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the pre momma phase Week 2-Week 18

Updated: Apr 14

Hey There, Momma to be!

This is a COMPLETELY new style of blog. I have never shared anything like this on this platform. My business is all about beauty, skincare tips, tricks and product reviews. Sure, I share my life and things in the nooks and crannies of my blogs, but I don't have a blog completely and unrealted to SKINCARE. So treading new waters in big ways here, and I kinda like it!! I felt incredibly called to have a resource that could potentially be helpful to the momma's to be! I work with a lot of women, I would even go as far as saying 90% of my clients are women. So, therefore, you could say a very large percentage of my clients are mommas, mommas to be or even aspiring mommas.

So, Momma, this is or you!

Don't fret too much. I BRIEFLY talk about what I had experienced with my skin and a few product and routine change ups.. in addition, for you skincare junkies that need more, I am working on editing my existing Pregnancy Safety in the Spa blog. I am updating it as we speak with current research, as well as beauty things I am doing and avoiding during my own pregnancy journey. In that blog you will find skincare tips, tricks, products and advice throughout. Feel free to check it out now even without the newest of updates.

The idea with this entry, was to simply share my experience. Share what I have learned thus far, resources I have loved and used and hopefully I'll share everything in between. The idea with this blog entry was just to create some form of community feel, potentially provide some laughs and comfort and maybe even a resource or two. It is SO important to remember EVERYONE has a different story and a different pregnancy journey. I have even heard it can change dramatically from one child to the next. This is just me sharing. This is not me projecting or telling you how you will or should feel. This is just one momma-to-be sorting through the chaos, sharing her journey in hopes you can relate to a thing or too. If not being able to relate, maybe something in this blog will bring a little tid bit to your awareness that you didn't know COULD be a thing. Talking with mommas has prepared me and helped me in so many ways!! Having the support and learning from other momma-to-be's or even the current mommas, I believe has been a beautiful gift that has helped me. This is that exact gift I hope to pass over to you. I truly just want to share and try and help anyone in their experience even though it's likely very different than my own.

I understand being pregnant is an overwhelming experience just on its own. So maybe hearing other peoples stories or advice can add to that anxiety for you. I truly hope from the bottom of my heart it doesn't add to the overwhelm. You do not have to like, agree or even experience the things I am sharing. You do not even have to take my advice or continue reading this blog! No hurt feelings over here if you pack it in now! If this is something you don't have space for, that is TOTALLY ok and honour that for yourself.

If you are interested to learn about my pregnancy journey thus far, what I have learned from other mommas and my own research, or you simply just want to follow along the rollercoaster of emotions, energy levels and moods I am happy to have you! Welcome!

A quick important disclaimer. I am NOT a doctor. Nor am I telling you what to do during your pregnancy. Always consult with your doctor, midwife, doula or whoever you are working with. This entry is simply a friendly blog that is sharing one side of a multi sided coin.

I found out I was pregnant very early on. I was actually only 2 weeks; according to the clear blue pregnancy test. Funny thing was, it was actually my boobs that were my first indicator that I might be pregnant. I was on vacation and I was noticing the girls looking even better in bikinis than I had remembered. And at this time, my husband and I had just finished two trips back to back and both trips I had been in bathing suits a lot, so it was an obvious difference for me. I had even made multiple comments to my husband about the pretty ta ta's while on this trip before knowing in fact, we were expecting a little one. I also had skipped my period, and although this seems like the more obvious sign of pregnancy, this is not un common for me to have unpredictable periods as the days in-between could range from 28-45 days. In addition to that, we had already been travelling for a number of weeks. Once my period didn't arrive and my breasts were still plump, perky and tender... thats when I really I knew. How wild that a simple symptom like this could be so wildly accurate!? Along with a positive test, it was confirmed, Yup! Those boobs, were pregnant boobs!

