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What Facial is Best Suited for My Skin?

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

The question of “what facial would you recommend” is a question I get asked daily!

Granted, this is a fair question, as you may not know what your skin needs… which, may be why you are coming to me in the first place.

Therefore; my goal is that after reading this blog it will give you an idea of what facial is best suited for you and your skin goals. I hope that this will outline the differences between each treatment and what the end result from each treatment is so it can guide you in a better direction when booking your facial.

If you are not looking for a facial treatment right off the hop, or do not know where to start, I would suggest taking a browse at my three skin consultation options.

Here, I have outlined three options simply and beautifully for you. From which, you will find one suited for each individual and their needs depending on how serious the need or commitment is. The first option is the Primary Skincare Consultation. This option will outline the basics of what is going on with your skin and what products you should be using. The Primary Skincare Consultation focuses strictly on products that are suitable for your skin, and which products you should avoid. This consultation also advises you on how to properly use the products in an effective sequential order. Together, we will create a morning and night routine to boost the results you are looking for. The Primary skincare Consultation is offered in person or online and is $50 for 30 minutes. If you are looking for a consultation package that discusses products but also dives into genetics and or lifestyle habits the Secondary Skincare Consultation package is what you are looking for. During the Secondary Skincare Consultation I will not only discuss the products you are currently using, make suggestions with respect to other potential products, but, I will also conduct more of a health history. The health history will help highlight information to help us get to a better understanding of what other factors are involved aside from just the products. We will chat about influential factors such as medications, genetics, sensitivities and/or allergies, as well as a few simple lifestyle hacks that create a positive change within the cells. This consultation can also be done in person or online and is $85 for 45 minutes. If this seems intriguing to you but you still want more, then the Advanced Skincare Consultation package will be your bread and butter. The Advanced Skincare Consultation is the bee’s knees! It will uncover everything you need to know and more. During this consultation: products will be discussed; routines and techniques will be put in place; medications, allergies, sensitivities, genetics, health issues, stress, mental health, along with lifestyle habits, including, diet/nutrition will be discussed. Nutrition is a big topic covered within the Advanced Skincare Consultation, we will unpack how potentially, your diet is influencing your skin. After, you will leave with a wonderful assortment of healthy recipes and alternatives. In addition to a lot of conversation, a woods lamp analysis will be completed which will allow me to see the skin at a deeper level. This consultation package also comes with a 15% off month long discount on products and facials. Once the suggestions have been put in place a 15-minute follow-up appointment will be scheduled. This Advanced Skincare Consultation is the only option not offered online; for best results and proper skin analysis it must be done in person. This option is $150 for 1 hour.

If the skin consultations are not what interests you… the main question to ask yourself is “what am I looking for? Am I hoping to receive a relaxation facial or a facial treatment?” Already you are asking yourself “what is the difference?”

A relaxation facial is exactly that, it is a service to remove you from the daily hustle and bustle and to provide relaxation with some extra pampering and love for the skin. This relaxation facial excludes extractions and explanations of the skin. This is a great option for those needing that spa day or for a great gift option for that special occasion.

A facial treatment is a service where the main purpose is to figure out what the skin is telling us, and creating a treatment plan to focus on getting specific results. Meanwhile maintaining those aspects of relaxation throughout the service. In other words, during the facial treatment I will discuss with you what I see within the cells but will also provide you moments of silence and relaxation. The purpose of treatments is to provide you with both the spa experience but also a treatment that provides an effective service.

As you think on that, I will provide some descriptions of the services and what you may expect from them.

