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Foundation facial - The Best Place to Start

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Hey there! I'm so glad you're here! Welcome to your one-stop-shop for learning all about Inspirations Foundation Facial.

The foundation facial has evolved from what used to be called the Custom Facial. The Custom Facial was the very first facial I ever offered, and the only facial I offered for quite some time! It's so incredibly fun to see how this facial has evolved with my business, and how loved this option really is! This facial has grown with me throughout my business - the more I learn, the better this facial gets and the more I can educate you. The more courses I take, the more technique I can incorporate. The more product lines I bring in, the more options that can be used. See what I mean?! Over the years this service truly has up-levelled which has be so exciting to grow with and means its even more exciting to see where it can continue to go and grow. The Custom Facial, which is now the Foundation Facial honestly keeps getting better!

I changed the name for many reasons, like mentioned; this service is forever evolving; but also because this was and is the go to option for those who may not know what they want or what they need, and for those who want to learn about their skin and have something customized. This is the foundation of where to begin.

As the name changed, I created part 1 and part 2 to this service. Part one being the foundation facial on its own. Curated for those who want a customized Treat•ment but also want to indulge in relaxation. This takes the guessing away for clients and leaves the work in my hands! Part 2 of the Foundation Facial is a full skin Analysis and consultation prior to the Treat•ment; providing the ability to have an in-depth conversation about the skin, skin concerns, goals and how we can make the dream skin a reality. Once this is complete you will indulge in the Foundation facial, a fully customized Treat•ment for you! Foundation Facial part 2 is truly the best of both worlds. At the end of the facial you will also receive an email with everything we had discussed so you can continue to learn, use the resources provided and resort back whenever you need.

Why is it the most popular facial you ask? Don't you worry, as you continue to learn about this facial, that question will be answered for you! In addition to answering that question, you will learn What is the Foundation Facial? Why is the Foundation Facial the best place for me to start? How can this facial serve me? and What am I going to get out of this? AND! To make this even better, here are additional resources I have for you! This is great if you like multiple ways to learn! Here is the link to my Podcast Episode on this topic, and I also recommend going to my Instagram, @inspirationsbeautyclinic, as you will find a highlight option that is specifically tailored towards foundation facials.

First, let's clarify that this is the Foundation Facial option that you would receive at Inspirations Beauty Clinic! This means that if you see 'Custom Facial' or 'Foundation Facial' on anyone else's service menu or with another business, it won't be the same as what I practice and offer! It may be the same name, but it won't be the same experience! Inspirations Foundation Facial is a facial that is completely customized to your skin the day and moment of your appointment. Whatever is existing and going on with the skin when I see you, will dictate how the service will go! The skin guides me to know what products to use, what tools to choose and what techniques are important to get the best results. This means I don't follow specific steps or protocols. I really tune in with you and your skin and follow the skin concerns and my intuition. I strongly believe in intuitive healing and personalized treatments.

The foundation facial is a Treat•ment curated just for YOU. This is aTreat•ment unique to Inspirations Beauty Clinic - It is unlike anything you have experienced, and it’s a favourite among our clientele. We tap into your skin's cravings’ using expertise, intuition, and create the perfect nourishing cocktail to serve your skin with the highest quality products. It is anything but a basic facial. This service is a mix of techniques, modalities, tools and products specifically tailored to your skin, your goals, and your desires. By tuning into your skin, you are able to tune out distractions and dial into yourself. Leave the rest to us while we cultivate the magic from within. You will leave feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, and deeply connected to your skin. As mentioned, this Treat•ment is always evolving. It is the perfect option to dip your toes into skincare and experience what our services are all about. Great for any skin type.

Please Note: Each session and experience will be unique to the individual. If you are new to our clinic, this is the best place to start for a custom and decadent experience.

This addition takes the Foundation Facial to the next level. This custom add-on includes a personalized full skin consultation for you and your skincare goals. It is an incredible blend of customization with a wide variety of modalities, technique, knowledge, expertise, tools, skin analysis, and my favourite part, spiritual intuition. I have curated this addition for those who are so ready to learn about their skin on a much deeper level. You will receive a full consultation, analysis and protocol for your skin. This addition to the Foundation Facial is THE upleveled experience. It’s like having a personalized skin care coach.

