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Hello again, So glad you came back for more Pre Momma Phase updates and info! If you loved the first entry, I hope you love this one even more. I am so thrilled with how much attention and love the first post received! Thank you, guys, for your endless love and support, and here's to another (hopefully) great blog!

The first entry was from the moment I found out I was pregnant (only 2 weeks!) up until 18 weeks. A random time to stop the blog, I know. The time frame in which that blog was written and shared was during my first trimester and into second trimester. It would have made sense to do a first trimester blog, second trimester and third as their own posts and blog, but truly, just at the time I felt called to share and I already had juicy nuggets on my mind! It didn't feel right to hold some things back! Now however, since the first blog was such a hit and I have even more to share, the next few posts will be organized like that! So, this post is all about my second trimester! Third trimester entry to come!

So, here is to the next few weeks of second trimester, already gearing up for third trimester. TIME FLIES. (At least it has for me)

Another disclaimer, just like the last blog. This is NOT a professional mommy or pregnancy suggestion blog. I am not a doctor, a midwife, a doula or hold any title like that. I am simply a pregnant lady sharing my experience, opening up about my story and offering some nuggets along the way. This does not have to be for everyone, and it likely won't be. That is A - OK! This is just a resource for those who crave more information, crave more insight, want more community, and just maybe want someone to potentially relate to. 

We know at this point, that every pregnancy is different for EVERYONE! Everyone experiences symptoms differently and all at different times. Some experience things and others do not. We know that there is no right or wrong way. We also know that every pregnant lady face changes, regardless of it being the same as you or me; we all face changes. We also know that most often, there is a bit of fear to the unknown with the process, this makes us all human. Living the most natural human experience. This at least brings SOMETHING in common to us, regardless of our pregnancy journey. So, in my opinion and why I am doing this; is to just make things that are unknown a little more known. Maybe bring some foresight, or maybe even trigger questions that you need to ask yourself to prepare. WHO KNOWS how this may help you, a friend, a new mom or even a veteran momma, it’s just out there JUST IN CASE it can help. Plus, if you know me. I love sharing, I love having resources & I love being an open book. 

Let’s get into it, leading off with WEEK 19 onwards!

In terms of more (new or the same) symptoms I am experiencing, the biggest thing I have noticed (and probably the thing I am most grateful for) is that my energy consistently seems to be higher on an average day. Of course, there are some days where the fatigue feels extreme, but it's not as terrible as the weeks prior, thank God for this!! It is truly different each day. Some days I feel like I'm rocking it and getting so much done and the next day I am a potato. The inconsistency and unpredictability has been challenging, but I truly am just riding the energetic waves.

The energy increase has helped life in all aspects as you can imagine! Even though it's hit or miss, and not a daily energy boost, it's at least SOMETHING! So, when feeling good and energized, you bet your butt I am taking full advantage. If you are approximately around this timeline in your pregnancy hopefully energy is in the near future for you too! Don't worry if you don't feel it yet, everyone has different experiences! Regardless of where you are at, I am sending energy and motivational vibes your way. 

I also THINK I may have felt my first little kick. I have heard that it is a similar feeling as how gas bubbles feel. This was similar, but it had a difference that I can't fully explain. For starters, no gas followed the feeling (haha) so this is one difference of course. The other is that it was very localized and felt more like a circulation of fingerprints fluttering fast. It was decently quick, I thought to myself... HEY, that might have been baby! So, movement is a fun new thing I am experiencing and truly I am looking forward to more movements to come!

I always had bad period cramps, and unfortunately, I am used to being constipated... so movement in my stomach is nothing new (TMI), but something about this tells me it’s a tad different and definitely more exciting!