The famous and original facial; the Custom Facial! This treatment is all about customization! Everything is tailored to your skin at that very moment of your appointment. Each cleanser, serum, mask, exfoliant and cream is intentionally chosen to help improve, reverse or enhance the skin. No skin is ever the same. Even your skin will change each time you see me. This is the perfect option if you are unsure what your skin needs but want to get a routine in place or simply learn about your skin type. A custom facial can be done as often as you so choose. Since it is custom I have the ability to influence how intense or soothing the facial treatment is. Therefore, if you had a treatment that was an intense detox or one that flushed the skin you could have a facial the following week and I would focus the treatment on hydration and calming. These adjustments are simply made by which products and ingredients I use. The results from a custom facial vary per individual and per treatment. The custom facial results are found from the improvement of the skins texture. During the custom facial extractions are done which frees the skin from product build up, dead skin, sebum and other environmental grime. You will also notice improvement of skin brightness. The brightness comes from exfoliating dead skin cells allowing the new cells to be visible, exfoliation also encouraging new cell growth, which provides a very obvious glow. Naturally after extractions, exfoliation and specific products you will notice a great improvement of hydration within the skin. Hydrated skin also leads to less noticeable imperfections of the skin, such as fine lines or wrinkles.

I recommend the Custom facial to those who are looking to learn about their skin, those who are looking to create a routine, and for those who are wanting to maintain an affordable treatment plan. If you are looking for an effective result-driven facial but also a non invasive treatment, the Custom Facial is calling your name. Custom facial is also the perfect facial for my beginner clients to not only be introduced to the skincare world but also it gives me the opportunity to learn about your skin and to further assist you so that together we can create a realistic plan. I will analyze the skin gathering information so I know what products to use. During this analysis I will ask you the famous question of “what are your skin goals?”, or a question like “what is it that you want to treat today?”, or “if you could decide right now what would be the end result you are looking for with your skin?”. From the answers you provide for me, mixed with my expertise, together we have created that specific treatment and future skincare plan! After I have intrigued you with this customizable option, I am sure you are now curious “what is the price point for this service?”. The famous and original custom facial is $80.00 per treatment, or a package of six facials for $350; which means a savings of $130! Each facial appointment is an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes.

High frequency; this can be a facial treatment on its own or it can be added to a Custom Facial. “What is the point of high frequency and how do I know if I should add this treatment to my facial?” High frequency encourages blood circulation, which helps with brightness and tightness within the skin. Any skin type can benefit from brightness and tightness. Blood flow is important because oxygen is what feeds the skin and provides the healthiest, strongest cells. High frequency encourages cell regeneration, prevents aging and helps tighten skin that has already faced changes due to acne, aging, hormonal issues and/or health complications. High frequency will also help balance out skin tone, skin texture, skin discoloration as well as killing bacteria and shrinking pore size. It is the frequency given from the wand to the skin that provides oxygen to enable all of these benefits. High frequency can be altered based on the intensity or level of sensitivity of the skin. Again, proving that any skin type can experience and benefit from this treatment. The candidates that cannot experience or add high frequency to their facial treatment are those who have metal plates from the neck up, suffer from severe migraines (must get note from doctor), or anyone who is pregnant. High frequency does not hurt, and multiple treatments are required for results. A single treatment ranges from 30-40 minutes and is $45.00, or you can upgrade any facial and add this treatment for $30.00.

LED; this is that creepy mask that I am sure you have seen through my social media. This mask is the talk of the town! So often people are asking about this service and are so intrigued whether they can have a treatment. LED is a light therapy treatment. It is similar to high frequency; in that it can be added to any facial treatment and can be tailored and customized to any skin type and or beneficial in treating many skin complications. Each colour has a different property, adjustable time and adjustable intensity settings. At this point, depending on the skin and what we are treating I then customize which treatment will be conducted. There are 7 different colour options. Each different colour can be used within one treatment, again it is just based off of what we are treating. LED is beneficial for all skin types; even if you have no blemishes or scarring LED is a great treatment to have to help maintain where your skin is at. LED also prevents any future damage and slows down the aging process. If you are pregnant it is advised to avoid this treatment. The main reason it is recommended to avoid LED while pregnant is because the skin is highly susceptible to pigmentation due to all the hormonal changes happening within your body that influences the skin. Therefore to avoid potentially exacerbating pigmentation issues LED treatments are to be avoided while pregnant. Other then that, the only other stipulation is if you are planning to have this treatment you must stay out of the sun 24-48 hours prior and post treatment. After LED your skin is more susceptible to pigmentation damage; so be careful, avoid the sun directly after and always wear your SPF. You will not feel anything throughout this service other then potentially a light warm sensation and the weight of the mask on your face. Each LED treatment is 30-40 minutes, and costs $45.00. You may also add this treatment to any of the other facials for an additional $30.00.