Feeling excited about this Treat•ment right?! Let me give you a quick example of a Foundation Facial.

You arrive and it's 5 pm on a very cold wintery day, you just finished your workday, and unfortunately, the day was quite stressful so you are looking forward to your relaxing facial. It's also a Monday, and your weekend was quite hectic. Your skin is showing the stress you are facing. This means your skin is experiencing some redness, flushing, uneven skin tone, heat, blemishes, and dryness. Therefore, those are the exact concerns I would target and treat. These symptoms are your skin's way of talking to me and needing attention to soothe and calm the skin. My intuition and knowledge would then lead me to the steps I would take. With the example provided (redness, flushing, uneven skin tone, heat, blemishes, and dryness) this is the skin showing signs of disruption and a compromised barrier. I would in this circumstance choose soothing and hydrating cleansers, depending on the skin sensitivity I would use cold or warm steam, involve my micro-current, LED and ice rollers. Of course it doesn't just stop there, I would continue the customization through the masks, serums, and other massage techniques. Its customized during the entire service! The Foundation Facial is a facial that serves, treats, and enhances prolonged skin health. This option is very rarely the same! With all the options I have at my fingertips it's likely you will experience new sensations each treatment! The treatments evolve as your skin evolves!

If you are interested in the addition, we start our time together off with a skin analysis and a consultation, which gives us both confidence in the Treat•ment plan in clinic and the Treat•ment plan for home. I explain what I see in the skin during my analysis and share my thoughts. As I ask you questions, I can learn even more on how to guide you on steps you can take to see improvement, or maybe even advise you in stopping some practices you are doing or products you are using that are actually contributing to your skin's upset. There is absolutely NO judgment in this space. There is no need to be embarrassed with the state of your skin or the lack of knowledge you may have, that is exactly why I do what I do. I love to heal, I love to help, and I love to educate! As I continue to work with your skin, learn more about you, your habits, the way your skin responds and routines, this is where we can take the customization even further.

This is exactly why the Foundation Facial is the best place to start! And even BETTER if you start with the consultation option. If you are unsure what facial option is best for you (I hear this a lot) the Foundation Facial with the Addition is the perfect option! Want to learn about your skin and know what are the best ways to treat your skin? Say yes to the Foundation Facial! Do you need a routine to be set in place so you can see results? The Foundation Facial is a beautiful way to explore and learn! Maybe your skin is extremely sensitive, but you are craving a day to relax but also a way to try and calm your skin, the Foundation Facial can be tailored to your sensitive skin, no worries here!

With the Foundation Facial, It is intentionally curated to create the best experience and to get on the right track for you and your skin goals and health! This wonderful facial provides an immense amount of comfort because you never have to worry if you booked the right facial when you choose the Foundation Facial because no matter how you are feeling and no matter what your skin is saying there is always something I can do! Part of the customization is blending a variety of products and brands within one visit! So no worries if you have wrinkles on your forehead, dry and red cheeks, and blemishes on your chin and jawline. I can customize the facial targeting and healing those three skin types and concerns in one facial. I will do this by using masks and serums on the forehead that target collagen production, cellular renewal, plumping and hydration to smooth out the wrinkles and give them a boost to plump up! I would also use soothing, calming, hydrating masks and serums on the cheeks, and for the blemishes on the chin and jawline, I would help treat the oil and bacteria while also doing extractions. See! 3 concerns tackled in one facial, just by products! I didn't even touch on the tools and techniques I can add! It's not like you had to make separate appointments for each concern, phew!

With a variety of product lines available for me to choose from, I have the flexibility to provide a treatment targeted to your preferences, lifestyle, and health. For example, I have two product lines that I use that are fully vegan and botanical-based. I have two product lines that are fully gluten free. I have two product lines that are medical grade. I have a product that is safe to use on pregnant or breastfeeding individuals. I have a product line that is safe for someone who is or has undergone cancer treatments. I really take pride in the variety of skin brands I carry and use, not only because I think they are all fantastic but also because it follows the flexibility of having an option for anyone, as you can see I really believe in customization.

I hope that this blog helped and that you also ventured off to the other resources I provided for you! I love doing what I do and I am thrilled to see you soon for your Foundation Facial!

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