I am noticing that as much as the fatigue is better than what it was like in my first trimester (like I had mentioned) it is STILL a tired that can feel overwhelming. It's a tired that takes away focus, motivation and for me, gosh does it add to my irritability. I keep saying to my husband, I am done with feeling grumpy. I am working a lot on my mindset the past few weeks (at least trying too), hoping that making a few minor tweaks here and there will help long term. I am annoyed that I'm often annoyed. I am usually a happy person, although I stress easy, I was not a person that was irritated a lot of the time, so this is new to navigate. I have felt quite touchy, so really trying to work on this... because although time may be flying and I am over halfway at this point, there is still a long way to go... So, mindset and mood are the most recent priorities! (Send luck and well wishes)

Speaking of being grumpy and trying to work on mindset, GOSH that’s HARD when sick! I got hit with a bad cold. It came out of NO WHERE and lasted 4 days. Safe to say I was in full grump mode and the mindset work was not happening. All my energy and attention was going in to feel better and kicking the virus' ass! As you are probably aware, if you have been sick during your pregnancy or have heard from friends, you cannot take anything while sick when pregnant! This means my rotation was sleep, vitamin C, AG1, Vitamin D, a hot warm shower or bath, eating fruit (often, in the bath WHILE eating fruit. This may sound sexy, but I can assure you it’s no the sight you may be envisioning), drinking juice and water, even some teas.

I was hit with the classic cold symptoms. The sinus pressure, runny nose, watery itchy eyes, headaches, body aches, exhaustion, and ohhhh boy was I emotional!! It's hard being sick any day, let alone pregnant, and being an entrepreneur trying to organize her life and business before baby comes!! This meant I had to reschedule 4 full days of work; I can promise you, that was stressful! 

If you are a client reading this and you were one I had to reschedule, THANK YOU so much for giving me so much grace and understanding even though it was inconvenient for you. Trust me, you wouldn't have wanted me touching you. You wouldn’t want to pay extra for some goopy germs #EW.

My clients are the best! Even though they were all understanding and wanted me to get better, I struggled canceling those days and felt a lot of disappointment and failure, EVEN THOUGH I knew being sick was not my fault. Eventually I got better. Those 5 days (total) felt like 500. Once I was out of bed and started feeling normal again, I was so incredibly thankful for my health, and I try every day to be thankful for it since! 

Continuing the trend of being transparent, I'll go back into the less sexy things I have been experiencing. One being a lot more discharge. Like seriously needing a panty liner. TMI (or maybe not) but I have heard this to be a thing for other mamas and it may even be something that lasts weeks, if not until birth. So, if it's this common why not talk about it and remind you it's something you want to prepare for. I have just been using the same panty liners I used for when I had my period. I have been using one for the inside of my underwear and putting one on the exterior of my underwear. 

The other not so sexy and truthfully not so fun or even comfy, is my underwear is getting uncomfortable. It's time to go shopping for new underwear!! Off to the store I go to purchase new daily thongs and my sleeping underwear! This time in the store I was not looking for the sexiest or the cutest pair, it was straight functionality! My old size underwear just was no longer cutting it! I didn't buy any specific underwear or maternity underwear. I went to La Vie En Rose Outlet and purchased some thongs and some full coverage undies. Mainly what I was looking for was 1. Very stretchy, almost like yoga pant and or lace material 2. Seamless; so, no harsh strings, no bows or bedazzles on the front. and 3. A size up!

The "no strings rule" I feel is a more obvious one. Simply for the fact that as I'm growing the strings are really starting to show through clothing. It was getting to the point (in addition to being crazy uncomfortable) that it was so tight around my love handles it was making obvious marks, oh and up the butt was not the best feeling. The "No bows and bedazzles rule" is a new one (as usually that’s a big yes for me over here) but Since I am growing and clothing is naturally tighter, less forgiving and shows everything, those bows and rhinestones were showing through any cute tight dress or yoga pant. So again, seamless, stretchy and up a size is the way to go! 

There, we went there. Welcome to visualizing my underwear drawer. I am thinking that as weeks go on during this pregnancy, things might become more candid than I had initially thought this blog may be, but hey! Transparency is always a good rule and pregnancy can be quite humbling!

Thankfully and luckily, those have been my most obvious and notable symptoms or changes. 

I did the routine and suggested glucose test. It was not as bad as I was preparing for! I am sure it all depends on taste buds and how you have been feeling in general through the pregnancy. But for me, I just chugged it back and was in the waiting room before I knew it! Waiting for the hour timer to go off!

Essentially you go, you drink this drink (mine was orange and I've heard it is much better than the light pink/white option) and once you have finished the drink they start an hour timer. After the hour wait, your blood gets taken and sent to the lab. That is your involvement with the test! I did notice I got a headache soon after I chugged the drink. Assuming a sugar high? You cannot eat or drink in this hour either.

