are officially on the road to discover an incredible Treatment that will improve skin tone, skin complexion, treat skin irregularities and provide a firm youthful glow! Looking for an aesthetician near you!? Well, look no further! Here we are!

lumecca ipl services at inspiration beauty clinic in london, ON

Let's get into it

What IS Lumecca IPL?

Lumecca is the most powerful IPL on the market; thanks to Inmode Aesthetics! It is the strongest IPL on the market, using 3X higher the power compared to what other devices and companies use. If you want to learn more about Inmode Aesthetics as a company or their breakthrough technology, you can browse their website!

Inmode Aesthetics is a trailblazer in the beauty industry and has overcome many obstacles to make their devices the best!! Their technology is known for its results and game changing ability. Nothing compares to it on the market. We are incredibly proud to be partnered with Inmode Aesthetics and offer skin Treatments with their IPL device, known as the Lumecca.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering; IPL stands for Intense Pulse Light Therapy.

Want to implement IPL into your skincare routine?

We can assure you; you won’t regret adding this Treatment to your skincare routine! Like we said, looking for “an aesthetician near me” … no need! You found us! We are incredibly passionate and excited to help you reach your skin goals, and Lumecca is the way to go! 

Lumecca IPL is used to treat skin irregularities, hyperpigmentation damage and age spots. IPL Therapy will treat concerns such as hyperpigmentation and vascular lesions. IPL therapy Treatments delivers the light through photothermolysis. Since this Lumecca photo facial is the most powerful IPL on the market, results are achieved incredibly fast and efficiently.


This means by using our specific technology, fewer Treatments will be required than what you would with other IPL’s on the market! This is just one of the ways we stand out at Inspirations Beauty Clinic Inc. Our technology, our passion, our capability will ensure that you will be obsessed with your skin results and long-term skin health!

lumecca ipl technology at inspiration beauty clinic in london, ON

Come explore what an IPL therapy Treatment would look like with us here at Inspirations Beauty Clinic Inc

Anything new can be a tad intimidating, especially when dealing with facial skin. We hear this often, so don’t fret if you have a few concerns or hesitations. We are here to ease all those apprehensions!

FIRST, we want you to know that we are so excited to treat you and help you implement a skincare routine that will have you feeling and looking your best in no time.


We will fill your need of looking for “skin care near me”! We offer skincare advice, skincare techniques, skincare services and skincare products. We are the skincare near you! Specifically in this section we will give you the understanding of what will happen before and during your IPL Therapy Treatment(s).

Aren’t you excited you found us, you found skincare near you and we could not be more thrilled to begin this skincare journey with you.

What you need to know

1)  IPL and the skin routine that is required pre and post Treatment.

Thankfully, IPL is one of the easiest services to prep and care for. If you have ever experienced peels, Micro-Needling and or Morpheus8, you know that there can be quite the instructions for pre and post care.

2)  What you need to know to prep for an IPL Skin Treatment.

Like we had mentioned, preparation is quite easy, which is great news. Everything about IPL seems so effortless. The Prep, the Treatment and the recovery is all a walk in the park. Ready to learn how easy it is to prepare for IPL? Please avoid the sun (any sun exposure), tanning beds and even self-tanner for at least two weeks. Please arrive to your appointment with a makeup free face and clean face (if that’s the area you are wanting treated). Please, always wear SPF. Every day sunscreen needs to be applied, especially for the two weeks prior to the appointments. That’s all she wrote folks. So, stay out of the sun, have safe sun exposure habits and we will see you for your IPL skin therapy Treatment!

3)  What can I expect after the Treatment?

Immediately after the Treatment your skin likely will be flushed, red and you could even experience some heat, very similar to a sun burn. This is all normal and you will likely experience these sensations for the next 24 hours. You may also notice that the treated area will become “worse” before it gets better. Meaning the pigmentation being treated will darken and become rough in texture. In terms of treating vascular lesions, the broken capillaries may appear darker purple or potentially even bruise like. Expect these potentials for 5-10 days post Treatment. The healing will depend on the health of your skin, how quickly your skin heals, the skin routine you already have in place and based on the intensity of the Treatment!

skincare before and after of ipl treatments

Skincare routine and skincare products for after care when dealing with IPL post procedure.

It is always important to make sure your skin routine supports whatever Treatment it is that you received. This way results are optimal and there is no foreseen damage. It is one thing to invest in a skin Treatment, but if not properly supporting and caring for your skin, you can’t expect the improvement.


So, what is it that you need to know in terms of post procedure skincare after your IPL skin therapy Treatment? It is imperative that you stay out of the sun, tanning beds and avoid self-tanner for 2 weeks. This is so that the skin can heal properly and won’t be exposed to any future damage especially as the skin will be more sensitive and susceptible to damage. Apply Sunscreen DAILY. This is not a recommendation, lovingly this is a solid request. Sunscreen should be applied daily no matter what. Every morning SPF should be a part of your routine.


Also, please do NOT pick the skin or the texture that will surface after a few days. Please, leave the skin alone. This is very important for optimal results and healing. You can go back to your regular skin routine in terms of skincare and makeup immediately after your Treatment! That’s correct, you can apply makeup immediately after the Treatment if you so choose.

Let’s reiterate something, just to alleviate any potential concern.