The Beginning of my Pregnancy


Since I found out so early, I don't know if I would have known I was pregnant this fast if it weren't for my boobs. So, from conception until about week 4, tender, swollen breasts were my only symptom. From about 5-10 weeks, the biggest change I felt in addition to my breasts, was this overwhelmingly CRAZY exhaustion. Like, no one can prepare you for this. I remember before I was pregnant and my pregnant friends would mention they are tired, my response would be something like "Of course you are, you are growing a human!!" Completely ignorant to the fact that saying they were "tired" was a very vague term. In fact, a term I don't think truly represents the reality. Not to mention life still happens around us through these 9 months, which adds to this incredible exhaustion. I did joke to a few of my friends and say "you did not complain near enough to prepare me for what the fatigue is like"... they would chuckle and respond with "yah, its next level". My fatigue (and I can just imagine yours is too) is a non functioning, tranquillizing fatigue that takes over in all aspects. I truly felt like I slept my life away those weeks! Any moment I could lay down, nap, or rest in general; I took every opportunity even if it was just 5 minutes. The fatigue is mental, physical, emotional and just all encompassing. Best believe that you can do it Momma, just make sure you catch those ZZZ's!

This was truly the start to understanding that my body is not my own for the time being. It was the time to start being accustomed to what productivity used to look like is no longer about what productivity is now. Productivity is now about growing a healthy baby. This was a very hard reality (and truthfully hasnt felt much easier even as weeks go on). I am a busy body and have a busy work life. It has been challenging to be forced to put work on the back burner. Darn, is this ever getting me ready for work to no longer be a priority and for my needs to be shifting and to be shifting quick! I find myself reminding myself, everything is a season. I also remind myself that this feeling is normal and ok. I know I am not the only momma who is really unsure of how to juggle this new mom thing with a busy life and a busy career (that I am obsessed with might I add). This is still something I am learning and working through. Some moments and days are easier than others. Some moments and days I put myself and this growing little one first, and other times work gets ahead of it all... this is the duality of working while being pregnant. But hey, I am still human living a human experience after all...So, I can only be grateful things are still going well and that I am open to learning and adapting along the way!

As far as skin goes, blemishes were random at the start. Before I even found out I was pregnant, I noticed I had blemishes on my jawline primarily. I figured it was from travel, stress and eating out more, but once I found out I was pregnant I tallied it up to be a blend of the surge of hormones IN ADDITION to my other potential factors. The blemishes did continue sporadically throughout the first initial weeks. I have noticed an increase of texture and a few blemishes, but it was nothing severe. This was more common from beginning of pregnancy until about week 8 or so. The blemishes at this time were mainly on my jawline and my chest. In addition to more blemishes and texture my skin and lips were CRAZY dry. It didn't seem like the moistruzing I was doing was helping, and boy I can assure you I was living on lip chaps, lip masks and body oils! It may not feel like its helping this alligator skin, but let's see if it prevents any stretch marks or further sensitivity in my skin! For this, I will have to keep you posted!

To handle the sporadic blemishes I kept on my skincare routine. Making sure I was removing my makeup and cleansing with iS Clinical Cleansing Complex diligently. I would also use pimple patches in areas that I needed them for! Do not skip your moisturizer! Even though you may be breaking out, moisturizers are important. Getting a moisturizer that is suitable for you is even more important. But, the potential blend of blemishes and dry skin, yes, you need moisturizer! The other big one here that needs to stay a prioroty during your pregnancy is SPF! Apply sunscreen every single morning no matter what!

Luckily (and I hesitate to share this, because it seems LESS common) but I personally have only experienced 3 days out of the 10 weeks of what I would think "morning sickness" would be classified as. Except mine always occurred 6:30 pm onwards. I explain this feeling like a severe hangover. For me, it came on suddenly. As sudden as it was, it was predictable. It was like clock work! I would start getting a pounding headache, the hand shakes would start, the body temperature would increase and decrease, the woozy, dizzy nauseous feeling came on strong and the "I needed greasy food four hours ago" feeling was also very present. Once these symptoms would start I wouldn't even have to look at a clock, I would say "It must be 6:30".