A little tip that my midwife told me (that obviously I am going to pass off to you) was that it's important to eat a lot of fibre and healthy fats before the test! Vs. eating a lot of carbs and sugars. It has been noticed that around Halloween or Christmas for example, tests can (not all but high percent) come back positive with gestational diabetes. This is because the influx and change in diet over those holiday seasons. This can very much skew the reality and the stats! Just a fun FYI and something to be mindful of! 

My skin has maintained being stable in terms of blemishes or texture, no real complaint there. The dryness is still next level and I notice this ALL over my body. I still have not felt that pregnancy glow and I can tell you I miss my glowy, dewy hydrated skin (especially on my face) Being an aesthetician, and one who specializes in skin, this has been a thing that has made me self-conscious, but I just remind myself it’s not as bad as it feels (number 1), it is temporary (number 2) and I can only do so much while pregnant (number 3)... So, self-talk and acceptance is the only way to go in embracing the raisin appearance and feeling. No doubt I am missing my Botox, Micro-Needling and Morpheus8; but I can admit, this is all worth it!!!

I have started to feel more beautiful, sexier even! Let's not get carried away or take it too far. I don’t feel like Eva Longoria or anything; just LESS Mrs. Trunchbull. As my belly is no longer something I can hide and people are starting to all know, I can start wearing outfit's that are showing my baby bump! This for me gave me a big boost in confidence and has been a contributor to feeling better! As a girly who loves dressing up and feeling cute, I didn't realize wearing baggy sweats and sweaters was weighing me down and playing so heavily on my mental health! So now that I can wear cute dresses and rompers, it has helped my confidence hugely and my emotional state!

I definitely had to do some shopping, a lot of my outfits and my clothing items were no longer options. Zara had some great sweatpants options! The sweatpant cozy vibes but still cute (who doesn't want this), Oak + Fort also a good staple and even dynamite! Amazon also became my go to spot to browse some cute pregnancy friendly options! I'll share with you some of the things I purchased! Not having outfit options or things that fit me has been a big struggle! As a person who enjoys fashion and feels better when I like my outfit... the maternity section is SERIOUSLY lacking. I have not purchased maternity specific clothes yet, just looser, stretchy materials and up a size!

Some things I added to my wardrobe! 

  • 2 winter jackets from Noize! Not that these were a necessity for pregnancy, but how I justified it to my husband and how I will justify it to you was. 1. They were on sale 2. I want to be a cool mom even in the winter so needed to spruce up my attire! 

  • A matching purple velvet sweat suit (also from noize) . This was again to feel cute while still staying cozy with a growing body. The set together is so cute!! Although as I keep growing I can't wear the set as a pair anymore (because the sweater isn’t long enough to cover my belly now!) but the pants, I have been loving! I just mix and match the top! It gives me the juicy 90' vibes. 

  • This romper from Amazon! This is an item I have truly lived in!! I started out with the beige option and added the light green option. It's SO easy to style and wear, all while being "cute and cozy" I think you are getting the trend here! If you click the link it sould bring you to my amazon finds, if you scroll to fashion finds you will see this option to add to your cart!

  • Work out / yoga stretchy pants! I had also added some leggings but went with fun spring/summer colours. One purple pair that also came with a sports bra! I love the material and colour! I will attach link here for you to shop. Same thing, scroll down to fashion finds!  I also have this pink option you can also find on the shop now or fashion finds section. Much lighter in fabric and didn't come with a sports bra! But still lots of love for them! Shop and Browse Here.

  • Waffle Knit lounge set! Clearly as I write this, I am noticing I was trying to stay away from grey, whites and blacks... because for this cute set, I also ordered a pink! Either really into spring and summer colours or really embracing this girl mom thing! Easy to wear around the house (and say it with me CUTE AND COZY!) The shorts have a string you can undo and loosen to allow more stretch and the shirt is over sized! WIN WIN 

  • Button Up Lounge/Cover Set! I have been adding things to my closet that work for pregnancy but also items I can continue to use once she is here! Whether that looks like during my postpartum or even well after baby! This cute set is also advertised as a bating suit cover! I am excited to try this out on the beach! The button up also means I can have it done up as the set or have it loosely hanging over another top! 

