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Skincare Gone glamping

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

It’s vacation season here in Canada, you know….SUMMERTIME! We only get a few nice, warm, months out of the year, so I'm totally on board for taking advantage of all things outdoors while we can. That being said, I'm a big believer that skincare should be a priority all months of the year, no matter the circumstance! This includes when going camping! I know this probably sounds crazy, but hear me out because even though you may be CAMPING your skincare routine will be GLAMPING! Forget hauling bags of skincare into the woods, because the routine I am going to suggest is going to be more simple than you are assuming.

I want to be able to support you in all ways! This includes the times when you are unsure of what skincare products should be a priority or how to take care of your skin even in not the best of scenarios (AKA camping... even when there's no fresh water available)!

Camping usually involves busy activity-packed days with children, potentially a few too many drinks, layers of sunscreen and bug spray, and that infamous campfire smell… so its safe to say there is not much time for a skin routine, nor are there many resources to provide what your home routine looks like. Let’s not worry about your home routine until you are back home, you are on vacation after all. The hope I have with this entry is to simply highlight the skin must-haves to never leave behind!

Below you will find your camping skincare routine - the glamping basics if you will. Of course, by all means, you can spruce it up and bring more products, these are just the bare bones of a good camping routine. This all being said, when you get home do a double cleanse and maybe even book in with me for a facial, we can do a deep glorious clean!

1. Micellar Water. This will replace the cleansing step. I ONLY recommend this for these situations. CAMPING SPECIFICALLY. Micellar water IS NOT a cleanse on a normal day, I REPEAT Micellar water does not count as a cleanse any other day. Micellar water is suggested here because it's better than nothing. A generous double wipe using micellar water will remove residue, sweat, sunscreen, and any other camping residue. Micellar water was originally formulated for models in between shoots and runway looks, it was intended for a quick wipe not a full cleanse, so if it wasn't intended to be used as a cleanse, let's not make that a thing! Of course, this wipe is not as good as a cleanser would be, but it's better than nothing. Micellar on a cotton round can be done at night before you crawl into your sleeping bag. It's a perfect compromise because it's easy to pack, easy to use, no water necessary, no mirror necessary, and super quick! Totally camping approved!

I recommend Arbonnes Micellar water! It's plant-based, gluten-free, and kosher and I very much trust the formulation and ingredient policy! If you want you can check it out and even order it through this link

2. Copper Firming Mist. This is a versatile product that takes skincare to the next level. It's so simple to use (yup, you literally just hold it in front of your face and do a spritz or two), such an easy thing to have in your routine, no matter if you are camping or not! Use this copper firming mist to protect your skin from free radicals and environmental pollutants.This is a perfect addition as you are braving the outdoors! The antioxidants work to neutralize pollutants while the copper regulates your skin's pH levels. They also stimulate collagen production to give your complexion a smoother, more youthful appearance. There are so many great uses and benefits to this product, and especially if you can't get a good cleanse in and need to keep it quick and simple, this product is the boost from camping to glamping. Another easy to use, no mirror required, perfect for camping product. This product is available to purchase through my clinic!

3. Hyaluronic Acid. Seriously if you follow me at this point you are like, alright Danielle we get it. Hyaluronic Acid is your favorite serum, tell us something we don't already know. I am going to tell you why it's my recommendation for camping (in addition to just having it in your routine, here is the blog all about this serum ) but maybe you don't know why hyaluronic acid is part of my glamping suggestions...

As I mentioned before, camping trips usually involve lots of outdoor activities, potential beach days, alcohol consumption, and likely not your "normal" daily water or food intake, or even choices for that matter. As we enjoy our time camping the lack of cleansing and the heightened exposure to sun and outdoor activities decrease the suppleness in our skin. Our skin quickly becomes lackluster, dehydrated, and texturized. Hyaluronic Acid is incredible at fighting the signs of dehydration and can really quench skin that had .... shall we say, some better moments. You will feel the difference in your skin immediately after using it, and trust me when I say your skin will heal better and experience less damage after your camping trip by using it! This product is safe and extremely beneficial to use twice a day. Pump a small amount onto your hand and apply it to your full face. It's that easy! This product is available to purchase at Inspirations Beaty Clinic!

4. Elta MD. This is the sunscreen I rave about, there are options for all skin types, and there's even a tint option which is truly a fan fav. Its ONE of the many reasons why I love this sunscreen. It acts as my daily CC cream and provides coverage, hydration, and UV protection... I don't think I could ask for more in one product! This sunscreen does not feel like a sunscreen. EltaMD® UV Daily Broad-Spectrum SPF 40 is a sheer, lightweight, broad-spectrum, mineral-based moisturizing sunscreen. There is no cakey feeling when you put it on, and it is formulated with hyaluronic acid (yahhoooo) to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Win-win! Apply this every morning before you crawl out of your tent. This is not required at night. In the morning before you start your day make sure you use enough to generously cover your full face, neck, and ears! PS. Grabbing your body sunscreen and covering your body is also highly recommended here too! This product is available to purchase at Inspirations Beauty Clinic.

Aren't you glad you saved the eye roll because HOW EASY WAS THAT! In addition to those must-have glamping products, please remember to pack and use a hat to cover your scalp, ears and face as well as beach umbrellas and SPF clothing and or bathing suits! If you can, avoid wearing makeup. This contributes to keeping your skin routine super easy and avoids havoc for your skin. Some additional recommendations that can further enhance your simple yet effective camping skin health setup.

I have provided a link below for you with some more glamping recommendations. It has the Micellar water in the cart already, with a few additions. This link is for serious glampers.

Why these additions or products:

Fizz Sticks - well for obvious reasons because they are so dang delicious! They also promote water consumption so I am all for that on a sunny hot summer day. Here is a link to my Fizz blog as well for more information. These little sachets are easy to pack and take up no room at all. Simply add the sleeve to your water bottle and enjoy some healthy flavored water with some vitamin, mineral, and caffeine boost.

FunSun Sunscreen- a body sunscreen! Sunscreen is important for all areas of the skin so having a body and face sunscreen packed is a number one priority!

FunSun Soothing Gelee - As much as I like to believe you won't get burned on your camping trip (or ideally all summer) this may not be the case so this is a perfect product to have on hand! Immediately relieves burn pain and heat in the skin. This also sooth the skin perfectly so that the skin is not as sensitive the next day!

Hydrate Me Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer - this is an affordable option and easy to order if you are already putting an order through for your camping trip! Remember that hyaluronic acid is important for that long-term hydration, protection and prevention!

Maybe you are loving where this is going and are excited about this order coming to support your camping needs, I would also recommend adding in the protein bars as a quick easy healthy snack! Perfect for those long car drives, beach days, hikes, and late-night munchies! Make sure you check them out online because there are a few flavours!

If you are craving more information on these products, other products, or more skin health tips, in general, you can find more through other blogs I have posted, my Instagram (check posts, highlights, and reels), and of course my podcast episodes! If you still need more assistance, get in touch with me!

PS. There is an episode paired with this blog entry! SUPER EASY to get all the information you need and learn the way that is best for you!

Let me know what you think of this entry and my episode, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I liked creating it for you! Or get in touch on what you want more of! I am happy to be hanging out with you educating you on all things skin!

Happy glamping!

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