The morning nasal congestion and the 3:20 am sneezing fits got old fast! Each morning at 3:20 I was woken up by my nose suddenly dripping down my face and then a slue of sneezes one by one, consecutive for about 15-20 minutes. In addition to this unintentional early morning wake up call, when I would actually wake up for the day (intentionally) it would seem as though I had a cold. Watery eyes, nasal congestion and running nose were all present, every single morning! After a few hours of my body being awake, the "morning cold" would go away! A bizarre symptom for sure, but it is said that up to 20% of women can experience this symptom because of the influx of hormones which suppress ones immune system as well as an over production of mucus.

Emotionally I would say I was also doing really good! The fatigue was interupting my mental health the most. Simply because it interrupted my productivity, I will note again, something I am continuing to work on. These beginning weeks I was just so thrilled and so excited to have this dream of mine become a reality. Sure, a little apprehensive of what is to come since it is all unknown, but I was living in the bliss of ignorance in some capacity. Overall I was experiencing excitement and joy.

In terms of cravings, I dont really remember specific cravings that lasted a long time. What I do recall was that I was craving textures. It was not a specific flavour, or spice or sauce; it was more like dough, cold, crunchy, soft etc. This is not a "craving" I have heard of before, so maybe just ignore me over here! If you have also experienced this, hit me up so I don't feel so weird!

New Routines/Resources I used during my 2-10 Weeks were so helpful, so much so that what I started or stumbled upon at the beginning I am still utilizing now!

My first shout out will be Pelvic Floor Therapy! I go to Alicia at Shyft Physio in Kilworth. Although, there are no promises, this is just one extra step I can do to try and allow for an "easier" birth. As mommas, we have heard and know that it doesn't matter how much we plan our birth, it's out of our control at the end of the day; but that doesn't mean we can't use practices to help potentially pave a sooth way! Pelvic floor therapy is just that for me! I also am actually very scared (always have been) of giving birth. So, working with someone to help support me, educate me and prepare my pelvic floor, this is priceless for my personal journey!

I also was wanting and eager to learn each week and watch as baby grows so I started with downloading an app, called What to Expect which also paired with the first book I decided to read What to Expect When Your're Expecting. I liked this app, so I didn't find a need to browse around other apps, but I am sure if you ask around there will be many cool apps with some wonderful features. This is just the one I stumbled upon and have used since day one. I love the videos that explain what baby is up to each week! Comparing your little one to a fruit is also hilarious but gives you a good visual!

I also started listening to a podcast called The New Mom Boss . I was looking for a podcast that covered a variety of topics, even just to simply prepare me for what motherhood could potentially look like, or what resources I could use. Again, I was SOURCING out this infomrtion. I was LOOKING for different perspectives, different advice, different avenues, etc. I am the type of person that loves to hear what people have to say and I make my own decisions and judgment calls based on what I have gathered! Ironically my view of this pairs well with a quote the host of this podcast says. She says "Collect, Collect and then Select" and that resonated extremely well wth me. I would say thats exactly what I am doing.

Next priority shift was adding work outs to my routine. I use to be a very active gal... I lost that a few years back. I hate to say it but, if I am being honest (which inherently I am)... life just got busy, and then it no longer was my priority. Although I always said it would come back as a priority, time went on and it was easier to neglect than to pick up again. Once I knew I was growing a little human, and that I wanted to stay as healthy as possible and again in hopes it provides an"easier" birth and recovery, working with a personal trainer to do proper work outs and hold me accountable was on the agenda! Insert Alyssa! WOO! Alyssa is a personal trainer at B Fitness here in London Ontario! If you want to learn more about this FEMALE only, KID FRIENDLY gym check out their instagram! I highly recommend! PLUS! Who doesn't love supporting local!

Naturally a big one for me, but also just an important one overall is knowing what you can and cannot use in terms of your beauty routine. Like I had mentioned at the start of this blog, I will have some resources coming that are more specific on skincare changes, product changes, routine practices and WHY. For the sake of this blog I will share my Skincare Shifts and Changes!