  • This dress deserves its moment!! I wore this to a good friend of mines wedding and was so comfortable! It was SO easy to style, incredibly comfortable and truly so unique! Loving this option and you will too!  Add to your cart for a special event or just desiring some more affordable comfortable dress options! 

  • I mentioned Oak + Fort , ZARA and Dynamite! Again, choosing all items that are not maternity specific, but rather a size up or super comfy and stretchy! I added sweatpants (lots of sweatpants) stretchy or loose dresses, baggier t shirts and loose button ups!

  • Last thing, that I shoud mention in the clothes department is my onesie sets from Aritzia! They are the yoga pant material but also have a little tank attached to the pants. I have a pant set in black and a set in light blue! And a short and tank set in black and brown (latte colour) Another STAPLE! I dont remember what it is actually called but I do know the shorts version I have is TNA.

Cravings have settled! Hallelujah! The relentless need for junk has SOMEWHAT subsided. I could never lie and say it’s gone, because I can assure you that’s not the case. It will never be the case. I was a snacker and a junk food finder even pre pregnancy, aint no stopping this candy lover. I just have noticed the craving is less aggressive. This is good news. Good news for my diet, the future diet through this pregnancy, for my mental health and of course for baby girl. Now a salad does not make me frown and I can turn down a piece of cake!

Ohhhh, how routines need to shift to adapt to a pregnant lifestyle. For me, the biggest routine shift was that work hours have had to change, and I made some big adjustments for the future months. Working what I was working was not sustainable with trying to do everything else. It's a real juggling act! Being healthy, staying happy, getting things done around the house, prioritize baby’s health, doctor appointments, working on baby proofing the house, building out a registry, planning the nursery, keeping a dog alive, working full time. Things HAD to shift, so I rolled with it (reluctantly) but I rolled with it! It's amazing how (lovingly) being forced to make changes gets it done. Can't go out kicking and screaming because baby wins this battle! If you are a workaholic like me, I know this is incredibly hard. It's been my BIGGEST stressor while pregnant and as I prepare for this bundle of joy. I just remind myself small strides is still progress. As my loving Joshua always says to me "progress not perfection" and this is very true for me. As much as I have had to change my hours and my work routines, truthfully it still has a far way to go, but I am learning along the way and just remember THATS A-OK and, full disclosure, that’s life! 

With adjusting my work hours and trying to focus more on home things it has brought forward a new type of excitement!! I started cleaning out my home office (since that will be nursery) and it feels good to organize and purge (nesting perhaps). Starting to clean out my office got me excited and motivated towards other things, good or not; it got me started in creating a master list of all the things I want done, updated, and organized before baby girl. The list continues to grow instead of dwindling off at this point, so some days its motivating, other days its daunting. Many house changes and updates are in the works so focusing on that, over feeling the overwhelm is where I am at. It really does feel good to get things done. HUGE shout out to my hard-working handy husband! Many rounds of applause! For me, it's partly nesting and truthfully another part feels like survival!

I finished reading the Rebel Mama and now on to reading the Fourth Trimester! Different vibes of books but, both informative.  The Fourth Trimester is a lot more about ways to help prepare for birth, things to advocate for yourself and health oriented. It's less hang out with your girlfriends and talk the realities of motherhood and more let’s get you ready for what’s to come! For me, I am just craving knowledge of all types, and I have been liking the routine of taking the time to settle and read on a slow morning or even before bed. So, you can go ahead and call me a book worm now (haha)!

My Instagram and Tik Tok is on mommy overload now, so all the mommy hacks I am learning is curtesy of social media. 

The top two winners I feel I must share with you (take it for what it’s worth, there’s no evidence or science to back this up, simply a Tik Tok) BUT, the first thing I will share, was a momma recommending writing the time (AM or PM) on the bag you pumped your breast milk into. Nighttime milk (meaning milk you pump or feed past 7pm) has melatonin (obviously good for your nighttime feed to soothe, calm and put them to sleep) and Daytime has cortisol (which is good for baby to be alert). HOW COOL (if this is true) but it’s worth a shot, especially if your baby isn’t sleeping well! The other momma hack was to turn a little heating pad on and place it in the crib (on low) while you feed and put baby to bed. Once baby has fallen asleep in your arms, remove the warmer pad and place baby down! The temperature change from your arms to the crib won’t be as dramatic and as shocking which will (hopefully) provide you with an easier transition! 

