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Micro-Peels, a HOT topic

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Hey there! Welcome to a blog about a facial I have been hearing lots about (and you probably have as well) but, to be honest with you, I was completely avoiding this facial… why you ask? Well, because in school we were taught to avoid facials like this, so naturally when I heard about this type of intense facial, I squealed and ran in the opposite direction. However, I kept hearing about it, and was like okay… the beauty industry changes so quickly, and I know new products and services are always coming out; which, got me thinking. One main thought was “let’s face it, school was a while ago”, another prominent thought was “if everyone is doing it, why am I avoiding it?” which naturally lead me to my next and final thought “Danielle you need to do your research!” So, I did! Hopefully this blog finds you well and is an easy read. I have broken it down into a Question/Answer type of blog (which was requested) and have also provided you with 6 client testimonials from this facial.

What is a Micro-Peel? A Micro-Peel is the combination of two effective result driven medical grade facial treatments. One option being Dermaplaning and the other being Microdermabrasion mixed with a glycolic peel. There you have it a MICRO – PEEL. Yes, the name says it all.

What is the difference between Microdermabrasion and the Micro-Peel? Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive facial that provides the skin with a gentle yet intense exfoliation, sloughing off dead skin, and triggers new cells to grow and produce. Microdermabrasion has two main properties. One is that the machine absorbs the dead skin off of the epidermis (the outer most top layer of the skin), while simultaneously spitting crystals at the skin which provide these effective exfoliation properties. As microdermabrasion gently removes the top layer of dead skin cells, the glycolic which is applied afterwards, provides an additional deep clean loosening any remaining dead skin cells or stuck bacteria. I like to explain microdermabrasion as a vacuum removing all the dirt and debris on the surface and use the analogy of Velcro when talking about glycolic. Glycolic acid really loosens and lifts the bacteria allowing for that excess skin or bacteria to be stuck to the Velcro (AKA glycolic). Together these steps are highly effective, not only in exfoliating factors and deep cleaning properties, but, also to enhance healthy production which leads to glowing skin for days.

As much as microdermabrasion is a beautiful and effective facial treatment the Micro-Peel steps it up a notch by doing all that and more! Adding in the glycolic peel, using 20% or lower after one single pass of microdermabrasion truly provides an ultra-deep exfoliation that lifts more bacteria, works at fighting stubborn sunspots more rigorously and helps extractions slide out more effortlessly. The mix of the physical exfoliation done by the microdermabrasion and the chemical exfoliation done by the glycolic truly leaves the skin fresh, tight, clean, light and all kinds of glowy!

What is the difference between the Glycolic Peel and the Micro-Peel? Glycolic treatments do not get the added benefits of the mechanical exfoliation that microdermabrasion does. Pairing these two options together provides an intricate and in-depth exfoliation to slough off the old skin and to immediately charge the new skin. As deep as the Glycolic can penetrate into the skin, having the pass of microdermabrasion unlocks a lot of skin cells so that the glycolic has less to work through, providing faster results. Glycolic acid is applied to the skin to remove the outermost damaged layers of the skin, this is to “unstick” the old cells from the new cells and let the new cells regenerate and breath while removing and sloughing off the old cells. The treatment itself has a triple effect! This treatment: 1. cleans your skin; 2. exfoliates at the deepest level; and, 3. triggers old cells to slough off or repair as well as making room for new happy, healthy cells which gives a beautiful glow!

Is this Treatment Safe?

If done by a professional, then yes, this service is safe! I will be watching the skin to see its response which will provide me answers on how to proceed with the treatment.I will also not do this on skin that I do not think can tolerate it!

If the Micro-peel is safe, why did you squeal and run in the opposite direction at first? In school we were taught that this type of facial would be too much for skin to handle, and there is some truth to that in terms of specific skin types. This is also why it is super important to see a professional. Over time we have learned that specific facials can be blended together IF modifications are made, which completely contradicts what I was once taught. It is true that skin should not undergo a full microdermabrasion facial and simultaneously undergo a full glycolic treatment. Since learning about the Micro-Peel, it taught me that this procedure involves ONE pass from the microdermabrasion machine (rather than the full 3) and uses the lightest percent of glycolic leaving it on for ONLY 1 minute (rather than having variations of percentages leaving the peel on anywhere from 3-6 minutes). The other factors that keep this facial safe are, sensitive, calming and hydrating products are used. Any active ingredients or intense products are completely avoided to ensure that no further irritation or potential damage arises. The other important note that comes in the safety of this facial is the aftercare that I provide for you. If you follow these important steps, you will keep your skin healthy and will avoid any long-term damage. Yes, if done incorrectly or homecare is not followed you COULD damage your skin severely. Professional services and after care are an absolute must with these types of treatments.