First and foremost I let go of my retinol routine IMMEDIATELY! Retinol is a BIG NO NO during pregnancy. Instead, I started using the Active Serum from iS Clinical since it is formulated like a retinol but is safe for pregnancy and breast feeding. I implemented this into my routine using it three times a week just as I did when using my retinol.

I also sadly (which honest to goodness has been killing me) switched my SPF from Elta MD to iS Clinical. This was to just be on the safest side as possible. Because of my job and I work with this Elta MD sunscreen and apply it to multiple clients, multiple times in one day and ,multiple times in a week. So to LOWER the potential and the over exposure to oxybenzone it was best that I avoid this product and not apply topically to myself since my exposure is already higher than the average person due to my job. As much as I LOVE iS Clinical for their skincare, the sunscreen is not my favourite unfortunately, the Elta MD SPF daily tinted is UNMATCHED! If you know me , you know Elta is my ride or die. Truly I am IN LOVE with that Sunscreen. Sunscreen is NEVER to be missd or skipped, ESPECAILLY when pregnant!!! Hormones are running rapid and pigmentation is already a likely symptom. In terms of hyperpigmentation as well as post inflammatory pigmentation. Wearing sunscreen protects against damage from UVA and UVB but as well as it provides moisture to the skin and pollution defence. These are all MAJOR protectors during a vulnerable time. If you have any concerns about the sunscreen you are using be in touch with your provider and supporter through your pregnancy!

Say good bye to your home LED device. Another sad thing especailly becasue when pregnant we just feel like we need that extra oomph to make us look and feel good. Pregnancy is a tricky one because no momma is going to be a test subject for her and the baby. Logically, LED would not disrupt the fetus or any development since the light penetrates when it is applied and only up to a certain nanometre, but since there are no studies and nothing to prove... this is something we are told to just avoid. Always better safe than sorry. So lucky for two of my cousins, they got to borrow my home LED devices during these months of pregnancy. This is a big loss, but of course it's all worth it in the end.

In these beginning weeks (2-10), I learned, that it is SO hard to keep the news from people! With a blend of excitement, life changing in many ways, wanting to source out all the help and support possible, the exhaustion hitting hard, and potentially trying to hide it if you are showing early, keeping this secret is no easy feat!

I also learned that Materna Gummies (prenatals) are a popular brand and often sold out at Shoppers or Rexall. I loved taking these because I am a candy fanatic and because they taste delicious! If you also don't have luck at Shoppers or Rexall, but want to try these prenatals, try shopping this link!

Who knew, just a few short 8 weeks, so much could happen and so much could change! Now, moving forward to ...

WEEK 11- WEEK 18

I still am feeling the exhaustion. If I reflect back, it felt like only 2 weeks out of the 7 weeks was where I didn't feel AS tired, but it definitely was not a significant improvement. Maybe I had too high of expectations ( which wouldnt surprise me) but the energy boost was not what I was hoping for! But truly, at this point thats really the only thing that is kicking my butt, so I feel incredibly grateful. That being said, mommas; "just" fatigue definitely comes with its own list of inconveniences. Fatigue also means more irritable, less motivated (which in tern means less productive) and more sensitive. So, in the midst of hitting the hay continue to have grace for yourself! Especially if you are like me, and are naturally a busy body and high achiever, your expectations of self need to drop significantly! This is honestly STILL something I am learning through. I'm getting better, but this has been a hard mental battle! When the body calls it quits, there's no pushing through, no matter how badly you want to or not. What I remind myself is, this is not the time to push through. This is not the time for extra stress for baby or the body. This is truly how I become my own cheerleader and what I repeat in my head. It's a tough love conversation with myself and letting myself know that my priority is now growing a human; and that trumps all.