Next up we have the PCA Oxygenating Facial treatment. This facial is suitable for any skin type and is beneficial for everyone! This PCA Oxygenating facial is one of my favorites; it provides an undeniable glow and leaves the skin hydrated for days. This facial treatment can be a service on its own or added to any facial except for micro needling (to be discussed later). This is the perfect facial to have just before a special event or during those dry harsh winter months. As previously noted, any skin type can handle and see benefits from this facial. It creates circulation within the cells, allowing the skin to be awakened and stimulates new cell growth. It also contributes to the undeniable glow. You can expect your face to glow for about 2-5 days after the treatment. It is advised to leave the product on your skin and to let it fully absorb. This treatment option helps fight fine lines and wrinkles, treats dryness and cracked skin and provides the youthful J-LO glow. Seriously, this is one of my favourite result driven facials! During this facial you can also expect to be relaxed as all the steps are accompanied with facial massage; I would have to say this is by far the most relaxing facial Inspirations Aesthetics has to offer. Please note, this facial excludes extractions unless paired with a custom, microdermabrasion or glycolic facial. If you have ever had extractions before… knowing this facial excludes them can also be a testimony of how relaxing this facial is! If you have never had extractions before… I will admit they are not comfortable but TOTALLY worth it in the end. For those of you who are unsure of what an “extraction” is, it is the proper way to remove blackheads. The PCA oxygenating facial is $65 per treatment or there is a promotional bridal package deal! If a bride has 3 or more bridesmaids come in for an oxygenating facial the bride will get hers free! Like some of the other facials, you may upgrade a facial by adding this treatment on for an additional $30.00.

Now for a type of facial that has been around and popular for years! Can you guess? Microdermabrasion is the correct answer!! Microdermabrasion is a very popular option as it gives lovely results without being too invasive. Microdermabrasion is a resurfacing treatment that will exfoliate the skin at a higher intensity than any type of product or facial brush. The machine that I use is a hand held device that gives me full control. This machine also has settings that I can change based off of the type of treatment we are striving for. Microdermabrasion removes the top dead layer of skin with its first pass. Once the dead layer is removed another pass with the device is used so that exfoliation can happen on the cells hiding under the dead skin. This step is called the “correcting step”. This step focuses on impurities of the skin such as: sun spots; scarring; fine lines; and, wrinkles . The correction stage is much more effective once the layer of dead skin has been removed. If the skin is tolerating the treatment well and the client is comfortable a third pass is conducted. This pass is another general over lay of the full face, doing a full intense exfoliation. Obviously with these steps one can see why this exfoliation is much more effective. In this treatment crystals are propelled onto the surface of he skin, clearing off all dead skin and letting those healthy layers shine through. After this service products work much more efficiently and effectively because they no longer have a thick barrier to work through. Products are absorbed much nicer which also means your skin is getting a better treatment for a few days following the facial!

