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The glory of IPL

Updated: Jan 6

Hello my friend!

Welcome to a blog that is all about an incredible service that I have been dreaming about offering for years. I heard about IPL and its popularity, well before I even went to school for aesthetics! It was a service that all the"big spa's and clinics" had, it was a big deal. WAS?! Who am I kidding?! it still IS A BIG DEAL! It's a dream come true to have this service as an option in my clinic along side of already absolutely incredible Treat•ments! Aside from sharing my excitement, I am here to share you the deets about Lumecca IPL!

Here we go, diving right into the good stuff!

IPL stands for Intense Pulse Light Therapy. The light is penetrated and absorbed through the skin by selective photothermolysis.

Therefore, due to the technology and efficiency of the light being cast into the epidermis and dermis, IPL is used to treat hyperpigmentation, age spots (sun spots), freckles, redness (flushing), rosacea and other vascular concerns. In addition to effectively working at targeting these concerns, the heat also stimulates collagen production, which is an added bonus! This means the skin will also experience a collagen boost that will firm up, tighten and smooth out the skin over the treated area! You will start to notice the firmness dissipate after 1-2 months.

This of course leads us to the benefits of IPL. As you can gather from what IPL is and what it treats, those are the true outstanding benefits of this treatment

  • Immediate reduction of age spots (sun spots) due to sun exposure, and guess what!? Results will only gets better with time!

  • Even out skin complexion (freckles, flushing, pigmentation etc.)

  • Improves appearance of vascular lesions

  • Improves the appearance of rosacea

  • Firm, tighter youthful glow

Results are seen rather quickly, after one Treat•ment you will be happy with the results. Depending on the damage within the skin, the area of the skin being treated, the condition of the skin at the time, skins reactiveness and the desired result, multiple Treat•ments are recommended. On average 3-6 is best. Don't have this fool you though, you will be incredibly happy with your result from your first Treat•ment.

IPL is the service, Lumecca is the name of device and the company name is InMode. That's why you will see it advertised IPL Lumecca Inmode! In the aesthetic world there are MANY companies, machines, brands, technologies you name it. So you will see IPL offered at other spa's and clinics, but unless it says Lumecca it will not be the same as what we offer here at Inspirations Beauty Clinic Inc. I chose Lumecca from InMode for a few good reasons. First being, I have had incredible results with my other devices from them (laser hair removal and morpheus8), so I already trust the quality of the device and confident with what will be delivered based on their research and technology. The company also does an incredible job at supporting their clients and educating, so that the practitioner feels as comfortable as possible, this is obviously a big deal for me. The support from Inmode is incredible, which makes it an easier purchase. These are two incredible reasons, without even touching on the one big main factor as why Lumecca is superior then other IPL on the marlket! This IPL is the strongest of IPL's on the market to date. The energy that this device can deliver is much stronger than other IPL's, which means results will be seen faster and with less Treat•ments! With the Lumecca IPL incredible results can be seen even after just one Treat•ment!

Since I know this is intriguing you already, there's a few more things you will want to know! Like, HOW can you prepare for this Treat•ment, what can you expect during this Treat•ment and what is the down time like?

In preparation for your IPL Treat•ment make sure you have not been exposed to sun, tanning beds or self tanner for two weeks minimally. Also come to your appointment with a clean face! That is all the prep you have to do. Two small requests, but these requests are imperative for your Treat•ment!! Simple right!?

Before we get started with the IPL, we first will cleanse the area (even though you will be arriving with no makeup on, we will cleanse the area to prep the skin and ensure there is no residue remaining). After the cleanse we will apply ultrasound gel to the area being treated. This provides a nice glide to the skin and somewhat of a barrier for the heat. Then we can start with the IPL Treat•ment itself! It's go time!!

The sensation of the IPL is like a hot elastic band or like a hot pin prick. No need to worry as we make sure you are as comfortable as possible! The light from the IPL is VERY strong, thats what mostly startles clients, as it really is bright!!! Even through provided safe eye protection, the light is bright.

Post Treat•ment AKA Down time. After this Treat•ment it is super important to avoid sun exposure and tanning beds for another two weeks. We do not want to make the pigmentation worse or sensitize the skin even further. Especially if you are desiring results immediately and for long term. That being said, healthy sun practices are required and always recommended... and well no surprise here but, tanning beds are never recommended.

Makeup is completely safe immediately after you IPL Treat•ment which is a big plus! After care instructions for many services does not include makeup! Usually makeup cannot be applied for up to two days! This is not the case after IPL! WIN WIN! That means if you have a meeting or a social event after your IPL Treat•ment you can apply your makeup as needed! How awesome is this!!!

It is really important to know; your skin will look worse before it gets better!!! The hyperpigmentation darkens and hardens and the capillaries will be more red or even purple. The skin can experience this for 5-10 days. This is part of the process, which is also why makeup being allowed after is a big win. It is best to avoid vitamin C and retinol for at least two days after your Treat•ment. If you notice any sensitivity when returning to using those serums or routines, push them off for another two days. At the two week mark (two weeks after your IPL) exfoliate the area. Another practice that is not often recomended with other services, but is advised with the after care after IPL! This will slough off the rough texture of the skin and remove any remaining cells and pigmentation. You can use a dry brush, PCA Daily exfoliant, iS Clinical TriExfoliant Mask, Skin scrubber like a ZOE or a Clarisonic or even a Konjac Sponge.

Some examples of IPL flushing immediately after theTreat•ment

To be extra safe and ensure that this Treat•ment is good for you, please review these contraindications. If you have one of these contraindications listed, you can be in touch and we can work together to see if there is a way to safely treat you with IPL. If you still have concerns or even questions you can book your complimentary 15 minute consultation here!

  • Uncontrolled Diabetes

  • Epilepsy

  • Pregnancy

  • Breast Feeding

  • Sun, tanning bed exposure

  • Any medical condition or medication that causes photosensitivity

  • Any heart conditions

  • Active skincancer

  • Tattoos on the area being treated

Just incase you want just a little more, here are some result photos achieved from IPL using Inmode's Lumecca! I'm sure you dont need any more convincing but who doesn't love some good result photos!

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