Excluding that, the head aches during these weeks were what got to me the most. I would say I would have a gooooooooodd head ache 3-4 days out of the week and the headaches lasted ALL DAY LONG. The head ache was similar to one of a hangover, that pounding, aching, dehydrated feel.. the one that just forces you to keep your eyes shut. Of course, eyes closed all day is not realistic but when I could rest my eyes, ohhhhh you bet I did! Drinking lots of water, wearing comfy looser clothes and peppermint oil were my only "remedies" during this time. OH! and massages, I cannot forget those! They have been a life saver in more than one way!

In terms of cravings, I have not had any of those weird ones you hear about. I feel like I have had some here and there, but its hard to decipher if thats pegncny or if thats just me... I always had cravings before; so it's no real difference. The biggest thing that I've noticed and I hate this truth, but its all about being honest and transparent here... I have been eating WAY TOO MUCH sugar. I always thought I would be extremely healthy, and I am struggling with this during this pregnancy. I absolutely have had more chocolate, more sweets, more baked goods, more candy than I had ever predicted I would eat. If you can relate, to eating junkier then you had aspired to eat; you are not alone. Together we can strive to be better. But first, let's have some grace for ourselves. I'm working on shifting my mentality from "I'm pregnant I can eat whatever sweets I want" to more something along the lines of "each day I will try to be better and healthier for myself and my baby". This is definlty a work in progress.

Again, if these are my only true complaints; I'm sure there are mommas reading this shaking their heads or even rolling their eyes at me. BUT REMEMBER, everyone experiences things differently, everyones journey is so very different! This isn't to compare, or judge or shame or anything... these are just outlets for mommas to learn and to share and to grow together! It takes a village to raise a child, but it also takes a village to support a momma!

Let's talk a little about skin (as you know one of my favourite topics). I have yet to experience the pregnancy glow. (WOMP WOMP) I actually feel like I'm desiring a dewy complexion and fighting with tired dull skin! On top of that I have already noticed my blemishes are healing slower. My skin seems super lack laster, dry and just, well not the vibe I want to be putting out or feeling. I would say first trimester, I definitely did not feel pretty. I just felt like my skin could always use a pick-me-up no matter what I did to it. Of course my staples like my iS Clinical warming honey 3 in 1 cleanser, my ice rolling, my PCA hyaluronic acid and my iS Clinical reparative emulsion helped... it just didn't seem the support from the products lasted as long as they did pre pregnancy. Logically however, this makes sense. For more skin specific information, products and explanation head over to my Pregnancy Safety in the Spa blog!

At this point in my pregnancy, as I have felt my body change, my confidence decrease and just not feeling that beautiful I added two things to my routine in hopes it will help my confidence, my health, my appearance and overall preparation. I implemented Beginner Work Out Classes at B Fitness IN ADDITION to my one on one training with Alyssa. This was just to try and get more movement and activity in as possible. I can start to feel my body changing (as it will), but also the tension, the tightness and the pain. Especially as an aesthetician who sits all day, moving my body is really important. In all honesty, it should have been a priority and important regardless of growing a baby, but here we are! The other resource that I am using to help stay connected to my body, my sexuality, my desires, my husband and just to help me through this massive change, I have been working with one of my besties and one of the most talented, caring women on the planet Jenna Miller a Sex& Love Coach.

Along with tastebuds changing, body aching, and my confidence wavering my skincare routine needed its own kind of change up. I started using products once if not twice a week that focused on hyper pigmetantion. I already had been working on lessening hyperpigmentation in my routine previous to pregnancy, but this change up was just being more intentional and making sure I am doing this routine to stay on top of and continue treating any pigmentation that I am noticing. This will also prevent any hyperpigmentation from getting worse. Noticing hyperpigmentation in skin during pregnancy is extremely common due to hormone increases. This can be noticed anywhere on the body, not just the face! I am thankful for my already fantastic skincare routine and lovely products to further support the skincare journey. Currently using (Tuesday evening & some Thursday nights) iS Clinical Brightening Serum and Brightening Complex. If you want to learn more on how to support your skin during your pregnancy and or what is best and safe, book a consultation here!