Microdermabrasion is a medical facial treatment that is a solution and often used to treat sun damage, uneven skin texture and tone, fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, discoloration of pores, stretch marks and scarring. Microdermabrasion can also be a treatment for someone looking for a highly effective facial to maintain his or her current skin condition, and is a beautiful alternative to be used as a preventive measure. Microdermabrasion does not hurt, many people believe it will because of the intense exfoliation, however it feels like a light scratch, due to the ability to increase intensity the scratch can at moments feel more sensitive than others but the treatment itself is very tolerable. If you have any worries, please note, I will be checking in with you to make sure you are comfortable and can adjust the settings if need be. This treatment is on average an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes and is $120 per treatment. Since I love providing my clients with real results and am also a lover of saving money, I have created a package deal! Buy 5 treatments get the sixth free! This means this package of six treatments is $500 (valued at $720!!). “Am I a candidate for this facial?” If you do not have severe rosacea, active acne or are pregnant then, YES! This treatment is for you! If your rosacea is active, lets take care of that before we potentially make the sensitivities worse. If your acne is active, microdermabrasion should be avoided so we don’t cause you any pain or spread the bacteria, lets revisit this option when the congestion is controlled. Lastly, those who are pregnant… again, it is safe and smart to avoid any facial that can seriously alter the sensitivity of your skin since you are facing such big changes anyways. Pregnancy changes hormones and skin is often altered, therefore it is best to stick with a custom facial and to hold off on other treatments until after baby arrives.

All of Inspirations Aesthetics facial options will deliver results; it just truly is more about what path you are interested in taking to achieve your skin goals. Glycolic is the next runner up. Glycolic is also known as a chemical peel so those terms can be interchangeable. I personally refer to them as glycolic peels or glycolic facials. To me (and I’m sure others) it sounds less scary. Even though “chemical” or “acid” is very beneficial for skin… it just sounds to scary and I don’t want to scare you away. I have two options for those interested in this treatment. I have the lunchtime Glycolic facial treatment option for $60, and I also have the option of the extended glycolic facial treatment for $90. The lunchtime option is perfect for my busy bee’s and those who can’t sit still for more than 30 minutes… because this facial option is about 30-40 minutes max. The lunchtime treatment is different from the full treatment in that it does not include a facial steam and massage. The idea behind that is not only to loosen the pores that extra little bit to make extractions easier and a tad bit comfier… but also to provide a more relaxational service along with an effective treatment. The Extended Glycolic Facial Treatment was created so that you can relax but know your skin is getting some serious help. The Extended Glycolic Facial Treatment is 60 minutes. This facial is one I post about often when you see cotton round filled with extractions. I know sounds disgusting but you love it (don’t lie to yourself or to me!). So, you can expect this facial to be effective in: removing dead skin cells; lots of dirt; debris; makeup; and, sebum. It helps eliminate bacteria and grime from the skin, minimizing appearance of the pores and helping the pores shrink in size. Glycolic facials are also extremely effective in improving the texture of skin and the appearance of pigmentation spots (scarring / sun damage / melasma etc.) As well as helping treat active stubborn acne, whether it be a small blemish or a sebaceous cyst, glycolic has you covered. A glycolic facial (either lunch time or the extended option) has a tingly, warm, itchy sensation. The glycolic is only on the skin for about 2-5 minutes (depending on your skin condition and reaction) and the neutralizer on the skin for about 15-30 seconds; therefore as this may be itchy and uncomfortable… the duration is so quick that it is exceptionally tolerable. After the results, you will not even remember the itch. Since a glycolic facial is considered a medical facial treatment and in some terms is quite invasive, the frequency of these treatments varies per individual, per skin condition, and due to the strength used. I have two options. One is a 20% and the other is a 30%. So, for simplistic sake; I always start with the 20% until I know your skin better and until you have had a few treatments with me. To answer your next question “how often should I come in for this treatment?” I would suggest to come every 2-3 weeks if we are treating acne. If we are treating pigmentation and or scarring I would suggest every 2-4 and if we are doing this facial as a maintenance/upkeep/just an over all healthy tune up to the skin I would suggest every 4-6 weeks. Keep in mind these are ballpark suggestions and will change based on skin condition. All right…. Sorry again but for those who are pregnant, lets take this option off your radar for a bit.