What are the benefits of a Micro-Peel?

The Micro-Peel has incredible results as is it pairing two incredible result driven medical facials together. The benefits include reduction of pore size, improvement of texture and appearance of sunspots, fine lines and an overall healthy glow. This facial also allows for extractions to be smooth because both exfoliation properties work together allowing for more accessibility to loosening of the pores. With the heavy exfoliation it also helps prevent and treat the already existing fine lines, wrinkles, skin tone and brightness. Overall this facial has many benefits in providing a beautiful glow to the skin showing off its youthful new cells. It doesn’t end here, there’s more! Another incredible benefit is that it seriously helps with pigmentation damage/issues. Whether the pigmentation damage is from blemishes leaving scarring and or sunspots damaging our skin… this powerful duo exfoliation truly aggravates those old damage cells and gets them to move the frig out! See you later damage, hello bright, beautiful, tight, youthful skin!

When should I expect to see the results from this facial? You will feel and see a difference right away! You will feel your skin feeling lighter and simply put, it will feel so fresh and so clean! You will feel like a weight of bacteria and stuck guck has been lifted (because it literally has!). You will also feel your skin texture is hella smooth! You will notice a healthy brightness and tightness that will make the fine lines or sunspots less prominent. These results can last up to two weeks! Although people have different long-standing results and different sensations after the facial those are the common results.

What should I expect during this treatment?

Depending on how sensitive your skin is you might feel a light scratch from the first pass of the microdermabrasion, it truly is dependent how tolerant your skin is. After the pass of microdermabrasion, the glycolic acid is applied. This feels warm, itchy and tingly. I move the product around massaging it into your skin, these movements not only activate the products and allows them to work harder and deeper, but it also alleviates the irritation of the itch. The neutralizer is then sprayed and at first it is quite startling… but after it really helps subside the tingle. The remainder of the facial (besides the extractions) is not painful. Some may experience some warmth tingling sensation when other products are applied, but I am always there just in case and can apply a cold compress or calming products at any moment. Review the client testimonials of the facials to see how different people and different skin types responded.

Is there any down time? It really depends on how your skin reacts and or how sensitive your skin is. Some skin types are more tolerant then others. Let’s start off with if you will be red or not. So, first things to consider with this is the more natural pigment you have in your skin the least likely the redness or pinkness will show through your natural complexion. A fair individual would show more flushing then a darker skin type, so consider that in the healing process. Will I break out? I know you don’t like this answer but it’s always a 50/50 when you get a facial, this is because facials involve a lot of stimulation and detoxification processes that does in fact bring bacteria to the surface. Some skin types experience break outs, some do not… unfortunately there even was no consistency in my client’s testimonials either, that showed it was a toss-up. Dryness and flakiness are another probable reaction and are part of the healing process. Dryness and flakiness are the most common symptoms after this facial treatment. This is good because this is part of the skin regenerating and renewing… although this is a normal step it’s not the most attractive as the skin appears dry for some days after the facial, this is probably the biggest "complaint” of this facial. The best way to treat this is to drink lots of water and continue using hydrating products, such as creamy cleansers, hyaluronic acid and heavy moisturizers which I retail in store. Another great option is to come back in 5-8 days for an oxygenating facial to load up on hydration. Please avoid exfoliating, and let the skin heal naturally as tempting as it will be to exfoliate, please, please, please avoid any exfoliation for 2 weeks!

The biggest thing to try to avoid immediately after the facial is makeup, working out and or warm steamy places (such as steam rooms, saunas or hot yoga) keep the skin clear from any heat or friction and bacteria. This will lead to the best results and minimal down time.

How often should I get this facial done?

This will be dependent on your skin type, the severity of your condition and how tolerant your skin was to the first treatment. The healing process and the after care will help with that conclusion. An oxygenating facial, custom facial or even an LED facial would be great follow up services to promote results and maintain the skins hydration and cell regeneration without interrupting the natural progress. With this specific intense exfoliation I would likely not do it any sooner than every 6 weeks.

Check out these awesome client testimonials for some more guidance!