I don't want to call this a let down, because truly this journey has been a wild one and I am just grateful to becoming a momma soon. So, I don't want to complain about something insignificant, but I'll share it to avoid this potentially happening to other mommas. I know I'll be learning from this one for our second (whenever that day is). What I learned is if you want to find out your baby gender you can do so before your 18-22 week ultrasound. There are a few options. You can ask for the results in your blood work, you can pay for a 3D ultrasound, which I have been told is approximately $50-$100 or you can pay for another gender DNA screening through an ultrasound, this one I have ben told is around $300-$600. So, if your doctor or the ultrasound technician says you have to wait until your anatomy scan, you dont have too! We learned this through friends (and other clients of mine) who found out before the anatomy scan. We will be trying one of these options next baby! But for this first little bundle of joy, we waited and found out after our anatomy scan! Cheesy but its true, it was still worth the wait!

Some more helpful information that I learned, and just like getting pregnant, being pregnant and giving birth ALL differs per Momma, this suggestion does as well, so you will have to look into your own insurance/benefits. I was told by a lovely client that you MAY have coverage on a private birthing room and for breast pumps. So this is definitely worth something to explore! Who knew big things like this MAY be covered by benefits, so go check it out and learn for yourself!

Of course, as time flies by (it really is going by super quick), the overwhelm hits in a number of ways. Talk about its own type of roller coaster. For me during this period of time it started to sink in; the fear of no government support mat-leave. As an entrepreneur it is up to us if we pay into E.I and use it for a maternity leave, or how we want to go about a potential savings plan for a time like this. So naturally as an entrepreneur my mind is started to really race and question what the heck I am going to do. Entrepreneur momma's you feel me right!? The fear isn't just financial (although thats the biggest choking point), it's also how to juggle it all. How to be a good, attentive mom yet still be a bomb business owner, knowledgable skin therapist and an involved/present boss?! How will I pamper all my clients, work on all my extra curricular projects (this blog for example), take courses, research WHILE smultatnously doing all the roles I mentioned above. IN addition to being a new mom; maintaining good relationships with friends, family.. and oh gosh, yes of course, being a stellar wife!

See, I need to take a step back and take a deep breath because you can likely feel the overwhelm through the words. How am I handling this overwhelm? How am I handling this busy brain and the freak out moments? Well, for starters Josh has given me lots of snuggles, head rubs and foot massages; those all seem to work really well. But, in all seriousness,I am I'm treating this like I'm treating giving birth. There is one way I would like this to go, there is one way I hope for it to go, and there is a way I will plan my best for it to go, but in all of this, still knowing things are out of my control. In terms of mindset I am constantly reminding myself I can do it. I am constantly reminding myself I am not the first entreprenial momma. I am reminding myself that this too is a season. I am reminding myself what will be, will be. I am reminding myself to save what I can when I can. I am reminding myself that really, realistically everything will be fine. I am reminding myself, in reality this is all I can do!

Up until this point, as life continues to go, baby grows, life flies by, work weeks come and go, we still have to find time to look into baby items, make a registry and plan a nursery! 🤪 This emoji sums that right up. What I can share with you, is a few things I have learned just from shopping and purchasing myself; Let's get into Stroller Shopping!

It is amazing what you learn and how much things cost. Of course being first time parents, we would not know how and what the cost of things are. You hear how expensive babies and children are, and without context you can imagine the additional expense, but that being said, we had no clear indication of what price point on items would be. So, naturally one of the many learning curves, surprise but no surprise.... strollers, car seats and additions to such apparatuses are expensive! I'll break down a little about what I learned and about some brands.