As we continue to get more invasive and more result driven. I am happy to introduce the newest addition to the facial family here at Inspirations Aesthetics; MICRO-NEEDLING!

Micro-Needling is the newest treatment option offered here at Inspirations Aesthetics and I am SO happy I brought on this facial because HOLY MOLY its GOLD! I have already had multiple success stories (personally and with many clients). I seriously only get raving reviews about this facial. This facial is a huge trend; mind you, Kim K has done a great job in dramatizing the results, however… any advertisement is still advertisement, I guess. So, on that note, I will explain what you can likely expect. Firstly, arrive with a clean makeup free face (if you have makeup on I will cleanse the skin making sure the surface is free from makeup and bacteria) after the face is a clear clean canvas, numbing cream (ZENSA) is applied on the full face (or whatever area is treated). The numbing cream sits topically for 20 minutes providing the skin with a quick numbing option allowing for the treatment to be tolerable. While we wait for the numbing cream to take full action throughout those 20 minutes, I will explain the procedure to you and answer any questions you may have. Once you feel informed you will complete a consent form. Simple and easy! Once the 20 minutes are complete and the skin feels cool and tingly, I will remove the numbing cream with lukewarm water and gauze, immediately after, I will wipe the skin with alcohol on cotton rounds. I will explain why not to do this at home and continue to explain that the alcohol wipe is to ensure that the area is clean and disinfected before we start the Micro-Needling treatment. Hyaluronic Acid is applied over the full face. Micro-Needling starts on the forehead and works the way down the face. Sensitivities are more prominent on the forehead and the jaw line. The depth of the needles are controlled by the professional (AKA myself), I will change the depth based on how the skin is responding (watching for redness, flushing and blotchiness in the skin) as well as the severity of the skin’s issues that are previously present before treatment was started. Micro-Needling is commonly used and highly effective in treating scarring, sunspots, and stretch marks. It is also recommended to help balance out skin tone. It will help with uneven skin texture, reduce appearance of pore size and coloration, helps reduce and prevent fine lines and wrinkles, as well as it brightens and tightens the skin. Seriously, what doesn’t this facial help treat! I wasn’t kidding when I said I have had raving reviews and that this facial was pure gold! For those of you who are now like, okay book me in, lets make sure you are the perfect candidate for this treatment. Please avoid and choose another facial option if you are pregnant, have active cold sores, or have severe active rosacea and/or acne. Once you deliver the baby and we have controlled your acne or rosacea then you can see what all the fuss is about! If you have active cold sores wait until they have subsided, but, please be advised that it may trigger new ones to become present. The Micro-Needling treatment is an hour in total and is $250 per treatment, however like many of my facials I have created a package deal for this outstanding facial as well. Buy 3 Micro-Needling treatments for $625 saving $125!

As we close up this blog entry, I just want to highlight that even though these facial options are dynamic yet specific in their own ways, each treatment is customizable. If you are getting a microdermabrasion, glycolic, LED or any of the previously listed facials, each treatment is in fact customized to your level of sensitivities and products are used alongside of the treatment to further your results. No facial is ever the same, even if you book the same facial as a friend, different products will be used. I am a proud user of three brands at the moment. One brand being: Amama. Amama is a beautiful gentle brand that is handcrafted by a local talented female entrepreneur. The second facial brand is Arbonne! Arbonne was my first line I started using in combination with my facials, I love and use Arbonne because it is cruelty free, vegan, plant based, gluten free and delivers results. When I use Arbonne, I know I have something for any skin type, where each can see results. The third facial brand that I use and carry is PCA. PCA is my newest brand that allows me to provide more medical grade facials if need be. This product line has top-notch ingredients and is ready to deliver wonderful results. I also love knowing I have a line to offer for not only what your skin needs, but to also match your personal values.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog post. I hope it has answered your questions and that you feel equipped to choose the perfect facial option for you. I am looking forward to meet you and help you reach those skin goals!

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