We say to client’s results may seem “worse” before they get better. You will notice the pigmentation and or the vascular lesions appear darker. This is normal. Don’t stress about this stage, here are a few examples of how your skin may get “worse” before you see the results.

after skincare of ipl treatment

The Aftercare


It is highly recommended to keep the area being treated moisturized and well hydrated.

This can be done through hydration serums, moisturizers, and masks. In terms of your daily or even weekly skin routine, you can go back to normal for the most part. Just avoid exfoliating for at least two weeks, this includes using your hands and water and aggressively rubbing at your skin.  The important note here is at the two-week period AFTER your Treatment exfoliate the treated area VERY well. This is when you can use any products or your hands and water to remove any dead skin you see and feel. This is to slough off the dead skin and the pigmented lesions, this will lift the damage and you will notice results quickly after! But prior to the two weeks, avoid ANY exfoliating. If you are desiring a more supportive routine or want to enhance skin results or your skin routine even further, we can discuss products during your next appointment or we can book a consultation that best suits your needs and goals.

Considering this after care that we had just outlined, here are the products we recommend exploring prior or after your IPL to support and enhance your skin routine! Please let us know if you would like to purchase any of these products at your appointment so we can have them set aside for you!


→ PCA Exfoliant

→ Konjac Sponge

→ iS Clinical 2 Step Peel Pads

Does IPL Hurt


In terms of the sensation, you will experience with IPL is like a warm elastic band slapping the skin. This may not be our most relaxing Treatment, and it likely does not sound like it from reading that, but it sure is effective. Don’t let the sensation scare or deter you, it really is tolerable. We have done multiple Treatments and have mastered techniques to ensure it to be as effective, efficient and pain free as possible! We will do whatever you need to be extra comfortable. The bright light from the IPL seems to startle people more than the actually sensation or heat from the IPL. We told you, this light is BRIGHT! We know that comfort is far past understanding the Treatment and being in a clean environment. We will ensure coziness and calmness is present so that this experience is the best.


Inspirations Beauty Clinic Inc. is your trusted beauty Treatment facility! Come visit our beautiful clinic for your IPL therapy to help improve your skin concerns and to leave your skin fresh, glowing and radiant. We have SO many offerings and are proud of our professional and effective skincare lines!

Let us be your aesthetician near you, to help you with your skincare goals, skincare routine and achieving the skin of your dreams.

Is IPL right for you

IPL would be the perfect skincare Treatment option for you, if you are looking for assistance with…

→ Reduction in freckles.

Reduction in pigmentation marks (sun damage, age spots).

Evening out your skin tone so you feel balanced and fresh.

→ Improving any visible vascular lesions (facial telangiectasias, broken capillaries).

→ Improving appearance of Rosacea and constant skin flushing.

→ General firming and tightening of the skin and the healthy overall glow.

→ A generous and healthy collagen boost.


Time and Money

Let’s talk Investment!

Not everything has to cost a dollar, we do have free resources, such as this to help you feel ready, informed and excited for your future Treatments! We also have a podcast and blog that we would love you to check out. Providing you with resources and structure to educate you is very important to us.


We are so excited to start your IPL Therapy Treatments! This will be addicting! We warn you, you will want your whole body done.

You can treat any area of the body, except over the eye lids or lips. The Treatment area is up to you. The most common areas are face, neck, chest, hands and scalp; but again, wherever you want skin support and alleviation of pigmentation or vascular lesions, IPL Lumecca will help. Please keep in mind, although this is a fanatic option at treating vascular lesions and rosacea IPL does NOT treat varicose veins.

Let's make sure you're a good candidate


Now that we have you incredibly excited for your IPL Therapy, let’s make sure you are a good Candidate for this Treatment!

This is a great thing to consider and review. It is always a good plan to be on the safe side. Before your appointment a consent form will be sent out. This will ask about your personal and healthy history. Answering these questions will help indicate if you would be a good candidate for this service. If you have unwanted hyperpigmentation, sunspots, uneven skin tone, rosacea, broken capillaries, or permanent flushing you would be a good candidate. If you are concerned about the potential contraindications, which would inhibit the ability for treatment to be done, review below.

You would NOT be a candidate if:

You have had any sun exposure, tanning beds or self-tanner within two weeks on the area being treated.

→ You are pregnant & or breastfeeding.

→ You have had surgery or any serious medical procedure in the area being treated within 3 months.

→ If you are under the age of 18, you MUST have a parent or guardian signature and them present for the appointment.

→ If you have a current or history of skin cancer.

→ If you struggle with any autoimmune illness or conditions.

→ If you are currently using any immunosuppressive medications.

→ If you have any open lesions in the area wanting to be treated.

→ You have any medical conditions that inhibits healing.

→ If you have poorly or uncontrolled diabetes.

→ If you have poorly controlled thyroid issues.

→ If you are currently using or have used Accutane within the last 6 months.

If none of these apply, you are a candidate. If any of these do apply, simply be in touch or ask your doctor for extra clarification. If the doctor has no concern get a doctor’s note and bring that to your appointment.

What people say about their IPL results

I want to cry! I can’t believe the results after one IPL treatment! Thank you SO much!


- Victoria

Result Photos

So now that you have learned about the service, you have got to hear what people have to say, we know that proof is often in the pudding. So here are some real results we have achieved in-clinic just to keep the excitement alive.



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