A shout out to my girlies, all my momma friends, bless your souls for helping me! Let me share with you the questions I asked and the answers I received!


  1. Q: What are the best toys that are more geared towards Montessori teachings and principals? A: Lovevery! This is a great option that has subscriptions and options on whatever age or stage your child is at! BLESS!

2.     Q: What laundry detergent do you use to wash all your baby/children clothing, towels, blankets etc.? A: Babyganics, E-Z Pure and Attitude

3.     Q: How many bottles will I need on hand?

A: 4-6 

4.     Q: What has been the best nipple cream?

A: Medela Nipple Cream (lanolin is important!) or the medicated kind! Ask your doctor or midwife for a prescription! 

Welcoming WEEK 20 - one of my favourite weeks to date!

Why you ask?! We found out the gender and did a lovely reveal with our family! 

We are having a baby GIRL and I could NOT BE MORE SHOCKED!!!! My husband was so happy that he was right all along! #Girlparents

Of course, thrilled and excited (bows, sparkles and pink are all my things) but it took a while for my brain to absorb the information. I truly deeply thought it was a baby boy!

Girl Momma here I come (It already feels like a very natural thing)!

The symptoms I am now experiencing are starting to be the obvious pregnancy symptoms. Especially at the stage where you are growing quite rapidly. I am starting to feel swollen! My hands, legs and feet are experiencing some swelling! My wedding rings are barely fitting, and my socks leave some marks! I am also definitely rounder in the hip area and my face (this has been hard for my confidence) I know it’s a silly thing, and I know water retention and weight gain is inevitable, but that does not mean we have to love everything and every change. Having a round face and double chin has ALWAYS been my insecurity literally for like 15 years... so this is nothing new, but it just feels more prominent. This is a little note to take some time, to remind yourself that feeling however you are feeling is valid and it is your reality. Not loving how you look, or feel does not mean you don't love your baby or love the experience of being pregnant, it just means the changes are harder to accept. 

I do however, in the same breath need to give a shout out to my  Morpheus8 results. As much as I think pregnancy has naturally made my face more round, and of course naturally gaining weight to grow this baby, I do think having those threeTreat•ments prior has been a big win.I can only imagine how round my face would be, how many chins I would have and the low self confidence that would be my reality! #BlessMorpheus8

Moving on to WEEK 23-27 (ending of my second trimester and going into third!)

Ohhh girl I feel you! Now I REALLY know it's you and not gas! It's a lot of summersaults, she's been an active baby since day one (according to all our ultrasounds and technicians) and I can confirm, she still loves to rock-n-roll. 

I felt my first belly movement, I wouldn’t say it was a kick, but I felt the leap or jump from just having my hands on my belly. I do really start to notice her moving once 6:30/7pm hits. This chick has a thing for night shifts, I guess. Future nurse? firefighter? police officer? surgeon? Who knows, but what I do know is that regardless of what she wants to be, she is ready to party! 

It's also a fun stage because now Josh can feel her movin' and groovin'! It is so sweet to see his face light up and feel the little acrobat that we created! She often puts a show on for me, but once I try and let my mom or someone feel her, she stubbornly stops (stubborn like her mom already). Thankfully this peanut as active as she is, she hasn’t been keeping me up at night with her partying (knock on wood).

The thing that IS keeping me up at night is now the sudden urges to pee and just being uncomfortable and wanting to give my left hip and shoulder a break. I do like to stack pillows under the back of my knees and the side of my right hip to prop me up a bit, but those few positions can only be comfortable for so long. I attempted at a pregnancy pillow off Amazon and it was BRUTAL! It was a straight return. So, I might be exploring this option again in the next little bit. 

The swelling is still something I experience! It will be like this for a while. The tight swelling is more periodically then daily but just the overall general bloated feeling of the hands, double chin, feet, legs that feels quite constant. Pants hurt. I miss wearing cute outfits with jeans or dress pants! Even my sweatpants and yoga pants aren’t quite the cozy environment they once were IYKYK. Hence the constant shopping! 