Client #1. - Female age 26 *no serious skin concerns, light/olive skin tone Procedure:

-microdermabrasion 1 Pass on 20

-20% glycolic 3 minutes (Nancy Brown)

-1-minute Nancy brown neutralizer

Feedback: - The massage and consistent movement of the product made it more tolerable, if the product was left alone for even a second, the tingly, burning sensation was back.

-Stung a little bit when some products were applied (specifically hyaluronic acid serum and moisturizer) - Super impressed with the pore size reduction and minimized appearances of the pores - Loves the smoothness of her skin - Results lasted a long time! - Definitely would do it again

Reaction: - Not terribly red, very light pink - Pinkness was gone by nighttime - Beautiful tight glow - No blemishes surfaced - Did not experience any flakiness - Did not experience any long-lasting sensitivities

Client #2. Female age 26*Uneven skin tone, fine lines, sunspots, light/pale skin


-Microdermabrasion 1 pass on 20

-20% glycolic 1 minute

-No neutralizer (which I learned was a must – good thing this is my own testimonial :P) Feedback:

- Very sensitive and stinging - Very red after procedure and redness lasted 3 days

- Stung when put hyaluronic acid on

- Stung when put bio hydria moisturizer on - Stung when did home care for about 3 days

Reaction: - Redness and blotchiness was obvious - Irritation and warmth stayed flushed for about 2 days - Skin felt warm immediately after facial and for a few days after the facial - Light lasting sting when products were applied for about 2 days - A week later skin was not sensitive, no longer red or flushed - Experienced quite a bit of flakiness throughout the face - As the skin healed no long lasting sensitives, no long lasting redness - Smooth texture and appearance as lasted well

Client #3 Female age 56 *treating aging skin pale/pink skin tone Procedure:

-Microdermabrasion 1 pass on 20 - 20% glycolic (3 minutes) - 1 minute neutralizer Feedback: - Very tolerable - No itch or sting with application of products after the glycolic was removed - No itchiness, irritation after the facial - Skin feels less tight and dull - Results have been long term and long lasting - Skin feels lighter and client liked the minimization of the fine lines and wrinkles Reaction: - Pink after the facial with some blotchiness - Pinkness was evident and lasted about 2 days - Experienced some red spots but they lifted after a few days - Face felt warm and flushed for the day after the facial

- Would recommend and do this treatment again

Client #4 Female Age 26, *prone to blemishes, stubborn inflamed acne, warm/olive natural skin tone Procedure: - Microdermabrasion 1 pass on 20 completely avoiding and going around active blemishes - 20% glycolic (3 minutes) - 1 minute neutralizer Feedback: - Itchy throughout facial, however the massage and movement of the products helped - The mask and moisturizer did feel warm and itchy - Could feel more activity in the specific spots where she had active cystic blemishes - Tolerable, however overall the treatment was fine… the most discomfort was during the extractions Reaction: - Redness was not bad immediately after facial, although redness did seem to become more evident as the day went on - Day of appointment skin was red, blotchy, felt warm and stingy - When cleansed skin and applied moisturizer at night skin felt warm and stingy - Sensitive skin after for about 3 days - Experienced some breakouts that surfaced into white heads - Blemishes that were present before treatment seemed to heal faster than they previously have - New blemishes that appeared after the facial were more surface blemishes over painful cystic acne

Client #5 Female age 35 *treating severe sun damage evident throughout the entire face - Microdermabrasion pass on 20 - 3 minutes glycolic application using 20% - 1 minute neutralizer Feedback: - Tolerable - When the glycolic was applied skin felt very warm and sensitive. Could really feel the activity of the glycolic

Reaction: - Few blemishes day after treatment - Skin seemed to purge more with the combination of microdermabrasion verses just the glycolic application - Skin did not show much colouration or flushing after the treatment - After treatment skin did not feel any more sensitive and washing did not cause any irritations

Client #6 Female age 25 *Highly sensitive reactive skin

Procedure: - Microdermabrasion one pass on 20 - 3 minute application of 20% glycolic - 1 minute neutralizer spray

Feedback: - Warm and tingly throughout - Microdermabrasion was tolerable and felt like an intense yet light exfoliation - Glycolic was itchy and sensations were evident but the movement was beneficial - Not as sensitive/warm as client (or even myself to be honest) thought - Liked the facial and skin felt super clean and healthy immediately afterwards - Loves the results


- Skin was light pink after facial - Pinkness only lasted 2 days - Had a few small breakouts day after treatment but they quickly subsided (quicker then they normally have) - Breakouts that did surface healed super quick and did not leave any evidence on the skin

What do you think? Are you ready for this facial!?

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