Introducing the Maxi Cosi . This brand caught our eye immediately based on the bundle price point! They say that this brand is not one of the "Cadillac"options but that it has a lot of the same features as the other more "up scale" brands. It also looks similar to the other models, has multiple colour options and truly the price point was the best in the store. I am usually a brand snob (at least I can admit it) and want the best if I can get it, but honestly when looking at strollers, I wanted to make sure I had the essentials with a few bells and whistles, something "Cosi" (pun intended) for the little one and of course safe. Keep in mind, we have standards that strollers and car seats must meet here in Canada. Therefore you won't be able to buy a stroller or car seat that isn't safe. So keep that in the back of your head when shopping these million dollar items. The option we were looking at had everything we wanted, the car seat, the stroller, the toddler seat that can grow as baby grows and the bassinet. It was the full bundle. This was what we were thinking we would go with, until a quick note from one of the sales representative making a solid different between the Maxi Cost and the UPPABaby. So, naturally let's get into the UPPAbaby. What was our selling point? Well, it had all of these features, of course number one being safe, number two having the bundle option, and then the pluses like looking sheek, having colour options and other bells and whistles that any momma may dream of. What made the shift mostly in my husbands mind was that the Uppababy has ONE button that can unlatch the care seat, the stroller seat etc. It also has a very simple apparatus to fold the stroller in half. My husband is not one to spend more money on something if he does not need too, but the one button selling point REALLY made his eyes widen. Sold! Truthfully, I am excited about this switch up! I think the one button, easy release will be used more than we can give credit for at this moment. This we saw as a huge convenience so that when we are walking our dog Frankie, we can still remove baby with one hand. Or if we have bags or groceries etc. its just an easier removal. The second thing that got us, is the UPPAbaby stroller called the Vista V2 has the ability to add another seat down the road. This is perfect for if and when we choose to have another child. This was a big deal, and again a big marker for convenience so that we don't need to buy another stroller for baby number 2! This was our lucky day, because with all these necessities and the pluses of the bells and whistles were found in one option. With already being sold on the UppaBaby Vista V2, we were also offered a SALE PRICE on the model we wanted! This was because the colour that was on sale was last years colour and they were trying to get rid of their over stock. We got what we wanted and more, with the bells and whistles AND saved money! I heard from a number of girlfriends that Uppababy was a very loved stroller and highly , recommended! They were even shocked with the sale price because Uppababy very rarely has sales, so keep your eyes peeled, maybe you will score with a sale too! We purchased ours through SnuggleBugz

With UPPABaby, there are a few stroller options based on needs and wants, so its definitely worth the browse to see which model matches your wish list! UPPAbaby was marketed to us as one of, if not the most popular option and as our sales representative said "they have cornered the market and thought of everything".

Moving on to what they told us was the top brand name in stroller worlds. The Nuna! The cost is significantly higher than the other two options I had mentioned. Not that this was of huge interest to us to begin with, but with Nuna strollers and car seats are not compatible with any other brand. Meaning you can not buy an adapter for their car seat to attach to another base or another stroller etc. The other thing, that I think Nuna needs to get onto is having a bassinet option (at least the store we went to didn't have this option). I really wanted one of these and they didn't have this, so hey if you are a sales representative or in the factory maybe suggest there's a need in the market! For me, the Nuna didn't stand out enough and the downfall of needing the same brand for everything created potential conflict in the future (I was thinking of easy transportation between my car to the grandparents, having multiple children etc.) There wasn't enough pluses for me to be happy with the investment, again... these are TOTALLY personal preferences!!

As the weeks continue to pass, I will continue to learn, explore more resources and have other tips and tricks from mommas coming on here! This is the first of many moms entries I am sure... If you are here for it, stay tuned and spread the word to other fellow pregnant ladies! If it was not your jam, no offence taken! You can stay tuned for more blogs specifically targeting all things beauty and skincare.

Thanks SO much for hanging out with me. I really do hope this helped in SOME capacity, one way or another. I just felt so strongly to share this, right now, not entirely sure why... but I am sure down the road it will all make sense.

I love being a resource. I love being an open book . I love creating community and I love making an impact in any type of way. Thank you to all of those mommas I have learned from already and thank you to the mommas I have yet to learn from! I appreciate all your advice, expertise and support!

Hang in there Momma and baby, you are doing better than you feel!

PS. you are also looking hotter than you feel, just in case you needed to hear that. Girlfriend, you still got it!

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