I have notice I seem to get extra swollen especially after work! I feel stiff and swollen so much so that even walks are hilariously difficult. My hips hurt, my knees ache, my feet swell. I feel like a 90-year-old grandma. The swell is real, and we aren’t talking about my jacked muscles. I walk 3km and feel like I walked 30km. I laugh sometimes because if I look at my shadow while I am walking, I can see my waddles! I think this is the new normal; which is quite discouraging, but hey what can we expect as we approach the third trimester right?! 

Ok, so ... this is personal, but here we go. (As I write "here we go", I am debating if I should even share this. Taking deep breaths along the way... here I go) I really didn't want to hold anything back. I know I am in a safe place and again, this is all about connection, building community and sharing the POSSIBILITIES and POTENTIALS during pregnancy. I will take this time to reiterate, everyone’s story is different, so don't sweat it and enjoy it if this is not your experience. Oh, and please be kind. This is diving in the personal zone (straight to the deep end). 

For me intercourse has been hurting, I am currently working with a pelvic floor therapist so we are hoping working together will help this. We have been working to help the health of my birth and recovery, but pelvic floor therapy has many benefits, and helping this is on that list. I have a prolapse, which apparently is common during pregnancy. This being said, it is still important to be monitored, so my midwife knows, and my pelvic floor therapist is also obviously aware. She said that this too can cause pain during sex since penetration would be hitting the bladder (since its dropped). So, if you have pain with intercourse (in general) but also during pregnancy make sure you tell your doctor, midwife, or physio therapist. Whoever you are working with they need to know to be of support to you! 

In addition to that personal side note, to add to the personal topic; I have also been peeing almost every sneeze. Again, the peeing situation I am working with my physio therapist! I learned that being relaxed as you go to sneeze is better than clenching and trying to hold your pee. The pressure from the sneeze relaxes your muscles since you were tense BEFORE the sneeze, which causes you to pee! Where if you stay relaxed and allow the body to naturally contract as you sneeze you won’t pee! This is because the body will naturally contract and hold for you! This is something I am working on training my body! It has really bothered me, embarrassed me even. Truthfully it even has me wearing dark pants often (If I can get pants on). OH, and a panty liner. Another reason why they are a must wear at this stage of pregnancy! True story (I wish it wasn’t) I sneezed and dribbled so much that it leaked through my underwear through to my light pants (this was before I was wearing panty liners). I was MORTIFIED. So mortified that it's changed the outfits I wear! What a humbling experience and it's just the start to many more humbling experiences in terms of the body changing and fluids going out of me... welcome to the new thrilling new reality I (and maybe you) live (hahaha)

Ok, Vulnerability overload. Let's get to something fun and lighter. 

In terms of other changes or skin updates, the dryness is still there. I have started to notice my pigmentation more.Nothing terrible, just a little more prominent than I remember. Mainly under my eyes, on my forehead and nose. All natural spots that the sun hits and with being pregnant, it is very common that women experience more pigmentstion (sometimes even melasma)! The pigmentation darkens and becomes more noticable due to hormonal influx !Something NEW to me is more vascular lesions on my face and dilated capillaries. I didn’t have these before pregnancy, so this is something I will pay attention to and treat once baby is here! IPL here I come! Since these are the skin updates and complaints, I do want to reiterate, just because you may not have it "bad" or just because its "not that big of a deal" does not mean you have to like it. In the grand scheme of things, is it detrimental? no. However, that does not INVALIDATE where you are at with the changes within your body or skin. This is often hushed, and pregnant women can rarely share the authentic feeling of a body changing because the hard work and miracle they are growing is beautiful. So, it's often deemed "unacceptable" to complain about obvious changes that must happen for a baby to grow! Just remember, sometimes the momma doesn’t feel pretty and is adapting to the changes that are happening mentally, physically, emotionally and a billion other ways. When pregnant ladies acknowledge something, they don’t love they are NOT discrediting the miracle that they are participating in. We can be excited and love our baby, and not love the process or be happy with the dramatic changes but still want and love this baby that is growing in us. These two realities CAN co-exist. 

The routine changes I have noticed; is now I research baby items, baby brands and am busy building out a registry instead of researching skin and building out skincare routines! PS. A blog and some resources to come on this! 

