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Episode 39 | led; professional & home care

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Hey Friends!

As promised, here is the complimentary blog entry for the LED Podcast Episode (Episode 39)! This is for you to refer back to so that you have all the info you need in one place! That's the whole point right!? Gathering as much information as we can to make the best suitable decision for your skin! This blog entry and episode will not only provide information but also help give you great skin results and maybe even save you a few bucks!

Before I get started, if you haven't yet... could you pause reading this and take a moment to write a review on the podcast!? It could be about this specific episode or anything you feel you want to share! Go to iTunes or your podcast app on your phone, and search Inspirations Beauty Show. When you scroll all the way down, you'll see the reviews! Give them a read to see what people are saying, then you'll have the option to write your own! Just like that, you can leave a rating and a review. It would mean the world if you could take a few minutes to help make sure more people know about the podcast!

Now, let's get to the information that I shared in my episode and said I would provide! This blog is all about explaining the colors, brands, benefits, nanometers (depth into the skin), and options for you on the market! I know all of this was already covered in the episode, so refer to that here too.

Let's start with colors. The main colors often used in LED are Blue, Red, and Orange but I will also outline all colors, as there are some home and professional devices that use more than the popular 3! Colors range from 3-8 per device, and the colors can vary in shade too, which counts as two color options.

Green light (a color used in my treatment room and available in a mask option that I retail) is great for healing sensitives in the skin It's beneficial for releasing some of the redness and heat from the skin, treating broken capillaries, and helping rosacea. Green is the color I use in treatment for clients that have sensitive skin, or if we are working on their compromised skin barrier. Green LED is also a helpful and beneficial treatment after micro-needling or a chemical peel, as the green light helps trigger more healing and helps to calm the skin. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that help to relieve irritation.

Blue light is effective at treating bacteria, inflammation, and congestion. Therefore, blue LED is a perfect and popular option for acne-prone skin or skin that has active acne lesions. Blue LED is great to help heal blemishes before they fully surface, or even to treat those stubborn under the skin bumps and cysts. Blue LED can also be beneficial in helping control oil production and help in the long term with pore size, as it reduces activity in the sebaceous glands, which helps control and reduce bacteria in the skin (aka pimples).

Orange light is used for treating pigmentation and damaged cells to create an even complexion. It helps revitalize the skin and help with wrinkles, which makes this an overall healthy skin treatment. This is a great option as a treatment before a special event, or to add with an age prevention or oxygenation treatment! Orange light helps give your skin that extra boost!

Red light is the most used light treatment, as red LED is used to produce and stimulate collagen, trigger cell regeneration, promote firmness and tightness in the skin, and lift and contour the face. Red light is used to stimulate skin cells called fibroblasts. Fibroblasts are important to help make collagen, and as we know, collagen is super important for healthy aging and healing of the skin. Since red light stimulates collagen and cell regeneration this can and will also help treat any scarring.

Yellow Light is mainly used for wound healing or sunburns, to help the skin's overall health and recovery.

Purple Light is a blend of the red and blue LED benefits mixed in one color! Offering both benefits and properties of healthy aging and treating bacteria. Purple is also known for its cellular oxygenation and regeneration which helps in healing blemishes and restoring skin.

Blending colors in one treatment provides many benefits. This is true of all of the colors; customization and changing colors is what can really enhance skin results. For example, consider the following skin concerns:

Active Acne: Blue LED & Red LED. Blue to treat the bacteria, to help control the oil and stop bacteria from spreading. Red LED to heal and trigger cellular healing and encourage healthy collagen for recovery.

Aging, Pigmentation Damaged Cells: Orange LED, Yellow LED, Red LED. The blend of these colors is strictly to encourage new growth, target pigmentation, and treat damage. This will help firm the skin and produce healthy collagen and in turn, as the cells regenerate and tighten the damage under the skin will also be treated.

Now for the retail options I shared in the episode, here's what's available for you:

The Illumen Handheld LED has 3 colors (blue, orange, and red). The nanometers with this specific device range from 635nm deep (the deepest is the red LED color option). The orange goes 585nm deep and the blue goes 470 nm. The price of this is $189 plus tax and of course is retailed here at Inspirations Beauty Clinic!

The 7 LED color mask is the second LED device available here at the clinic. This lightweight, wearable mask option has 7 colors to choose from. Red LED goes 620-720 nm deep, Blue LED goes 475-495 nm deep, Orange LED treats the skin at 590-620 nm, Green LED at 520 nm, Purple LED & Cyanine LED are also two color options! The price of this mask is also $189 plus tax.

Other options that I don't retail, but have seen and heard about on the market, are as follows:

The Spectralite Faceware Pro Dr. Dennis LED mask retails at $555 commonly found at Sephora. I searched and looked for more accurate information about this specific and popular LED device specifically wanting to find the nanometer depth of the color options but unfortunately could not find this information. The LED color options that I found that are available with this device are the blue and red LED options.

Foreo is another option. I have heard good things about this device, Foreo seems to have a good understanding of skincare and the popular things on the market as they have a wide variety of skin tool options. Foreo UFO is an LED device and can be found at Sephora and I have also seen and heard of it available at privately owned clinics as well. The UFO Foreo device also has 7 LED options which means you can choose from Red, Green, Blue, White, Purple, Orange, Yellow. I saw this device retailing between $375-400.

Omnilux; this is an LED face mask that I did not share on my episode. I started seeing it all over my Instagram after recording this episode. This device uses red and near-infrared LED. This means that red is transmitted into the skin at different wavelengths. Red LED going 633 nanometers deep, where the near-infrared will reach 830 nm. This device retails for $475

The last option that I have seen and heard about available for retail at OROGOLD is the Marvelous 24k gold skincare LED system. This retails at the mall from a big box store for $9,950. Yes... I am not kidding and no this is not a typo. This option has three colors Red, Orange, and Blue. The red LED reaches 625nm, the blue LED reaches 465nm and the orange LED reaches 592 nm deep.

You can do your own comparing of nm, color options, and price... I just am here to provide you with the information I have come across. I hope this blog has complemented the podcast in a way that has you even MOOOORRE aware and in the know! Be careful and educated, the beauty industry can be so darn convoluted but I am here to try and simplify it and give you the facts!

Happy learning, happy shopping, and happy skincare routine-ing!

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