I have been building out our registry; slowly but surely! At this point there's a bit of fire under my butt to get a few things on the list because yet again, I'll say it... TIME IS FLYING! Building out a registry is fun and cute but also incredibly overwhelming! It's a mix of wanting everything but trying to be practical. It's a mix of investing in good items so that you can use it for future children (if you so want) and so that you make one investment instead of a few. Which could potentially just equal the price on the more expensive one in the first place. BUT, on the contrary there’s also not spending a lot on each item for budget’s sake! I am sure you are like me, it's an exciting YET also an overwhelming experience! Even though I plan to build out a full blog and resource (even a check list) of registry items; for this blogs sake here are the questions I had for the mommas in my life AND the recommendations of MUST HAVE ITEMS!

  1. I struggled with deciding if I should go with the aesthetic cute basket changing pad or the practical changing pad. If you know me well, it’s not often I go the practical route....  I asked my friends firstly how practical they think the cute basket option is (even though I know it’s not practical for all the poop explosions to come) and secondly how often they actually used their specific change table instead of a travel changing pad. It was pretty darn close to a tie. Which tells me, it comes down to a preference. Some moms said they changed the baby where ever they were at the time of the baby needing to be changed. They had the travel change pad and a cart with all the items they needed. Other mommas said they walked to the nursery to change the little poop baby. They liked the routine, change of scenery and the extra steps. I also considered my husband, as a 6'4 man I couldn’t see him changing a bum on the floor bent over, so that was a big factor in my decision. It was decided, definitely something upstairs for changing. None of my friends went the cute basket change table way, if they did use their change table, they used and loved (highly recommended) the Keekaroo Peanut Changer (I got the colour Vanilla)! Which honestly, is not as much of an eye sore to look at as you may think! It’s no basket, but it’s not terrible! Especially since there’s so much cuteness in the room to begin with! PLUS, easy wipeable surfaces! The Travel change pad linked here is the one I ordered for myself! I liked the neutral colour, I liked how small it folded into and I liked that it was under $10! Here are the options I was comparing - the cute and the practical!

2. The Baby Bjorn Bouncer Bliss was another recomendation by MULTIPLE people! Although the price is quite shocking, every person who recommended it said "It is outragously expensive but its so worth it" So, on the registry The Baby Bjorn Bouncer Bliss went. I watched videos and tried to learn and compare it to the Maxi Cosi brand, the biggest differences (outisde of the raving reviews from many people for the Bjorn one) was that the Maxi Cosi is heavier in weight, the wood pannel along the bouncer does not wear well, it's not one you can bring to the beach or other locations because of the way the Maxi Cosi actually sits on the ground AND it does not re sell as well. I have attached the video I watched here for you!

3. The Snoo! The infamous Snoo! If you are entering the baby world, I am sure you have heard of the Snoo bassinet. You probably, even were like me, and was like no thank you just because of the price (even though I wanted it badly!!) My mom, being the angel she is, found Snoo options on Facebook Marketplace. Facebook Marketplace for me comes with its hesitations, but for an item like this I was more than willing to take a look. Of course Facebook Market Place is a great avenue to save money and support another families selling their gently used things. However, it is also a place to be incredibly mindful of making sure things are in good condition, clean and you aren’t purchasing something that can't be washed or thoroughly and properly disinfected. Thank GOD this family was super clean, a young couple who had one baby and used it for her for only 4 months, meaning this Snoo was barely used! We ended up purchasing the Snoo for $900 (which is HALF the price of the Snoo alone) The family even included mattress pad covers and multiple (like so many in all different sizes) Snoo Swaddles. Although you may think, HOLY $900, which yes is a good chunk of change, believe it or not this is HALF the price of a brand new Snoo alone not even considered mattress sheets or baby swaddles! Check out Facebook Marketplace on the bigger items you want but don’t want to fully splurge, it might just set you up perfectly, like it did for us!

Everyone has their opinions on buying used or new, and there is no right or wrong. Truly when it comes to preparing for baby, having a baby, and doing things for baby I am not one to judge. Everyone needs to do what works for them. As mommas we just need to love and support other mammas because we are all just doing the best we can. My only note I would like to touch on in terms of used or new, just make sure if you are buying used its coming from a clean household and not one that smoked in doors or maybe smells like cat pee. Make sure whatever you are buying is in good condition and clean as possible for your little ones! We must slowly build up their immune system so making sure things are cleaned or properly disinfected is a big one! I have been told not to borrow or use anything that cannot be fully and properly disinfected! Use your judgement and BE SAFE when going to purchase the items. NEVER go alone!

I also asked my bestie, what the difference was between the swaddle blankets and receiving blankets and if I really needed different types of blankets and if so, how many of each?!

She said to have ALOT of receiving blankets! Receiving blankets are best for breast feeding, wiping drool and for spit up. It's those blankets you throw over your shoulder or you have with you when holding baby. The swaddles are larger blankets that are used to wrap baby up tightly like a burrito. When they are an infant, they really like this, and it settles them. She said to have both receiving blankets AND to have swaddle blankets but to have more receiving blankets then swaddles! 

Josh has officially started the nursery!!!! I successfully cleaned out my home office, which means its go time! He started with priming the walls, he did the edging of the three walls which will be one colour and then put up the wood slats on the other wall which will be another colour!!! I am so very excited! He even started working on the baby closet. I am truly excited for this new change up and ready to organize it all. Home updates and things like this are SUCH A HIGH for me!!! While he was doing this, I was cleaning everything we have already been given and outfits I have already purchased! I wanted everything cleaned and ready to be put in place for when he was done doing the room! 

It honestly has been so exciting and fun doing the laundry and going through all the things our friends are generously giving us!! Once Josh finished the closet you BET, I was in there like a dirty shirt! I even ordered these organizers seperating the clothes by months and they are just so sweet!

As I continue to learn, I continue to be educated by all the mommas around me, and gosh they really have some secret weapons and golden nuggets!


  1. Accept donations / hand me downs! Regardless of the item and if you get something you don't want or already have or just don't like the colour vibe of the toy or outfit. Give to the grandparents for them to have on hand! They might be open to some toys and clothing items at their place (which will be helpful for you long term) Just wash it with your own baby friendly detergent and disinfect the toys with your baby friendly wipes and disinfectant

  2. Another hand me down tip. Even if clothing (especially onesies) were given to you that have stains or are not really your style vibe, keep them for the days that baby is extra gassy, extra explosive and for those days when you aren't expecting guests! You don't want to ruin those super cute and aesthetic outfits with poop. This way you aren’t to upset with an accident and could even toss the onesie in the garbage if the explosion was bad. Saves you time from spot cleaning and treating a onesie that might face a poop explosion the next time around. I love this tip!

  3. Bring shower towels for yourself and for your partner (or support person) to the Hospital for after giving birth. Insider momma tip who has given birth a few times, gave me the inside scoop that the hospital towels are rough, scratchy, and small. Nothing like a bad towel when all you are craving is comfort.

  4. A suitcase that rolls is best as your hospital bag. If big enough, you could likely even share with your person. A suitcase with wheels was suggested to make leaving easier. Your hands will be extra full with a cute little addition, so having the convivence of a rollie luggage is luxury. This is also crazy important especially if momma has a c-section. Roll with ease back to the car. 

  5. It is just as important to plan your postpartum as it is to plan your birth. I love how my midwife words it; she says Birth PREFERENCE. I can just imagine this would be the same for postpartum. It’s all unknown... but I think trying to have options and potential plans would be helpful. In the book that I'm reading that I shared about (The Fourth Trimester) it explains the importance of creating a postpartum plan, just to help ease into this new reality. This was a cool tip and something I am now considering and planning! 

Just like I had said in my last blog, I hope you enjoyed reading along my journey and learning along side of me too! I am excited to share my third trimester blog (AGAIN TIME IS FLYING) I bet this is where it starts to feel like it slows down! (Haha). I am thrilled to share with you and if you have nuggets from your experience please share so I can add them to the next blog. Remember, it may take a village to raise a child, but the mommas also need the village for support!

I love being a resource for you! Please remember you don’t have to agree with me, you don’t have to take every tip or piece of advice, but who knows... this blog might be exactly what a momma needs to have! 

XOXO Cheers Momma




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